Apple Set To Launch Upgraded 24-Inch iMac And New MacBook Pro Models: Latest Report

Apple Set To Launch Upgraded 24-Inch iMac And New MacBook Pro Models

The technology industry has a lot of excitement due to rumors of Apple making an upcoming product announcement. According to a recent report, the tech giant is gearing up to launch an upgraded 24-inch iMac, marking its return to the desktop computing arena. 

This move comes after a hiatus since the release of the previous 24-inch iMac in 2021. Additionally, the report hints at the possibility of Apple revealing two new MacBook Pro models. These developments are expected to take center stage in a prospective event set for late October, possibly on October 30 or 31.

Inside Insights On Apple’s Upcoming Offerings

The basis for these speculations is insider information from sources knowledgeable about Apple’s forthcoming strategies. An exciting observation that bolsters these claims is the current shipment delays for several Mac products, including the 24-inch iMac and all MacBook Pro models, extending into mid-November. 

Bloomberg asserts that these delays often serve as a clear indicator of an imminent product launch. Apple’s upcoming earnings call, scheduled for November 2, further adds fuel to the speculation. 

Historically, the company has used November earnings calls in years when October saw significant product launches. 

This pattern fosters expectations of a new addition to Apple’s product lineup, with the 24-inch iMac potentially leading the charge. Notably, the current iMac model has remained unchanged for over 900 days and is the last Mac in Apple’s lineup still powered by the M1 chip.

New MacBook Pro Models On The Horizon

While the notion of new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models might raise eyebrows, considering their recent update in January 2023, Mark Gurman, a respected Apple analyst, suggests that Apple is indeed pursuing this course. 

Gurman’s insights hint at Apple’s relentless drive for innovation and product improvement. As of now, detailed specifications of the impending iMac upgrade remain elusive. 

However, earlier leaks have hinted at the possibility of an M3 chip, promising improved performance and efficiency. 

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting official confirmation of these exciting developments as the announcement date approaches.

Premium Price Tags for Apple’s Premium Products

If these speculations materialize, it’s important to note that Apple’s laptops and computers are expected to maintain their premium pricing. Apple is renowned for its high-end products, and this reputation is reflected in its price tags. 

For reference, the current 24-inch Apple iMac starts at Rs 1,29,900 in India. Meanwhile, the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro processor is currently retailing at Rs 2,49,900, and the 16-inch version featuring the M2 MAX chip carries a price tag of Rs 3,09,900 on the Apple Store.

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