Exploring The 20 New Apple Arcade Games Added In 2023

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Apple Arcade has surprised its subscribers with a substantial addition of 20 new games in 2023. This update departs from the service’s usual monthly game releases, offering users a new gaming experience.

Among these additions, four games are exclusive to Apple Arcade, while the remaining 16 have been handpicked from the App Store, where they’ve earned critical acclaim. 

In this article, we’ll introduce and explain each of these exciting Apple Arcade Games for both newcomers and seasoned players.

The 20 New Apple Arcade Games Added In 2023

As we have already told you, out of these 20 new Apple Arcade games, Four are completely new titles and available in Apple Arcade only, and the remaining 16 are taken from the Apple Store itself, so let us know about these games in detail.

These Four Are Completely New Titles On Apple Arcade

Currently, these games are limited to Apple Arcade and are unavailable on any other platforms.

While it’s possible they may become accessible on other platforms in the future, it suggests that such transitions typically take some time, often around a year or more. So let’s explore them:

Cityscape: Sim Builder 

Cityscape is a mobile city-building game developed by Magic Fuel Games. It features seasoned developers from Maxis. 

This game emphasizes sustainability, prompting players to balance industry and eco-friendly elements like wind farms and solar panels. 

It offers seasonal content, starting with an Amsterdam-themed season, all included in Apple Arcade without additional costs or premium tiers.

Disney Spellstruck

Disney Spellstruck, this word game, has been developed in partnership with the co-creator of the popular Words with Friends. 

The players are tasked with a series of crossword puzzles to unlock characters from Disney films in the game’s adventure mode.

In the Versus mode of the game, in which they can compete with other players and use their chosen character’s special ability to affect play, they can use these characters.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate 

TMNT is an exciting new roguelite game created by Super Mega Evil Corp, the same studio known for titles like Vainglory and Catalyst Black.

In this game, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael join forces to rescue their beloved master, Splinter, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Players can enjoy gameplay for up to four participants, with each turtle boasting unique combat abilities.

Allies like April O’Neil, Casey Jones and Metalhead assist you through the game.

What The Car? (Triband)

Triband, the Danish comedy game studio known for What the Golf and the VR title What the Bat, presents their third game, What the Car. 

This racing game embraces a humorous take on cars, with each mission featuring unconventional, ever-changing, car-like creations. 

Beyond stages, players can enjoy peculiar mini-games, like chopping cucumbers using a car. It’s another wacky addition from Triband.

These 16 Are Exiting App Store Games On Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has recently added 16 games previously available on the App Store. These games, marked with a ‘+” in their titles, have removed their monetization elements, such as one-time purchase fees, in-app purchases, ads, and subscriptions. 

They all maintain high user review ratings, typically above 4.5 out of 5. These Apple Arcade versions offer a clean and cost-free gaming experience without any concerns about hidden payments or interruptions.

Chess Universe +

This chess game, created by chess grandmasters and gaming experts, boasts itself as the ultimate chess app. It is playable both online and offline.

It features a Chess Academy for learning. In this game, daily chess quests, character unlocks, and varied chess boards add to the experience. 

The free App Store version includes microtransactions (using Gems) and ads, which can be eliminated with a fee. The Apple Arcade version, however, eliminates these drawbacks.

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Disney Coloring World +

Disney Coloring World is a game designed for all-generation Disney enthusiasts, typically operating under a subscription-based model. 

Users have the opportunity to color in Disney and Pixar images, including characters and scenarios, using a variety of brushes, crayons, markers, and “magic tools” available in the app.

After a character has been beautifully colored, it transforms into a sticker, ready to adorn the 3D sticker books within the game.

Farming Simulator 20 +

Farming Simulator 20+ allows players to manage their own farm, giving them the freedom to cultivate crops and care for various animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, and horses. 

The game offers a dynamic market system where players can reinvest their earnings to enhance their farm. 

With a selection of over 100 authentic vehicles and tools from renowned brands like John Deere and Massey Ferguson, players can immerse themselves in the farming experience.

Disney Getaway Blast +

Disney Getaway Blast+ is a match-three puzzle game adorned with beloved Disney and Pixar characters. 

In this game, players strategically match bubbles to burst them and unlock stages where they can craft their dream island getaways. 

Initially launched by Gameloft, the original free version featured microtransactions and ads but was discontinued in February 2023. 

Hill Climb Racing +

Hill Climb Racing, launched in 2012, quickly became a beloved early iOS game known for its physics-based driving challenges. 

