Gmail’s New AI Voice Draft Feature: Enables To Compose Emails Effortlessly Using Your Voice

Gmail's New AI Voice Draft Feature

Gmail will soon completely change the way users draft emails with its upcoming AI feature named ‘Draft email with voice.’ 

This innovative functionality allows users to articulate their emails verbally, and Google’s advanced algorithms turn those spoken words into a drafted email. 

The introduction of this feature aligns with Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience and productivity.

“Help me Write” Feature A Lead Up To Voice Draft.

In a significant move, Google had previously unveiled the ‘Help me Write’ feature at the I/O 2023 event. This feature streamlined the email drafting process by generating complete drafts within seconds based on text prompts. 

By incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms, Google aimed to provide users with more accurate and refined drafts.

Users needed to input a prompt, and a comprehensive draft would appear, offering an almost final version that users could further refine.

The Voice Draft Process Unveiled

According to a report from TheSpAndroid, the ‘Draft email with voice’ feature will empower users to verbally instruct Gmail on the type of email they wish to compose. 

A voice typing interface with a prominent microphone button will automatically appear when users initiate a new email or respond to an existing one.

Tapping the microphone button enables voice recording, and once users finish speaking, they can click ‘Create.’ After this command, Gmail leverages artificial intelligence to initiate the drafting process, turning the spoken words into a cohesive email draft.

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The report, however, mentions that the exact release date of this feature on the official version of Gmail remains to be determined. Code strings related to the update were initially identified in October 2023, indicating that the development is underway but hasn’t been rolled out widely yet.

The Unsubscribe Process Is Now Simplified

Beyond the exciting prospect of voice-driven email drafting, Gmail is also streamlining email management with changes to its unsubscribe process. Users will now find distinct options for handling unwanted emails – “Report spam” and “Unsubscribe.” 

This change provides a clear distinction between reporting unwanted emails as spam and opting out of subscription lists.

As communicated through a Google Workspace update, these modifications aim to alleviate the frustration of managing unwanted emails. 

Google acknowledges that dealing with unsolicited emails can be a source of annoyance for users. The separation of the “Report spam & unsubscribe” category into two distinct options aligns with Google’s commitment to user safety and convenience.

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These improvements are part of a broader initiative to give users more control over their email experience.

Wrapping Up 

Gmail’s foray into voice-driven email drafting and its commitment to refining email management tools underscore the platform’s ongoing evolution. 

The ‘Draft email with voice’ feature and the ‘Help me Write’ functionality and email management enhancements exemplify Google’s dedication to harnessing AI to simplify and enhance user interactions with Gmail. 

As users eagerly await the official rollout, these developments mark a promising step towards a more intuitive and efficient email experience for Gmail users.

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