The Best AI Resume Creator Tools In 2024

The Best AI Resume Creator Tools In 2024

Creating a resume that catches the eye of employers is crucial. A good resume should clearly showcase your skills, qualifications, and experiences. It needs to include important sections like contact details, education, certifications, and work history.

But sometimes, you need to learn how to create the best and most effective Resume, and it causes you to miss out on job opportunities. Don’t worry about it; Now, AI tools can make resume building easier and faster. 

In this article, we’ll tell you some of the best AI resume creator tools in 2024, along with detailing their features, benefits, and costs. These tools can help you in creating a standout resume that grabs employers’ attention.

Here’s The List Of Best AI Resume Creator Tools


ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is a helpful Ai resume creator tool for your resume and job application materials. It tailors advice and suggestions based on the job you’re interested in. 

By analyzing your skills, it helps you see if they match the job requirements. Using natural language processing (NLP), ChatGPT understands what you say and gives useful feedback to improve your Resume and cover letter.

It also finds important words to include, which helps you to make your Resume better for automated systems that scan applications. ChatGPT is a smart tool that guides you in creating strong job application documents.

Pricing Details:

  • Free Plan: You can use it for free. 
  • ChatGPT-4: Upgrade to ChatGPT-4 for just $20 per month.


Kickresume is a user-friendly tool for job seekers. You can start by creating an account and logging in. Then, a chatbot asks for your name and previous job title. It offers various resume templates to choose from. 

Once you select the resume template, you can customize it to a new page. Kickresume has over 35 ATS-friendly templates to pick from. You can also compare your Resume to those of successful applicants in their database. 

It can turn your Resume into a personal website. Besides resumes, Kickresume has a cover letter builder to help you emphasize your strengths to employers using relevant keywords.

Pricing Details:

  • Basic Plan: Free plan
  • Monthly subscription: Available at $19 per month 
  • Quarterly subscription: You can get at $13 per month
  • Annual subscription: If you choose its Annual plan, you get it for $5 per month only.

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Rezi is a smart tool that helps you create your resume. It lets you write, edit, and style your Resume easily. Rezi looks at the words and skills you use and helps make your Resume better.

It also checks for mistakes like using overused words or forgetting important points and helps you to correct them. With 300 different templates, you can pick one that fits the job you want. 

You can save your Resume in formats like Google Docs, Word, or PDF. Rezi even has a Chrome extension to make a resume from your LinkedIn. It makes sure your Resume looks good and is easy for computers to read.

Pricing Details:

  • Basic Plan: You can use it Free of charge
  • Pro Plan: It has a pro plan, which is available at $29 per month
  • Lifetime Access: For lifetime Access, you have to pay a one-time payment of $129


Jobscan is a helpful AI tool that improves the look of your Resume to highlight your strengths, skills, and experience. It works by letting you customize your Resume to fit the job you’re applying for. 

You start by uploading your Resume in either DOCX or PDF format. Then, Jobscan’s AI compares it to the job description and gives you a report with suggestions to make it better. 

This helps your Resume get through automated systems that check for specific keywords, increasing your chances of getting noticed by employers. Jobscan also matches your soft and hard skills to the job, making it easier for recruiters to see your potential.

Pricing Details:

  • Free plan: Free option available.
  • Monthly plan: Monthly subscription available for $49.95.
  • 3-month plan: A three-month subscription is available for $89.95.

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Skillroads helps you make resumes. You can use their free tool or pay for professional help. With the free tool, you enter your job title and answer a short questionnaire. 

Once you are done, the tool will create a resume for you. You can change it to fit your needs and the job you want. Skillroads focuses on showing your skills and work experience. 

It uses smart technology to understand what you want to say and give you suggestions. They also have tools to check your Resume for mistakes and make sure it’s good for job applications. You can use their cover letter builder, too.

Pricing Details: 

  • Skillroads AI resume builder tool is completely available free of cost. is a tool powered by AI that helps you make your Resume look great. It offers over 200 templates you can personalize to highlight your experience and skills.

You can also create cover letters. The tool’s tracking system ensures your Resume has the right words and is organized well. 

This helps employers find important details easily. With, you can create resumes that are visually appealing yet professional, making sure you stand out to employers.

Pricing Details: 

  • resume builder is completely free of cost. 


ResumeNerd is a top AI tool for improving resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. It offers many templates designed by professionals to help you get noticed by hiring systems. 

Using AI, ResumeNerd helps you make your Resume look good online. It has three types of resumes to choose from based on your needs. 

It uses a smart computer program to suggest important words and skills for the job you want. It also makes sure your Resume matches your LinkedIn profile. Plus, you can easily download your Resume in different formats like PDF or Word.

Pricing Details: 

  • ResumeNerd offers a complimentary resume-building service; however, there is a fee of $2.75 for downloading and printing your Resume. Resume Builder Resume Builder is a handy tool powered by AI, offering various templates to customize resumes. It suggests phrases to match specific job requirements and has a spell-checker to fix errors.

After creating a resume, users can download it in different formats or share it online. The AI feature helps tailor resumes to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and provides suggestions to highlight strengths. 

Users can then make personal edits for a unique touch. Overall, it helps create attractive resumes that catch the eye of recruiters and employers, increasing the chances of getting noticed for job opportunities.

Pricing Details:

  • Trial plan: You can use a seven-day trial for just $4.70.
  • 6-month plan: Get the six-month plan at $44.95.
  • Annual plan: You can choose its annual plan, priced at $74.95.

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Grammarly’s AI Resume Skills Generator

Grammarly’s AI Resume Skills Generator is a helpful tool for making cover letters better. You just need to enter the job title you want. Then, it looks at many job postings and finds the skills that match.

It also helps improve the writing in your cover letter, fixing mistakes like grammar and punctuation. With Grammarly, you can make sure your cover letter sounds right and is easy to read. 

This can impress employers. Grammarly checks your writing and gives suggestions to make it better. So, job seekers can use it to write strong resumes and cover letters.

Pricing Details: 

  • You can use Grammarly’s Resume Skills Generator for free.


Using AI tools can improve your Resume and help you land your dream job. These tools customize your Resume, suggest suitable templates, and generate content tailored for specific roles. They also ensure your Resume includes keywords that appeal to employers and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Hope you liked this post of ours, if you find it helpful share it with your friends. So, it’s a smart move to consider using AI resume creator tools to boost your job search success. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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