Explore The Top 12 Free VR Games Of 2023

best free VR games

For the individuals who are searching for free VR games that offer thrilling experiences, here we’ve covered. Whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or any other VR platform.

We have prepared a carefully selected list of free options that guarantee an enjoyable experience. Dive into the immersive world of Virtual reality and have a great time with our preferred options.

This article has picked the top 12 best free VR games of 2023 and given their download links and all the games so you can easily download them. So without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Here Is The List Of Free VR Games That You Must Try

1. The Lab

“The Lab,” created by Valve, combines various VR games into one package, perfect for new VR users seeking tutorials. Engage in robot dog fetch, castle defense with a longbow, and space exploration.

These enjoyable mini games serve as an introduction to VR gaming essentials. For newcomers, The Lab offers an immersive way to enter the world of virtual reality.


  • Offers an excellent introduction to VR for newcomers.
  • The minigames showcase high polish and responsiveness within the VR environment.
  • It provides the opportunity to delve into a unique pocket universe within the confines of Aperture Science.


  • Limited content that provides only a few hours of gameplay.
  • Lacks a significant replayability factor.

Download Link: Click Here

2. A Township Tale

A Township Tale offers familiar RPG elements like crafting, gear, and exploration in a visually charming style reminiscent of classic RPGs. It allows solo or group play with friends.

Similar to Valheim, players gather resources, grow more robust, and socialize in a relaxed manner.

It is the best game for those who love to play immersive RPGs and is currently compatible with Index, Vive, and Rift headsets.


  • An expansive 3D open-world online RPG is reminiscent of Runescape’s style.
  • You can play with up to 10 players at a time.
  • Developers maintain frequent communication with the player base.


  • The game is currently in its Alpha phase.
  • Performance issues have been observed.

Download Link: Click Here

3. VRChat

VRChat is a virtual social platform where users craft avatars, interact, and play minigames?

With a strong focus on socializing, VRChat offers expressive avatars through eye tracking, lip-syncing, and emotes.

This enhances online interactions, letting users create, explore worlds, and make friends in a realistic and immersive manner.


  • Engaging in VR social gatherings.
  • Utilizing full-body avatars that mirror expressions and movements accurately.
  • Accessible on Steam, Quest, Rift, and Viveport platforms.


  • An Early Access period spans four years.
  • Encountering technical challenges.
  • Dealing with a potentially negative community atmosphere.

Download link: Click Here

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4. Rec Room

Rec Room offers an appealing VR social experience beyond VRChat. It features in-game minigames and user-created content for all users.

However, the absence of companions can expose users to the occasionally toxic community.

Trolling by young players and potential harassment based on voice or gender are noteworthy issues.


  • An enhanced VRChat hangout experience with a strong emphasis on gaming.
  • Engage in various included minigames or explore a vast selection of games from the community.
  • Enables cross-platform play across Rift, Index, Vive, and other systems.


  • Continues to remain in Early Access even after five years.
  • Presence of an excessive number of trolls in the community.

Download Link: Click Here

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5. Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters combines VR with the excitement of riding thrilling virtual coasters through fantastical environments.

While the concept is engaging, the game must catch up due to a limited track selection and lack of substantial gameplay beyond coaster rides.

Additional tracks are available for purchase, but the game’s replay value diminishes after a few runs.


  • Exciting and immersive utilization of VR technology.
  • Journey through imaginative and captivating environments.
  • Accessible on both Steam and Oculus stores.


  • Limited variety of tracks.
  • Restricted level of interactivity.

Download Link: Click Here

6. PokerStars VR

PokerStars VR transforms online poker from mundane gambling into an immersive experience.

VR technology allows players to interact with and read opponents in real-time. The game offers unique settings, interactive props, and conversation options.

However, the VR community can be hostile, and technical issues exist in PokerStars VR.


  • Analyze adversaries, intercept communications, and engage in real-time conversations.
  • Manage chips and cards realistically, replicating actions at a physical poker table.
  • Compatible with Oculus, Vive, and Steam platforms.


  • The community sometimes exhibits toxic behavior.
  • Encounter sporadic software errors and technical hiccups.

Download Link: Click Here

7. Propagation VR

Explore Propagation VR for an adrenaline-pumping blend of horror and virtual reality. This game immerses you in an apocalyptic subway, pitting you against waves of terrifying creatures.

Armed with only a shotgun and pistol, you’ll battle zombies and mutant spiders in intense, half-hour sessions.

The result is an immersive and stress-inducing experience that horror and survival shooter enthusiasts will relish.


