How To Activate Truist Debit Cards: Complete Guide

activate Truist debit card

If you are looking for methods for activating your Truist card, then first of all, you need to visit and log in to your account.

This process also covers activation for Truist Visa® credit cards, personal credit cards, personal and business debit cards, and Truist Money Account Prepaid Debit cards. 

Truist’s free automatic deals program comes with several advantages, which we discuss further. In this article, we’ll explore how to activate Truist debit card, its perks, and solutions to common activation issues. So let’s get started…

Understanding What Is A Truist And Truist Debit Card?

Trust is a prominent American financial institution resulting from the merger of BB&T and SunTrust Bank. Among its range of financial services, Truist offers debit cards. 

These cards are linked to a customer’s checking account, allowing them to access funds at ATMs and make purchases at various retail locations. Truist debit cards offer a secure and convenient way to withdraw cash and make payments. 

Additionally, they often include extra benefits such as rewards programs and safeguards against fraudulent transactions, making them an appealing choice for customers.

What Are The Features Of A Truist Debit Card?

The Trust Visa® debit card offers a range of advantageous features to elevate your spending convenience:

1. Enjoy star benefits like cashback, bonus miles, competitive interest rates, or premium privileges, rewarding you for your spending habits.

2. Enhance security with card controls, including instant notifications, customizable spending limits, and the ability to easily lock or unlock your card via the mobile app.

3. Experience the swiftness and safety of contactless payments, ensuring a speedy and secure checkout process.

4. Additionally, with Truist’s rewards cards, you can accumulate Loyalty Bonuses when you hold a Truist checking or savings account.

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How Do I Activate Truist Debit Cards Online

If you want to activate Truist debit card online, simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Begin by clicking the provided activation link.

Step 2: On the activation page, input your card number and its expiration date.

Step 3: Supply the security code and the associated zip code for the card.

Step 4: Proceed by entering either your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Step 5: Finally, click the “activate” button to complete the activation process.

That’s all! Once activated, your card becomes ready for use in making purchases or withdrawing cash. Always prioritize the security of your card information and refrain from sharing it with others.

What Are Ways For Opening Your Account? 

There are several ways available to open a new bank account, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences:

Way 1. Online Method: 

Opening an account online is a convenient and swift option. However, you’ll need to wait for your debit card and checks to be delivered by mail.

Way 2. Branch Visit:

Another option is to visit a bank branch during their operating hours to initiate your account opening process. At the branch, you will receive a temporary debit card immediately.

Way 3. Phone Assistance:

If you prefer a more personal touch, you can call the bank’s customer service hotline. They are available to assist you on weekdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Steps On How To Sign Into Account 

To begin accessing your account for the first time, you need to Sign in To account and follow the steps given below: 

Step 1: Start by inputting your account information, including your cardholder name and the MM/YYYY expiration date format.

Step 2: After that, establish a distinct username and a strong password, adhering to the on-screen guidelines to ensure its strength.

Step 3: For added account security, you’ll be asked to configure four security questions, serving as a means to verify your identity should you forget your login credentials.

Note: Remember to safeguard your password diligently and refrain from sharing it with anyone. 

Avoid easily guessable words or number sequences linked to you. Regularly changing your password is also advised to bolster the security of your account details.

What Are The Benefits Of Activating A Truist Debit Card

After activating the Truist debit card successfully, it will offer you numerous Benefits Such as:

1. Convenient Access: It grants customers easy access to their funds at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals.

2. Reward Opportunities: Many Truist debit cards are associated with rewards programs, enabling customers to earn cash back and other enticing incentives.

3. Enhanced Security: Truist’s debit cards come with robust fraud protection measures, ensuring that unauthorized card usage is prevented.

Once you activate your Truist debit cards, you can enjoy heightened security, seamless access, and financial perks during card transactions.

The Methods On How To Do Internal Transfers In Trust 

Method 1: Through Online Banking 

To swiftly move money between your Truist accounts, you can use the online banking feature:

1. Log in to your Truist account.

2. Navigate to the “Transfer & Pay” option in the menu.

3. Select “Transfer Money & Pay Truist Accounts.”

4. Pick the account you want to transfer money from and the one you want to transfer to.

5. Choose between a one-time or recurring transfer.

6. For one-time transfers, specify the transaction date; for recurring transfers, set the start date and frequency.

7. Optionally, add a memo for reference.

8. Review the transfer details, make any necessary edits, and then send the transfer.

With these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly manage your funds between your accounts.

Method 2: Through Mobile Banking

To perform Truist account transfers via mobile banking, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your online banking account through the mobile app.

2. Access the “Transfer & Pay” section and choose “Transfer Money & Pay Truist Accounts.”

3. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from (in the “From” section) and the destination account (in the “To” section).

4. Decide whether you want to execute a one-time or recurring transfer.

5. For one-time transfers, select or enter the transaction date. For recurring transfers, pick the start date and frequency from the provided options. You can also include an optional memo.

6. Input the transfer amount.

7. Review the transfer details for accuracy and make any necessary adjustments.

8. To complete the transaction, tap “Send the transfer.”

That’s all; these steps let you efficiently manage your Truist account transfers using mobile banking.

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Troubleshooting The Common Facing Issues Of Trust 

Common Issues and Their Solutions When Activating a Truist Debit Card:

1. Invalid Activation Code: Sometimes, customers may face issues with an activation code that’s deemed invalid. If you encounter this problem, double-check the accuracy of the code you’ve entered. 

If it still doesn’t work, the best course of action is to reach out to Truist customer service for assistance.

2. Declined Card: If your Truist debit card is declined during a transaction, it’s essential to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account.

In cases of low balance, consider transferring funds or making a deposit to cover your purchase.

3. Lost or Stolen Truist Debit Card: In the unfortunate event of losing your Truist debit card or having it stolen, it’s crucial to contact customer service immediately. 

They can promptly cancel your old card and issue a new one to prevent any potential fraudulent activities on your account.

4. Account Lockout: If you find yourself locked out of your account due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts, start by verifying that you’re entering the correct username and password you initially set during the enrollment process.

If you still require assistance with logging in, get in touch with Truist customer service at 844-4TRUIST (844-487-8478). Please note that account resets cannot be conducted online or via email, as they prioritize security protocols.


Unlocking your Trust funds and enjoying its associated benefits is a straightforward process through the activation of your debit card. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Covered the key features and advantages of the Trust Debit Card in this article, and we hope you’ve found this information valuable.

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