The 10 Best Games For Chromebook In 2023

Best games for Chromebook

Do you want some of the best games for Chromebook in 2023? Which offers you diverse gaming experiences. Chromebooks provide various gaming avenues, including browser-based, Android, and Linux games and subscription services. 

However, not all options are universally accessible, depending on your Chromebook model and restrictions. If you have a recent Chrome device with access to the Google Play Store, exploring Android games expands your gaming possibilities. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the 10 Best games for Chromebook in 2023. Here, we have listed some outstanding games for you to play in chromebooks.

Important Note: Some Chromebooks may not support Android apps, and those from educational or workplace settings might have limitations on app installations.

The List Of 10 Best Games For Chromebook 

1. Spark Chess

Engage in online chess battles with SparkChess, accessible through your browser. Challenge fellow players or select from a variety of computer opponents. 

While the basic version is free, an upgrade priced at $16.99 offers additional computer opponents, improved views, and priority online access. 

This enhancement provides an enriched chess experience with exclusive features. Elevate your gameplay by opting for the browser-based premium version of SparkChess.


  • It is an excellent chess game for beginners.
  • Multiple viewing options, including a diagram and a straightforward perspective.


  • Limited variety in board and piece display choices.
  • Only three free computer opponents are available.

2. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is an offline physics game that aims to feed candy to a cute creature named Om Nom. You achieve this by swiping to cut ropes. 

This game is genuinely optimized for touchscreens, which allows you to swipe directly with your finger or stylus. 

The game’s success lies in its multi-level challenges, making it a fun and engaging experience.


  • Interactive platform gameplay.
  • Ability to switch between “drag to cut” and “click to cut” settings.


  • The initial window size is not set to full-screen by default.
  • Non-touchscreen devices may find gameplay challenging.

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3. Web Quake

Quake is an iconic first-person shooter game that provides immersive gaming with solo and multiplayer options for players. 

It seamlessly installs on Chromebook, allowing offline play. Navigate intricate levels, unveiling hidden secrets while battling menacing monsters. 

Whether delving into the solitary experience or engaging in multiplayer mayhem, Quake delivers a captivating gaming adventure.


  • Exciting dungeons and monstrous challenges.
  • Offline play capability.


  • Blocky graphics fall short of 2019 standards.
  • Multiplayer functionality might only be reliable for some players.

4. Tetris

Tetris is one of the best games for Chromebook. In it, you have to manipulate falling shapes by rotating them to complete rows of blocks, causing them to vanish. 

Users must repeat this process, which can increase in difficulty as the pace quickens and blocks accumulate toward the screen’s top. 

The goal is to rotate strategically and position shapes, preventing an overflow of blocks. Success hinges on the ability to foresee and execute moves efficiently, ensuring the continuous elimination of completed rows.


  • The game features a smoothly escalating pace of play.
  • The keyboard controls exhibit practical functionality.


  • Limited music options are available.
  • The game screen size is fixed, restricting flexibility.

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5. Zork

Embark on a text-based adventure in Zork, where your journey starts in an open field west of a white house with a boarded front door. 

Through simple commands like “open mailbox,” navigate the game relying solely on imagination, mapping, and puzzle-solving skills. 

The website also provides numerous other text-based games to explore, offering a nostalgic and engaging way to interact with a virtual world.


  • Text-based games provide an enduring source of entertainment.
  • A diverse selection of alternative text-based games is accessible.


  • Encountering a grue and getting consumed is undesirable.
  • Occasionally, the available vocabulary options feel constrained.

6. stands as a highly accessible hub for those eager to delve into the world of go, also known as baduk, weiqi, or igo. 

The platform provides a user-friendly space for learning, watching, and playing this ancient strategy game. The site caters to novices and seasoned players by boasting tutorials, and many go puzzles. 

With a registered account, users can play games against computer opponents or challenge fellow enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant online go community.


  • Showcases multiple ongoing games.
  • Offers free tutorials on the fundamentals of gameplay.


  • Novices might need help with the range of choices.
  • Learning optimal strategies may be challenging through observing amateur matches.

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7. Entanglement

Entanglement challenges players to construct the lengthiest path possible on diverse layouts.

The game provides multiplayer features for the players and it also includes a single expansion. 

Despite its engaging gameplay, the limited expansion might lead to a sense of repetitiveness after completing the initial experience.


  • It is enticing to extend the path for a slightly longer challenge.
  • A diverse selection of boards, including an optional expansion pack, is priced at $4.99.


  • You are limited to the expansion pack for extra boards.
  • Potential for repetitiveness after multiple plays.

8. 2048

In the game 2048, a 4×4 grid populates with tiles bearing values of 2 or 4. Players swipe in any direction to merge adjacent tiles of the same value, producing a new tile with their sum.

The objective is to reach the coveted 2048 tile by strategically combining numbers as the grid progressively fills.

For a twist, consider exploring the variant game Threes. The challenge lies in thoughtful moves to achieve the ultimate goal within the confined grid.


  • It streamlined control mechanics for simplicity.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-comprehend interface.


  • This game restrained strategic elements.
  • It has fixed the size of the app display.

9. A Dark Room

“A Dark Room” by Doublespeak Games offers a unique take on text-based adventures.

Instead of typing, players choose actions, including waiting periods for tasks like gathering wood or checking traps. 

As the game progresses, adjustments to settings, choices, and exploration become crucial.”


  • Appreciate the gradual complexity escalation.
  • Enjoy the mystery of advancing without a clear goal.


  • It needs to find some repetitive, mundane tasks.
  • Random events don’t always bring positive outcomes.

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10. provides access to a plethora of games created by independent developers. 

Navigate to the ‘browse games” section, opt for “Web” as the platform, and refine your selection by choosing “HTML” to ensure compatibility with your Chromebook browser.

Further customization is possible through filters such as game genre, accessibility features, multiplayer support, pricing, and more. 

This diverse array of options caters to various preferences and allows for an enriched gaming experience on your Chromebook.


  • It features an extensive collection of HTML5 games.
  • The wide range of gaming styles.


  • It has varying quality levels among the games.
  • Incomplete development for some titles.


Many other options are also available for those who want some of the best games for chromebook. For avid gamers, a subscription could be a viable solution. 

Google Play Pass, priced at $4.99 per month, provides access to over 350 Android games and apps, free from ads and in-app purchases. We hope you enjoyed our post; feel free to share it with others.

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