  • Experience diverse challenges through a single map with four different difficulty levels.
  • Enjoy an authentic weapons experience with lifelike handling.
  • Unlock the option for cooperative play by opting for a supplementary fee.


  • Limited gameplay variety due to the focus on a single map.
  • Movement constraints limit the overall sense of freedom and exploration.

Download Link: Click Here

8. BigScreen

Bigscreen immerses you and your friends in a virtual cinema, displaying your computer desktop on a large screen.

It enables streaming, online activities, and gaming together. Complex tasks need setup, and regular VR friends are essential for a fulfilling experience.


  • An excellent method for experiencing video content collectively in a virtual environment.
  • Display your computer’s desktop on a larger display.
  • Accessible across various VR platforms, excluding PSVR at the moment.


  • Limited additional attributes beyond the virtual desktop capability.
  • Necessitates a setup within your home.

Download Link: Click Here

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9. The Red Stare

“The Red Stare” is a free VR game that casts you as a secret agent in a virtual apartment.

You’ll receive info from your handler through fax and phone while monitoring neighbors closely.

This deduction-focused game requires keen observation of their actions, possessions, and evidence collection to identify the communist spy.


  • Offers a true-to-life perspective consistent with your actual point of view.
  • Features user-friendly virtual reality mechanics.
  • The virtual environment adapts its size according to your room dimensions.


  • A limited selection of virtual environments or settings.
  • It may require substantial processing power, leading to potential lag on less powerful devices.

Download Link: Click Here

10. Minecraft VR

A free VR version is available on the Oculus Store for Windows Minecraft owners. Unlike a stripped-down edition, it offers the complete Minecraft experience in VR, leveraging Windows benefits for smoother performance. Enjoy this full thrilling game in virtual reality.


  • An alternative approach to experiencing Minecraft.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) offers a seamless match for less intricate first-person games.
  • Provides an accessible gateway to VR, particularly appealing to Minecraft enthusiasts.


  • Limited availability, solely accessible through the Oculus store.
  • Compatible solely with Minecraft for Windows 10, excluding Minecraft Java Edition.

Download Link: Click Here

11. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR was a remarkable virtual reality tool that allowed users to explore a detailed 3D version of Earth using satellite imagery, aerial photos, and Street View snapshots.

While it offered the freedom to travel globally, Google has discontinued its support.

The navigation experience needs to improve, and the absence of engaging activities or unique features limits its appeal beyond essential exploration.


  • Experience the physical world in unprecedented ways.
  • Effortless method to be amazed by virtual reality.
  • Accessible on various virtual reality platforms.


  • Significant movement restrictions.
  • Absence of graphical customization options.
  • Left unsupported by Google.

Download Link: Click Here

12. Gorilla Tag

In an Early Access VR game, Gorilla Tag lets you turn into a playful monkey and chase friends. Get accustomed to arm movements for running, jumping, and climbing.

It’s easy to grasp but tough to master. With high popularity, active servers are available even without friends. Expect future updates as the game is still being developed.


  • Embark on jungle parkour adventures embodying a gorilla.
  • Navigate using hand and arm gestures, eliminating the need for buttons or sticks.
  • Engage in server-wide conversations, fostering rule evolution and gameplay innovation.


  • Limited Gameplay Variety.
  • Dependency on Server Interaction.

Download Link: Click Here


If we talk about VR gaming, then in today’s era, it is growing very fast; people like it and are often looking for new games.

Looking at this, we have written this post, giving you information about some of the best free VR games; we hope you have found your favorite game here. For more posts like this, stay updated with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can virtual reality games have positive effects on the brain?

Ans: Research suggests that using Virtual Reality Training Systems (VRTS) alone can enhance participants’ performance compared to traditional methods.

Q. What’s the purpose of virtual reality technology?

Ans: VR aims to provide a computer-generated environment where users can interact similarly to the real world.

Q. What benefits do virtual reality games offer?

Ans: Virtual reality gaming has numerous benefits, including Immersive Experience, Increased Physical Activity, Social Interaction, Therapy and Education, Enhanced Learning and Memory.

Q. What age is appropriate for using VR?

Ans: Manufacturers typically recommend VR headsets for kids aged 13 and above.

Q. How can virtual reality benefit kids?

Ans: VR can offer children engaging and hands-on learning experiences, making learning more memorable than traditional methods.

Q. Does using VR lead to fatigue?

Ans: While VR games offer captivating experiences, prolonged use might result in motion sickness, fatigue, eye strain, headaches, or other discomforts.

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