Micron Unveils Mega Chipset Factory In The USA: Latest Report

Micron Unveils Mega Chipset Factory In The USA

Micron has made significant progress in the semiconductor industry lately. The company’s investments in chipset manufacturing in the US, marked by the construction of a $15 billion fab in Boise, Idaho, and plans for additional fabs in upstate New York, are poised to reshape the industry. 

Micron’s CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra, has set an audacious goal of increasing the US share of DRAM production from 2% to around 15% globally. Simultaneously, Micron is taking its operations to India, collaborating with Tata Projects to establish an assembly and test facility with a substantial investment of $2.75 billion. 

This move will impact the global semiconductor market and create numerous job opportunities in both the US and India. Micron’s actions underscore their commitment to advanced memory production and the semiconductor industry’s future.

The Rise Of Micron’s Mega Chipset Fab In The US

Semiconductor giant Micron is making significant strides in the global semiconductor industry by investing in state-of-the-art chipset manufacturing facilities.

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Despite challenges such as declining smartphone demand and trade restrictions with China, Micron is taking a bold step by bringing advanced memory production to the United States. 

This commitment is exemplified by the construction of their largest chipset fabrication plant, a $15 billion endeavor located in Boise, Idaho. 

This significant investment marks a pivotal moment for Micron. This company has been headquartered in Boise, Idaho, for 45 years. It is accompanied by plans to build additional fabs in upstate New York, with an overall investment of $100 billion over the next two decades.

Micron’s Ambitious Goal: Boosting US DRAM Production

Micron’s CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra, has outlined an ambitious goal for the company. Only 2% of the world’s DRAM production occurs in the United States, taking place at Micron’s fab in Manassas, Virginia. Micron’s vision is to increase this share through substantial investments significantly. 

By 2026, they plan to establish four 600,000-square-foot fabs in upstate New York, which, combined with their Boise facility, aims to change the landscape of US DRAM production. 

Mehrotra envisions the US contributing approximately 15% of the worldwide DRAM production, a substantial leap from the current figure.

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Micron’s Global Expansion And Investment In India

While Micron’s primary focus is on bolstering US manufacturing, the company is also making strategic moves on the global stage. They have selected Tata Projects to establish an assembly and test facility in India, with a total investment of $2.75 billion. 

Micron plans to invest up to $825 million in two phases of the project, with additional funding pledged by state and central governments. This facility will address assembly and test manufacturing needs for DRAM and MAM products, serving domestic and international markets.

It is projected to commence its first phase of operations by 2024, with the second phase anticipated by the decade’s end. The project is not only set to impact the semiconductor industry significantly but also the job market, with approximately 5,000 direct jobs and nearly 15,000 community jobs expected to be created.

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