How To Use And Find Coal In Minecraft (2023)

how to use and find Coal in Minecraft

Minecraft enthusiasts seeking to obtain coal may find the following information useful. Coal in Minecraft can be found in at various levels.

But it is most commonly found between levels five and fifty-five. To obtain coal, players can mine it using a pickaxe.

Additionally, coal can be obtained by trading with villagers or by finding it in chests within structures such as mineshafts and dungeons.

With these methods, players can acquire coal and use it for various purposes, such as fuel for furnaces or as a crafting ingred

How to find Coal in Minecraft ?

Minecraft players seeking to obtain coal can follow these steps. First, locate a cave or dig underground to find coal ore blocks.

Next, use a pickaxe to mine the coal ore blocks and collect the coal drops. Alternatively, players can trade with villagers or find coal in chests within structures such as mineshafts or dungeons.

With coal in hand, players can use it as a fuel source for furnaces or to craft torches and other items. Minecraft is a popular video game where players explore a vast world filled with resources and treasures.

Coal is a crucial resource in the world of Minecraft, serving as a primary source of fuel for furnaces, torches, and various other tools that players rely on.

Minecraft players have various methods to acquire coal, but the most dependable and widely used technique is through mining. Coal ore spawns in the mountains and caves of the overworld, and players can mine it directly using any pickaxe to make it drop coal as an item. 

Where to Get Coal Minecraft

Coal generates twice in the world based on ore generation. Coal ore blobs have been discovered in the mountainous regions, generating at a height range of Y=136 to Y=320, according to recent reports.

A new development has been reported in the world of coal mining. According to sources, a second set of coal block blobs has been discovered generating between the world height of Y=0 to Y=190.

This discovery is expected to have a significant impact on the coal mining industry. Further details on the matter are awaited.

Attention all players: It has been reported that the second set of coal blocks is often concealed beneath other blocks and not easily visible in the open air.

Please take note of this important information. In Minecraft, it has been discovered that the spawn rate is not affected by the biomes. 

Additionally, players have found that the highest concentration of coal ores can be found at the height of Y=95. In Minecraft, players have the option to craft coal instead of relying solely on natural sources.

By placing a block of coal on a crafting table, nine pieces of coal can be obtained. Similarly, if players obtain a block of coal ore with a silk touch pickaxe, they can smelt it using a furnace to get coal.

However, it is rare for players to come across a block of coal or coal ore in day-to-day Minecraft gameplay with friends.

In addition, it has been reported that smelting coal ore yields only a single piece of coal, rendering it an inefficient use of fuel.

Therefore, the easiest and most efficient way to obtain coal in Minecraft is by mining coal ore in the mountains and caves of the overworld.

Minecraft players rely heavily on coal as a vital resource to fuel their tools and equipment, according to recent findings.

The importance of coal in the game cannot be overstated, as it serves as a primary source of power for players. 

Obtaining coal in Minecraft can be reliably achieved through mining coal ore in the mountains and caves of the overworld.

This method is considered the easiest and most straightforward approach to obtaining coal in the game.  

Crafting coal can be done by players through two methods i.e. placing a block of coal on a crafting table or smelting coal ore using a furnace.

However, these techniques are considered less efficient and practical. 

In Minecraft Legends, coal serves a dual purpose. While it is used in a limited number of buildings, its primary value lies in its ability to spawn the game’s most formidable unit, the Creeper.

This explosive creature is capable of breaching defences with ease, making coal a highly sought-after resource for players seeking to gain an edge in battle.

Coal can be found in both Badlands and Meadow biomes, according to sources.

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How to use Coal in Minecraft ?

Smelting food is the number one usage for coal in Minecraft

Having coal to cook meals in a furnace is crucial in Minecraft, especially in the first few nights.

Players may maximise the nutritional value of any meat they receive from hunting by cooking it.

In the early game of Minecraft, coal and a furnace are your sole options for cooking meals. Torches, like in the second item,


In Minecraft, a torch is one of the most, important tools you can have. Players would be completely blinded in the dark without the use of torches.

Without torches, explorers are easy prey for cunning critters like creepers in the tunnels where they do their mining.

A torch may be crafted in Minecraft using a stick and a coal block. Charcoal may also be used to build a torch, although this method is wasteful of resources since it requires burning down large amounts of wood.

Since coal is so common and simple to get, it is the material of choice for crafting torches in Minecraft.

Refining metal from ore

Coal may be used in a furnace for smelting ores, just as it can be used to prepare meals. Iron ores, for instance, require much longer to cook than do other ores.

Smelting the ore using a lump of coal is significantly more efficient than with wood.

While exploring the caverns, gamers often find piles of coal and iron ores. Smelting iron ores into iron ingots is a necessary step in the mining process, and utilising coal is preferable than squandering the player’s precious wood resources.

Trade (No. 4)

how to use and find Coal in Minecraft

Coal is a valuable commodity for bartering with locals and emerald farming. In return for an emerald, various villages will want varying quantities of coal.

Many of the locals in this community are skilled craftspeople. The village’s fishermen will demand the lowest trade, offering just 15 coal pieces for a single emerald, while the rest of the community will ask for no less than 20 coal pieces.

For gamers wishing to get more emeralds, this is an excellent exchange. Players shouldn’t have any issue sourcing coal in Minecraft since it’s so easily accessible.

Fire Pits/Camping

how to use and find Coal in Minecraft. coal is using in fire camping

In addition to being pretty, campfires provide two practical purposes for players: they provide illumination and may be used to prepare meals. Players will need at least one coal to start a campfire.

Making a campfire requires just a few basic ingredients. You’ll need one chunk of coal, three blocks of wood, and three sticks. After that, the campfire may be used for everything from cooking to lighting to sending smoke signals.

Campfires will even change hues when the user uses them to cook precious materials like gold or diamonds.

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