Players navigate stages filled with procedurally generated hills using various vehicles. Careful handling of brakes and gas is essential to conquer each hill without flipping. 

The standard App Store version is free with ads and in-app purchases, while the Apple Arcade version eliminates these monetization elements.

Getting Over It +

This physics-based game, as described on the App Store, is designed to challenge a specific audience, aiming to test their resilience. 

Players find themselves inside a colossal pot, armed only with a hammer, as they strive to ascend a massive mountain. 

According to the developer, conquering this journey can range from a couple of hours to an indefinite period, promising to evoke entirely new levels of frustration. 

Iron Marines +

Iron Marines is a real-time strategy game with a sci-fi backdrop and a creation of the acclaimed developers behind the Kingdom Rush series. 

In this game, players embark on 21 campaign missions spread across three diverse planets. They can recruit and adapt heroes’ roles on the fly during battles. 

The game offers various difficulty levels to accommodate different skill levels and can be enjoyed offline. The Apple Arcade version eliminates the additional charges, providing a more immersive experience.

Kingdom Two Crowns +

Raw Fury’s third instalment in the Kingdom game series is a side-scrolling strategy and resource management game. 

Players become monarchs on horseback in this game, recruiting subjects and constructing their kingdoms. 

The campaign mode challenges players to establish a lasting kingdom while thwarting creatures attempting to steal crowns and depose the monarch.

My Town Home: Family Games +

My Town Home is a children’s interactive dollhouse game. In this game, there are six rooms available to explore. 

Kids can interact with various items in each room, move characters around, and craft their unique stories. This game provides a creative and customizable experience for children to enjoy.

Limbo +

Playdead’s acclaimed indie game first launched on Xbox 360 in 2010 and later adapted to various platforms, including iOS, in 2013, is a dark, monochromatic adventure. 

This game features a young, silent protagonist navigating a difficult world filled with grisly deaths and imposing spiders.

Limbo is not suited for the faint-hearted, and it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch +

Octodad is a cult favourite for players from the mid-2010s on PC and consoles, and it stars an octopus masquerading as a suburban dad. In the game, players manage Octodad’s unruly tentacles for movement and object manipulation. 

The humour lies in the absurdity of everyday tasks becoming hilariously challenging due to Octodad’s comically chaotic arm movements.


“Punch Punch Kick Punch” is a pixel art game that combines RPG and beat them up elements. Players must defend their city from the Monster Corps’ attack in this adventure. 

Exploring the city and engaging with its inhabitants, players can acquire new combat skills at the dojo and enhance their abilities in a lab. 

The App Store edition offers a free experience with ads and in-app purchases, while the Apple Arcade version provides an ad-free and purchase-free gaming experience.

Snake.io +

Snake.io is a modern take on the classic mobile phone Snake game from the early 2000s. It offers live events with exclusive skins and online leaderboards.

In this game, players begin as small snakes and increase in size by consuming pellets, striving to become the largest snake on the board by outlasting rivals.

The App Store edition is free with ads and optional DLC characters, while the Apple Arcade version eliminates these charges.

Temple Run +

Temple Run is a renowned endless runner game that achieved remarkable success within three years of its 2011 launch. 

It got 1 billion downloads between the original and its sequel by 2014. Players navigate infinite paths, gathering items and avoiding obstacles. 

However, the game’s popularity waned as it introduced frequent ads over time, as revealed by App Store reviews.

The Apple Arcade edition eliminates ads and the option for in-game currency purchases.

Time Locker +

Time Locker combines elements of SuperHot with vertical shoot-’em-up gameplay. Players control the game’s speed with their fingers, pausing when they stop moving to strategize.

However, a relentless black bar pursues them, preventing indefinite time stops. It is free on the App Store with in-app purchases, but the Apple Arcade version offers the game without any of these purchases.

Very Little Nightmares +

In the prequel to Bandai Namco’s Little Nightmares, players once again assume control of Six, a young girl in a distinctive yellow raincoat. 

She awakens in a mysterious mansion, and the player’s task is to guide her through each room, evading menacing adversaries. 

The App Store edition demands an upfront payment of $6.99 without in-app purchases or ads. Conversely, the Apple Arcade rendition offers the game as part of the subscription. 


As currently trending, the Apple arcade games given by Apple are affecting people a lot because many of their app store’s paid games are available to play with an Apple Arcade subscription.

Through this article, we have told you about some 20 new games which have just been added to Apple Arcade. We hope you liked this article.

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