How To Get And Use Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

heart of the sea in Minecraft

There is a wide range of items and blocks available in Minecraft; some are essential for progression, while others serve decorative purposes.

As everyone knows, most items can be crafted or renewed, but rare items are already available, like the Heart of the Sea.

In this guide, we’ll discover and use this elusive item and provide you with comprehensive insights on locating and making the most of the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft.

What Is Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft?

The Heart of the Sea in Minecraft is a rare and distinctive item that is used for a unique and valuable purpose. This coveted item is easily recognizable by its yellow title text. 

Compared to many other resources in the game, the Heart of the Sea cannot be crafted or farmed, making it quite scarce. Players can only obtain it by venturing into the vast Minecraft world.

If you want to collect multiple Hearts of the Sea, acquiring an elytra is essential, enabling faster exploration.

Now, let’s move to our next section, where we’ll guide you on the process of obtaining this precious item. 

How Do I Get Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

If you want to find the heart of the sea in Minecraft, you must first locate a specific chest, which can be difficult.

But don’t worry; we will guide you through everything you need to do to find this chest, and hence, this is a rare item.

Step 1: You Need To Be Well Prepared First For Underwater Adventure 

Given that the item you’re seeking, the “heart of the sea,” inherently relates to water, it’s clear that your journey will take you beneath the waves.

Your primary concern during this underwater adventure is managing the oxygen supply. 

When your character’s head is submerged underwater, an oxygen bar appears above your hunger bar.

As you remain underwater, the oxygen bubbles gradually deplete, signaling your limited time before running out of breath. 

Thankfully, you can easily replenish these bubbles by resurfacing them for air.

However, if all the bubbles vanish while you’re still submerged, you’ll start taking drowning damage.

While this damage isn’t excessively severe, it can quickly lead to your demise, especially in hardcore mode. 

So, let’s explore solutions for this critical issue.

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Solution 1: Craft Doors. 

In Minecraft, if you’re looking for an efficient way to replenish your oxygen bar and locate the heart of the sea, consider bringing doors along. 

Doors serve as a convenient method to restore your air supply because they create an air pocket when placed, ideal for refreshing your bubble meter. 

It’s important to note that this technique is specific to the Java edition of the game. To craft doors, follow the Instructions given below:

  • For crafting doors, start by creating a crafting table.
  • Place the crafting table in the game world and right-click it to access the crafting interface.
  • You’ll require 6 planks of the same wood type to create three doors. You can obtain planks by breaking down logs in the crafting grid.
  • Use the configuration to arrange your planks and craft the doors.

Solution 2: Prepare Some Underwater Potions.

Crafting potions is essential for a safe underwater adventure in Minecraft.

The water-breathing potion is the most important of these, as it stops your oxygen bar from decreasing. 

This will grant you a generous 8-minute window to explore beneath the waves without the need to resurface.

Additionally, despite its name, the night vision potion proves indispensable in enhancing visibility underwater. 

Even during the daytime, the submerged world remains dim and blurry, making this potion invaluable for expediting your quests and ensuring you gather essential resources swiftly.

Essentially, these potions are your key to a successful and unscathed underwater adventure in Minecraft.

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Solution 3: Magical Boots And Helmets In Minecraft Enchantments

Minecraft enchantments offer fantastic ways to enhance your power and become nearly unstoppable.

These enchantments are a vital aspect of the game, and if you’re looking for guidance on obtaining them, follow our tips. 

To maximize your success in obtaining the heart of the sea, consider equipping these Minecraft enchantments:

  • Depth Stride: These boots are very useful in underwater adventure; this enchantment facilitates smoother underwater movement control.
  • Respiration: It is a helmet equipment that significantly slows down the depletion of your oxygen bar.
  • Aqua Affinity: This helmet helps you break blocks at a regular speed, which proves invaluable when dealing with obstructive blocks.

These enchantments will help you a lot on your Minecraft adventures.

Step 2: Locating A Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft.

Once you are well prepared for an underwater adventure, your next objective is to acquire a buried treasure map in Minecraft.

These valuable maps can be discovered in chests within shipwrecks and ocean ruins. 

Let’s explore the specifics of these structures and the probability of uncovering the coveted buried treasure map.

Shipwrecks Structures 

Shipwrecks are primarily structures which are found underwater, often located near coastlines.

In Minecraft, they can occasionally appear above water, including on beaches and various biomes, making them accessible without entering the water. 

Shipwrecks typically contain 1-3 loot chests. Now, there are two chests that are of no use to you; there is only one chest of particular interest, the map chest.

That one chest is situated in the lower section of the shipwreck’s stern. 

This specific chest guarantees a 100% chance of containing a buried treasure map, unlike the other two chests, which never contain such maps.

Ocean Ruins Structures 

Underwater structures inhabited by drowned zombies are known as ocean ruins. They form in the waters and might be normal, warm, or frigid.

The type of ocean biome affects their appearance and the presence of suspicious sand and gravel blocks. 

Ocean ruins come in two sizes: small and large, depending on the number of ruined hut buildings they contain.

Each hut within an ocean ruin may contain a chest, though large ruins tend to have more chests. 

There is approximately a 40% chance that a chest contains a buried treasure map.

These structures are more difficult than shipwrecks due to their infestation of drowned zombies.

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Dolphin Mechanics In Minecraft 

In Minecraft, dolphins are intriguing creatures with some excellent abilities. Should you decide to right-click on a dolphin with a raw fish like cod or salmon, an interesting interaction unfolds. 

They’ll graciously guide you to the nearest chests found in shipwrecks and ocean ruins, serving as a convenient, in-game tool for discovering these structures, entirely sans the need for cheats or external resources.

Furthermore, if you open these chests and offer the dolphin more fish, they will eagerly lead you to yet another structure, an exceptional feature that adds to their allure.

Even more impressively, dolphins can also direct you straight to the coveted buried treasure chests. 

Step 3: Once The Map Is Found, Follow The Buried Treasure Map.

When you come across a buried treasure map, it’s time to embark on a simple journey.

Once you have pinpointed the elusive chest, claim your rewards, which include the valuable Heart of the Sea item in Minecraft.

How Do I Use Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

The heart of the sea in Minecraft is mainly used for one purpose, which is crafting a conduit.

This valuable item can be used to create a conduit, a versatile block with various functions. 

Not only does the conduit grant players beneficial buffs and abilities, but it also emits light, making it a fantastic decorative element for your Minecraft builds.

To craft a conduit, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 Heart of the Sea
  • 8 Nautilus Shells

Nautilus Shells can be obtained through fishing, defeating drowned mobs carrying them, or purchasing them from wandering traders. Once you have these items, follow this crafting recipe:

Step 1: Place the Heart of the Sea in the center of your crafting grid.

Step 2: Surround it with eight Nautilus Shells, one on each side.

That’s all! You’ve successfully crafted a conduit in Minecraft. Enjoy its unique abilities and use it to enhance your gameplay experience!


Here, we have given you a comprehensive guide on How to Get and Use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. You’ll gain extensive knowledge about the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft by doing so. Hope you liked this article of ours. Keep an eye on our latest posts for additional Minecraft guides in the future.

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