Hide Private Photos and Videos with Safe Photo Storage App

Hide Private Photos and Videos

Our smartphones have become a crucial part of our personal life, capturing countless photos and videos we may prefer to keep private.

Safeguarding these memories is essential, especially considering the possibility of our phones falling into the wrong hands or being shared with others unknowingly.

Fortunately, for Android users, there is a range of exceptional apps available that cater specifically to hide private photos and videos securely.

In this article, we have created a list of the top 10 apps that excel at hiding photo and video content to help you find the perfect solution. So read this article till the end.

Here are The 10 Best Private Photos and Videos Hiding Apps 

Discover the top 10 private photos and videos hiding apps designed for Android devices. Safeguard your sensitive media with these secure applications. Take a look at the curated list below: 

1. Google Photos (Locked Folder)

Google Photos offers a secure ‘Locked Folder’ feature to protect private photos and videos. Hidden images are automatically removed from the regular library, can only be accessed with fingerprint or pattern authentication, and are not backed up to the cloud. The added security prevents screenshots of content inside the Locked Folder.

Download Link: Click Here (Google Photos)

2. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault is a popular Android app for safeguarding private photos and videos. It offers various security options like PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication.

Users can organize media into folders, share them, and back up to a private cloud. Advanced features include fake login PINs, break-in alerts with intruder selfies, and app disguise via Secret Door. 

Download Link: Click Here (KeepSafe)

1Gallery is a photo gallery app offering a secure vault with robust encryption to hide Private photos and videos. Unlike other apps, even root access won’t reveal hidden files.

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It boasts a stunning user interface, supports various formats, and includes dark mode, search management, and video support. It also acts as an Android photo editor—the ultimate choice for secure media management.

Download Link: Click Here (1Gallery)

4. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix Photo Vault is a top choice for safeguarding photos and videos with military-grade AES encryption.

It offers an intuitive interface, quick encryption, and additional features like fingerprint unlock and hiding the app.

The Pro version, available for $1.99, includes a fake login for added security. The only limitation is the need for cloud backup.

Download Link: Click Here (LockMyPix)

5. Calculator by FishingNet

It is a discreet app with the appearance of a calculator, but it conceals a secure vault for hiding photos and videos. A numeric PIN grants access and AES encryption ensures content security.

It also offers an Intruder Selfie feature, a fake vault, and a shake-to-hide option for added protection.

This app is ideal for keeping media safe from prying eyes while appearing like a regular calculator.

Download Link: Click Here (FishingNet)

6. Vaulty

Vaulty is a reliable photo/video hiding app that allows users to password-protect their media files.

It’s standout feature captures “mugshots” of intruders attempting to access the vault with the wrong password.

Creating multiple vaults with separate passwords is possible for organizing content. You can also upgrade to a Premier subscription at $9.99/month, enable cloud backup and remove ads.

Download Link: Click Here (Vaulty)

7. Hide Something

Hide Something is one the most popular Android apps with 5 million installs and secures photos and videos using PIN, password, or fingerprint. Its seamless file transfer, themes, media support, image viewer, and fake login protect privacy.

The app stays undetectable in the ‘recently used’ list and conveniently backs up private media to Google Drive, allowing easy browsing through a desktop browser.

Download Link: Click Here (Hide Something)

8. Google Files (Safe Folder)

As everyone knows, most people do not trust anything online more than Google, and what can be safer than Google files? Google Files now includes a Safe folder in its Collections section to safeguard sensitive files using a 4-digit PIN.

There’s no password reset option, so be cautious about forgetting the PIN. Check the guide on enabling and using the Safe folder for more details.

Download Link: Click Here (Google Files)

9. Andrognito (Hide files)

It is an Android privacy app that secures files with military-grade AES encryption. The free version hides files in one vault, while the pro version offers more vaults, cloud backups, and extra features. Upgrading unlocks fake vaults, invisible icons, and custom theming. Its simple interface initially attracted me, and it removes annoying ads too.

Download Link: Click Here (Andrognito)

10. PhotoGuard

PhotoGuard is a secure Android app for hiding photos and videos with AES encryption, offering cloud backup and various locking options such as PIN, Pattern, Password, or Fingerprint.

It provides an additional layer of security with password-protected albums inside the vault and break-in alerts to capture intruders. The app also features an integrated photo viewer, a video player, and a private camera for secure photo-taking. 

Download Link: Click here (PhotoGuard)


If you wish to safeguard confidential files, private photos, videos, or any sensitive data stored on your Android, consider using one of the top 10 best app hiders mentioned in this article. Have you found any of these apps useful? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use a Safe Photo Storage App?

Ans: Using a safe photo storage app provides the significant advantage of safeguarding against potential cybercrime.

Q. Will my photos remain protected if my phone is stolen?

Ans: Secure photo apps offer separate storage, ensuring your photos are safe even if your phone is stolen.

Q. Are private photos & videos hiding Apps safe to use?

Ans: While many secure photo-hiding applications exist, caution’s essential. Only trust reputable apps like Google Files to avoid potential misuse of personal content.

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