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Discover the top iMessage games in 2024; all these top choices feature turn-based gameplay for a relaxed experience with friends. Whether exclusive to iMessage or accessible beyond the app, these games cater to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users running iOS 10 and above. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best iMessage games of 2024. If you’re new to iMessage gaming, go through the latest and most enjoyable iMessage gaming options.

Here Are The Best iMessage Games In 2024 

Cobi Hoops

Enjoy casual basketball with Cobi Hoops, a free game where you and your friends can test your hoop-shooting skills. Compete to score as many baskets as possible in quick 30-second rounds. You can boost your points with fantastic trick shots and unlock exciting challenge modes for added fun. 


  • It has a diverse selection of captivating characters and courts. 
  • The exceptional pixel art ensures each character possesses a distinctive appearance.


  • The game lacks competitiveness as there’s no mechanism to block opponent shots. 
  • Furthermore, unlocking extra characters and game modes requires payment.

Let’s Puck It!

This game adds a unique twist to a classic American game by prompting players to make bets. You can pick from options like “loser buys dinner” or create your stakes. Be cautious with your wagers, as the puck’s speed rises with each exchange. Choose wisely, and enjoy the thrilling pace of the game.


  • It’s an interesting concept with lots of possibilities.
  • This game is Valuable for resolving disagreements effectively.


  • The thrill of classic air hockey is missing from the turn-based gameplay.
  • Some preset bets included may be considered inappropriate.

Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is an app for iMessage games with lots of fun games. Using iMessage, you can play Checkers, Poker, Gomoku, Battleship, and more with your friends. All the games are free, but some may have things you can buy in the app. So, challenge your friends to a game and enjoy playing together.


  • Regular updates bring fresh games and address bugs.
  • Certain games accommodate more than two players.
  • Diverse in-app purchases enhance the gaming experience.


  • Some games lack clarity and lack instructional guidance.
  • Multiplayer options are limited to two players in most games.
  • Valuable content is often locked behind paywalls, and ad removal requires payment.

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Truth Truth Lie

“Truth Truth Lie is a fun game where players share three statements about themselves in a group. The goal is for others to guess which statement is untrue. This classic icebreaker comes to iMessage as a game called Truth Truth Lie. It’s a cool way for people worldwide to connect and learn more about each other by guessing the false statement among the truths.”


  • It features text-only mode when video recording isn’t your preference.
  • You can engage in the entertaining Two Lies and a Truth mode.


  • Playing Two Truths and a Lie doesn’t necessitate an app.
  • Requires iOS 11 or a more recent version for compatibility.

Boggle With Friends 

Boggle is a speedy word game where you have two minutes to find as many words as possible from a bunch of random letters. Think of it like a quick version of Scrabble. You can improve your skills by using the Boggle With Friends app on your own and, later, challenge your friends through iMessage. 


  • It Offers various gameplay modes, and hosts live tournaments.
  • It is enjoyable whether playing solo or with friends.


  • It Requires iOS 11 or a newer version.
  • Participation in tournaments comes with a cost.

Mr. Putt 

A University of Missouri-Kansas City student has created Mr. Putt, a top mini-golf app for iMessage games. This iMessage game is popular for its challenging gameplay, smooth controls, and excellent graphics that prevent frustration. The best part? It’s free to play and only available on iMessage.


  • Engaging course-specific themes add variety to the experience.
  • The competitive gameplay is both challenging and addictive.


  • Course variety is limited, offering fewer options.
  • The background music can be bothersome.
  • The iOS 12 version exhibits bugs and glitches.

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Checkmate! While Game Pigeon includes a chess version, Checkmate! Surpasses it with a $0.99 fee that enables chatting during play and the ability to engage in multiple games simultaneously. Enjoy unlimited turn time, allowing thoughtful moves without time constraints. Enhance your chess experience and strategic thinking with Checkmate! ‘s user-friendly features.


  • Enjoy seamless game synchronization across various devices.
  • Keep a record of your gameplay history.


  • Limited visual appeal with a basic graphical interface.
  • Requires iOS 11 or a later version.

Bubble Bop

Bubble Bop is like the well-known arcade game Bust-a-Move, serving as a form of imitation. People experienced with games like Candy Crush will understand the goal easily. Match balloons of the same color to clear them before the screen gets too full. Despite its apparent mimicry, the game offers a familiar and engaging experience for players with a penchant for match-and-pop gameplay.


  • Extremely engaging, creating a strong sense of addiction.
  • Features user-friendly controls and intuitive gameplay.


  • Needs to be more original in concept.
  • Requires payment to eliminate advertisements.

WIT Puzzles

Create slide puzzles from your photos with WIT Puzzles. Challenge friends to unscramble the pieces, and the app keeps tabs on their move count. You can also share the fun on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Transform your images into entertaining puzzles for a playful experience across different messaging platforms.


  • Customize puzzles to your desired level of complexity.
  • It generates puzzles from either photos or text.


  • It requires iCloud access.
  • You may experience occasional bugs and glitches.

How Do You Get iMessage Games? 

If you want to play the iMessage games, it is crucial to install them first. To access iMessage games on iOS 10 and newer versions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a new conversation in iMessage.

Step 2: Tap the Apps icon beside the text box.

Step 3: Click on the App Store icon.

Step 4: Browse the available apps, games, and stickers for iMessage.

Step 5: Use the search function to locate your desired game and tap “Get” to install it.

Note: It is important to note that iMessage games are not supported for older iOS versions.

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How Do You Play iMessage Games?

To engage in iMessage games, download the desired game, which integrates into your app list. To play a game with a friend:

Step 1: Open a conversation with the chosen person.

Step 2: Tap the Apps icon near the iMessage text box.

Step 3: Scroll through the Apps menu to locate and tap the desired game.

Step 4: Send an invite by selecting the Send icon. Once accepted, the game starts.

That’s all; Gameplay commences promptly. After completing your turn, your friend receives a notification, prompting them to take their turn. 


So here we’ve done with our great iMessage games options. This iMessage games interactive feature enhances social connections through seamless and enjoyable gaming experiences within the iMessage platform. Hope you liked this post, please share it with others and stay updated for more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still games on iMessage?

You can still enjoy games on iMessage by downloading various options such as bowling, mini golf, Yahtzee, and more. These games are free to play, but some may offer in-app purchases.

How do I play Game Pigeon in iMessage?

To play Game Pigeon, go to a conversation, tap the Apps button, and select the Game Pigeon icon. Afterward, choose the specific game you want to play before sending an invite to your friend.

How do I play the Reversi iMessage game?

For the Reversi iMessage game, find it in the Game Pigeon suite labeled as Reversi. Alternatively, you can download a standalone version like Black vs. White to enjoy playing this version of Othello on iMessage.

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