How To Use iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts In 2024

iPhone keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts all the time on a Mac or PC. But have you ever thought about using them on your iPhone? It might seem odd since an iPhone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, and its virtual Keyboard seems limited compared to a computer’s. 

However, there are built-in keyboard shortcuts on the iPhone that can make typing faster. You can also create custom iPhone keyboard shortcuts on iOS to simplify your tasks. 

In this article, we’ll guide you on using some of these best and most handy iPhone keyboard shortcut tricks that can save you time and effort while using your iPhone. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

Here Are The iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use

Some of the Best iPhone keyboard shortcuts on iOS can make typing faster and easier. Let’s take a look at them:

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts 1: Access Alternate Characters. 

The iPhone keyboard includes hidden alternate characters, such as accent marks, which are helpful for typing in different languages. 

To access these characters, simply touch and hold a key on the Keyboard. A menu will pop up, showing the alternate characters available for that key. However, keep in mind that not all keys have alternate characters. 

You may need to experiment by pressing and holding different keys to discover what options they offer. This feature is handy for typing special characters without having to switch keyboards or use additional apps.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcut 2: Slide To Select Numbers & Symbols.

Switching to the numeric Keyboard on an iPhone usually involves tapping the “123” key, selecting your number or symbol, and then manually returning to the alphabetical Keyboard. This process can be slow, especially if you only need to enter one number or symbol.

However, there’s a quicker way to do this. Instead of tapping the “123” key and switching keyboards, you can simply tap and hold the “123” key, then slide your finger to the number or symbol you need. 

Once you release your finger, the number or symbol will be typed, and your Keyboard will automatically revert to the alphabetical one. This saves you time and makes typing more efficient.

Additionally, this swipe method works for capitalizing letters. Simply follow these instructions: 

  • Just tap and hold the Shift key
  • After that, slide to the letter you want to capitalize
  • and then Release. 

This way, you can type faster and more smoothly without constantly switching keyboards.

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iPhone Keyboard Shortcut 3: You Can Insert A Period.

You can quickly add a period at the end of a sentence by double-tapping the Space key on the Keyboard. This will insert a period followed by a space. 

This iPhone Keyboard shortcut works in both native iOS apps and some third-party apps, which makes your typing faster and more efficient.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts 4: Switch To All CAPS.

Sometimes, it happens when you want to type in all capital letters on your iPhone, whether to highlight important points or to express strong emotion. Instead of pressing the Shift key for each letter, you can use a simple iPhone keyboard shortcut: 

Double-tap the Shift (upwards arrow) key, and the Keyboard will switch to all-caps mode, allowing you to type in all capital letters easily.

That’s all; When you’re ready to return to regular typing, tap the Shift key once more to switch back to the usual sentence case. This shortcut makes it quick and easy to toggle between capital and lowercase letters.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts 5: Use Special Symbols.

You can access special symbols on your iPhone keyboard using long-press gestures when you switch to the numeric Keyboard, press and hold a symbol to reveal hidden symbols. 

Example 1:

Long-pressing the currency symbol will display various currency signs like the dollar and pound. 

Example 2: 

Holding down the 0 (zero) key will show a slight degree symbol, which can be very handy. 

This feature also works for letters, showing alternate versions used in different languages when you long-press them. You can explore these hidden symbols to make typing more versatile and efficient.

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How Do You Create Custom iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts?

Creating custom keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone is a great way to save time, especially for frequently used phrases like phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.

 This feature, known as Text Replacement, allows you to set shortcuts that automatically expand into longer text, making it easier to type quickly and efficiently. 

Here are the steps to set it up:

Step 1. Open Settings: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Navigate to General: In the Settings menu, tap on the General option.

Step 3. Select Keyboard: Within General, find and tap on Keyboard.

Step 4. Choose Text Replacement: Tap on Text Replacement in the Keyboard settings.

Step 5. Add a New Shortcut: Tap the “+” icon in the Text Replacement section in the top-right corner.

Step 6. Enter Your Phrase and Shortcut: In the new window, type the whole phrase you want to use in the “Phrase” field. In the “Shortcut” field, enter the abbreviation or shortcut you want to use to trigger this phrase.

Step 7. Save Your Shortcut: Once you’ve entered the phrase and shortcut, tap Save.

That’s all. These steps can help you create as many shortcuts as you like. For instance, you might set “addr” to expand into your full home address or “email” to turn into your email address. This can save you a lot of time, especially when you’re in a hurry.

One of the best parts about this feature is that it syncs across all your Apple devices through iCloud. This means you can also use these shortcuts on your iPad or MacBook.

If you need to make changes to a shortcut, go back to the Text Replacement menu, tap on the shortcut you want to edit, and make your changes. To delete a shortcut, swipe left on it and tap Delete.

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In this article, we told you how to quickly improve your typing skills by using iPhone keyboard shortcuts. Setting up these shortcuts might take some time, but it’s worth it in the long run for convenience. We hope you liked this post; please share it with your friends.

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