The 10 Best Custom ROMs For Android In 2024

Best Custom Roms

The vast Android developer community is mainly concerned about their ability to create custom ROMs or custom versions of the Android operating system. A custom ROM is a type of firmware created independently using the Android source code released by Google.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 Best custom ROMs for Android in 2024. These Android custom ROMs are best for those who are interested in adding a custom ROM to their devices.

Why Does Someone Need To Install Custom ROMs?

People install custom ROMs mainly because phone manufacturers stop providing software updates after 2-3 years, leaving users with outdated features. Custom ROMs keep devices updated with the latest Android version.

Another reason is the chance to modify and customize the ROMs, removing unnecessary apps and adding unique features. However, not all custom ROMs are reliable for everyday use. 

To install them, you need to unlock the bootloader, install a custom recovery like TWRP, and sometimes flash Google Apps separately. Custom ROMs offer a fresh experience for both old and new devices, allowing users to trade some stability for additional features.

The List Of Best Custom ROMs For Your Device

1. LineageOS

Best Custom ROMs

LineageOS, made after the discontinuation of CyanogenMod in 2016, is a popular custom ROM for Android devices. Developed by a robust community, it’s built on Google’s AOSP code and supports over 190 devices. 

It Offers stability and serves as a base for various custom ROMs. Users appreciate its simplicity and use it as a foundation for personalization, such as changing themes and tweaking the status bar. 

One of the significant advantages for the users is that LineageOS prioritizes privacy and security first. LineageOS swiftly updates new Android versions, including Android 14, for multiple devices.

2. Pixel Experience

Best Custom ROMs

Pixel Experience is one of the best custom ROMs for Android. Its strength lies in broad device support, bringing Pixel features to non-Pixel devices, built-in GCam support, and overall exceptional stability. 

Developed by Henrique Pereira, it prioritizes stability over rushing to port new Android versions. The collaborative effort of global maintainers ensures swift bug fixes. 

While only sometimes the quickest to adopt the latest Android build, Pixel Experience guarantees a stable and hassle-free user experience with reliable features from Pixel devices.

3. GrapheneOS

Best Custom ROMs

GrapheneOS and CalyxOS share a common goal of protecting user privacy by limiting Google’s tracking. However, they differ in their approach to running Google apps. 

GrapheneOS uses Sandboxing, which isolates apps in a protected environment, while CalyxOS employs other methods. GrapheneOS is one of the best custom ROMs for users.

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Both are exclusive to Pixel devices, closely resembling AOSP with minimal customization. These operating systems cater to users seeking independence from Google’s influence and enhanced privacy measures.

4. Paranoid Android

Best Custom ROMs

Paranoid Android, a popular custom ROM, recently returned with Android 14 Beta builds. This paranoid is popular for its simplicity and focuses on delivering a polished user experience. 

Its main features include a revamped quick settings menu, gesture support, and options for power users. Paranoid Android’s influence can be seen in Google adopting its ambient mode “Peek” for AOSP. 

While it supports various devices, updates for many have yet to occur since July 2023. The latest version, Uvite, based on Android 14, is available for select modern Android devices.

5. Project Elixir

Best Custom ROMs

Check out Project Elixir if you’re searching for the best Android 14 custom ROM. It’s an AOSP ROM close to stock Android with Pixel features and lots of customization options. 

Based on the Substratum theme, the ROM includes Essence, providing an elegant lock screen experience. It stands out for regular updates, bug fixes, and broad device support from Xiaomi to OnePlus, Nokia, and Nothing.

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It’s one of the best Android 14 custom ROMs available for the users. It offers a sleek interface and features worth checking out. Take advantage of this custom ROM once. 

6. Evolution X

Best Custom ROMs

Evolution X stands out for its extensive customization features and relative stability. It combines various code snippets into one project, providing a wide range of features for numerous devices. 

Although updates may be slightly delayed, the team is still able to provide updates on a consistent basis. Its broad functions make it one of the most customizable AOSP ROMs. 

Evolution X already supports this version for many devices. It offers top-notch customization options, which lets users tweak details from the status bar to the home screen. 

7. Bliss ROM

Best Custom ROMs bliss roms

Bliss ROM stands out as a fresh custom ROM in the Android world, showing promise with support for smartphones, tablets, and even Windows devices like the Surface Pro. 

It introduces a unique experience with a customized launcher and a desktop mode. While some users might find its system navigation approach unconventional, the diversity in skins brings a new dimension to custom ROM interface design. 

Bliss ROM not only offers tweaks for customizability but also elevates the device’s visual appeal through the Blissify settings panel. It allows changes in themes, animations, and lock screen interface. 

8. Havoc OS

Best Custom ROMs

Havoc-OS is a custom Android ROM that might seem ordinary initially, but after using it for a few days, you’ll discover its unique features. Comparable to Resurrection Remix and Paranoid Android, it pioneers feature integration. 

Boasting extensive customization options, from the Status bar to gestures, it outshines its versatility. Despite occasional stability lapses, Havoc-OS stands out for maximal customizability.

It is an ideal choice for those seeking a Resurrection Remix experience with the latest Android version. Havoc-OS proves to be a compelling choice in the realm of custom ROMs.

9. PixelOS

Best Custom ROMs

PixelOS is like a fancier version of regular Android, which gives you a Pixel-like look with extra improvements and stability. It’s manageable with too many extras and focuses on useful tools. 

It’s based on AOSP, so it’s reliable, and they’re already rolling out updates for Android 14. You can use it on various devices like Realme, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Asus, and more.

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The team keeps things fresh by regularly adding new features and security updates. If you want to try out Android 14, PixelOS is a good choice. It is similar to PixelPlusUI and PixysOS but has its own cool features.

10. OmniROM

Best Custom ROMs

OmniROM is one of the earliest custom ROMs which emerged during the CyanogenMod era. It delivers a reliable, AOSP-based ROM with enduring stability and broad device compatibility. 

This custom ROM was established in 2013. The team actively develops for Android 14, supplying updates for devices like ROG Phone, Google Pixel, and Redmi Note series. 

Though not the speediest in updates, it excels in performance for everyday use. All its unique features make it a dependable choice for users seeking a straightforward and stable custom Android experience.


That’s all; we’ve experimented with custom ROMs for years, but users always switch between different ones. Users always search for the perfect option. Hope you liked this post related to the Android custom ROMs. What custom ROM do you prefer the most? Please share your thoughts or feedback in the comments below.

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