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Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook has a strong connection with gaming, evident through its Facebook Gaming initiative. This initiative allows users to easily enjoy hyper-casual games, which fits the platform’s dedication to informal entertainment. 

For those who are searching for light gaming experiences during idle moments, here we have listed some of the best Facebook games. So let’s get started…

Here Is The List Of Top 20 Best Facebook Games 

1. Criminal Case

Criminal Case combines Hidden Objects and crime-solving gameplay. You have to uncover the clues to solve brutal murders and robberies, progressing through increasingly challenging levels.

It’s an engaging game where you find hidden clues, solve crimes, and move on to more complex scenarios.

I find it highly enjoyable and wholeheartedly recommend it for your entertainment.

Click Here To Play: Criminal Case

2. Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro is a game where you shoot bubbles of the same color in groups. Shooting a different colored bubble adds to your challenge as it approaches. 

In the bubble shooter pro gameplay, your goal is to survive and prolong your game as you shoot bubbles, aiming to match colors and stay alive.

Click Here To Play: Bubble Shooter

3. The Puzzle

The Puzzle is a timeless game where the goal is to gather a specified number of objects within limited moves. Strategic thinking is key; avoid random actions. 

As you advance, higher levels with increased difficulty await. Your progression increases once you start playing it continuously, and even tougher stages will be unlocked. 

Click Here To Play: Puzzle

4. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the official port of the classic Angry Games title from Facebook. In this game, the objective is to rescue bird eggs from mischievous green pigs. 

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Players use a slingshot to launch attacks on the pigs and clear levels by eliminating them. For enthusiasts of the Angry Birds series, trying out the web version is highly recommended.

Click Here To Play: Angry Birds

5. Daily Sudoku

Daily Sudoku is a familiar game on Facebook that does not require introduction. For newcomers, the objective is simple: fill each block, row, and column with numbers from 1 to 9.

Remember, each number can only appear once per block, column, and row. This explanation helped me understand the game that once seemed intimidating.

Click Here To Play: Daily Sudoku

6. Battleship

Battleship, the immensely popular Hasbro game, offers a digital variant for remote play, enabling friends to enjoy the game even when not together. 

Gameplay is easy: players position ships on a grid and take turns firing three shots to hit or miss the opponent’s ships. Victory comes by sinking all adversary ships. 

Click Here To Play: Battleship

7. Piano Music Master

You might have experienced piano tile games on your phone. In Piano Music Master, you play while a song is in the background. 

Your task is to tap and hold neighboring tiles to stay in the game. Interestingly, the music syncs with your tile actions, providing an engaging reason to continue playing.

Click Here To Play: Piano Music Master

8. Moto Racing

Moto Racing, a timeless online bike racing game, tasks you with racing against rivals while avoiding collisions with traffic. 

Despite its simple graphics, the game offers an enjoyable and relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after a tiring workday.

Click Here To Play: Moto Racing

9. Shoot Ball

Engage in Shoot Ball, a captivating game that can easily consume your time. Unless you lack skill, it might become frustrating. Control a cannon, shooting falling objects to obliterate them. 

Prevent these objects from hitting your cannon to avoid losing. Enhance shooting speed, power, and post-round rewards. It’s an enjoyable pastime when time is abundant, and alternatives are scarce.

Click Here To Play: Shoot Ball

10. Chess

Chess is an excellent game to challenge your mind, and the Facebook Chess game is a great platform for it. It offers various modes like Blitz, Time Attack, and Classic, each with different time limits.

Whether you are a skilled chess enthusiast or not in real life, this version offers enjoyable gameplay, making it a rewarding experience.

Click Here To Play: Chess

11. Draw Bridge

You’ll like to play the Draw Bridge game if you enjoy connecting dots. The game features bumpy roads where you need to draw bridge lines for the car to reach its destination. 

Once you start playing it regularly, the bumps become trickier, sparking creativity for solutions. Embrace challenging levels to devise smart ways of avoiding road bumps.

Click Here To Play: Draw Bridge

12. Hero Wars

Hero Wars is a classic action game with impressive 2D visuals. Embark on a hero’s mission to rescue guardians from a demon, enjoying its well-created gameplay. 

Its moderate difficulty level makes it a perfect time-filler for quick gaming. If you’re a fan of action games, make sure to check out our Android list featuring the best options.

Click Here To Play: Hero Wars

13. Uphill Racer 2

Uphill Racer 2 is like Fingersoft’s Android game, Hill Climb Racing. Navigate a car through various hill climbing settings, then aim to cover the longest distance possible without fuel depletion.

Collect red gas cans to refuel your vehicle along the way. If you’re fond of Hill Climb Racing, Uphill Racer 2 on Facebook is likely to captivate your interest with its similar gameplay and mechanics.

Click Here To Play: Uphill Racer

14. Ludo King

Ludo King falls into the timeless category of games that retain their allure and never grow old. Its uncomplicated yet captivating gameplay is the highlight, allowing for easy engagement with players of any level. 

You can also challenge a friend through online multiplayer. Its simplicity and addictiveness make it an ideal choice for a quick and enjoyable game.

Click Here To Play: Ludo King

15. Snake Tournament

The classic Snake game is featured on a list of Facebook games. In this game, your task is to gather particles in various colors to increase the size of your snake. 

Be cautious not to collide with bigger snakes, which will result in your demise. Additionally, there’s a nitro boost available for speed, but using it will decrease your snake’s size.

Click Here To Play: Snake Tournament

16. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a highly acclaimed game on Facebook gaming, with over 10 million monthly users enjoying its impressive graphics. 

Its straightforward rules make it accessible to newcomers, allowing them to grasp the basics and begin playing within minutes. I recommend this game due to its popularity and ease of play.

Click Here To Play: 8 Ball Pool

17. Golf Clash

Golf Clash is like an 8 Ball Pool, which offers an engaging sports experience. You can compete globally in virtual golf on stunning courses.

Progress in enhancing clubs, unlocking tours, and facing pro opponents. Enjoy 2-player matches with friends. A leisurely and enjoyable game choice.

Click Here To Play: Golf Clash

18. Super Bowling

Introducing Super Bowling, a simple and enjoyable game found in the sports category. The objective is clear: roll the ball and topple as many pins as possible. 

Whether awaiting your next bowling alley outing or seeking home entertainment, this game provides a comparable experience right at your fingertips.

Click Here To Play: Super Bowling

19. Words With Friends

Challenge your vocabulary in the classic “Words with Friends” game on Facebook. Connect with friends for an engaging online experience. It’s an enjoyable way to test your word skills and compete for victory.

Form high-scoring words on the game board using your letter tiles. The player with the top score at the game’s end emerges as the victor. 

Click Here To Play: Words With Friends

20. Sniper Shooter

Sniper Shooter is perfect for shooting game enthusiasts. Take control of a sniper tasked with eliminating distant enemies using limited bullets. 

Enemies have varying health; while a headshot is fatal, inaccurate shots require multiple hits. You have to improve your aim well to succeed.

Click Here To Play: Sniper


Facebook games offer an enjoyable and stimulating gaming experience without overwhelming your computer’s capabilities. The added appeal of friendly challenges adds a personal and time-pass aspect to these games. Hope you love this post; feel free to explore the provided list and share your preferred game in the comments section.

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