The Best Free Oculus Quest 2 Games For 2023

The Best Free Oculus Quest 2 Games For 2023

The Meta Quest platform, which evolved from the original Oculus Quest in 2023, boasts a vast and diverse content library. But sometimes, creating a list of the top free Oculus Quest 2 games isn’t easy. The Oculus Store offers a wide range of free games, some of varying quality. 

In this post, we’ve compiled a selection of the best free Meta Oculus Quest games for both the Meta Quest 2 and the original Oculus Quest. So, let’s get started with our list…

Best Free Oculus Quest 2 Games That You Should Play


Bogo is a delightful virtual pet, combining a dragon’s charm and a dog’s loyalty, reminiscent of classics like Tamagotchis and Nintendogs. 

Your choice of food influences this game’s evolution. It’s content with affectionate pets, and best of all, there’s no need for any messy cleanups.

Embrace the joy of tending to Bogo, your magical hybrid companion, and witness the enchanting variations in his growth based on your nurturing choices.


  • Bogo is endearing and charming.
  • Offers enjoyable mini-games.
  • Ideal for children or VR beginners.


  • It has a limited play space for the users.
  • The experience is exceptionally brief.


The Elixir game lets you step into the shoes of an alchemical apprentice. Your mission is to brew mystical potions, conduct fascinating experiments, and care for fantastical creatures. 

This Virtual Reality (VR) experience is not just a tutorial but also a half-hour of magical enjoyment, perfect for those seeking a taste of magic.

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You can experience the immersive power of hand tracking by using motion controllers to engage with this enchanting game fully.


  • Engaging visuals that immerse players.
  • Innovative implementation of hand-tracking controls.
  • Well-suited for VR beginners.


  • Brief gameplay experience.
  • Lacks enjoyment when used with a standard controller.


Liminal is a mood-altering application that caters to your emotional desires. It is the best game for you, whether you’re seeking serenity or an energy boost. 

It has the best experience, from excellent guided meditations to adrenaline-pumping space combat simulations. 

This app provides a diverse range of experiences. It helps you transform your mood, allowing you to choose how you want to feel.


  • Continuously enhances the app through user input.
  • Earn coins by offering feedback.
  • Offers more than 60 virtual reality experiences.


  • Requires payment for saving rotating experiences.
  • Encounters occasional bugs.


Experience the ultimate relaxation with “Bait!” as you dive into the world of virtual reality fishing from the cozy confines of your living room. 

This immersive VR game offers a captivating story mode that transports you to four picturesque lakes, each teeming with a unique fish species. 

The best part is you don’t need a boat, fishing rod, or live bait. It’s all at your fingertips, making fishing more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.


  • Enjoyable and calming entertainment suitable for people of all age groups.
  • Features tranquil and pleasing background music.
  • Offers a nausea-free experience.


  • Cumulative in-app expenses may become burdensome.
  • Periodically, it feels monotonous, mirroring the real-life fishing experience.

République VR

République VR is a stealth game by the creators of Metal Gear Solid and Halo, which immerses players in a dystopian world.

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In this game, players can navigate a surveillance state using hacking skills and aiding a woman fleeing a totalitarian regime.

Fans of Metal Gear, Mass Effect, and BioShock may recognize renowned voice actors who contribute to the game’s narrative.


  • Abundant gameplay options to enjoy.
  • Exceptional voice acting by the cast.
  • The developers’ commentary provided valuable insights.


  • Previous iterations suffered from bugs, though most have been resolved.

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is a virtual reality graphics suite that enables 3D model design. It offers pre-rendered shapes and a diverse set of tools for intricate creations.

Operating within a room-scale environment, it creates an immersive sensation akin to sculpting or painting in reality. 

This platform allows you to share your creations and receive feedback and facilitates collaborative projects with fellow artists. 


  • Offers an extensive array of 3D graphic tools.
  • Suitable for both professional artists and those in the learning process.
  • Supports export to OBJ, FBX, and IGES file formats.


  • Initial use may feel overwhelming.
  • Primarily designed for serious users, not casual ones.

Gym Class: Basketball 

This game stands out as one of the few free multiplayer Oculus games. It offers engaging and outstanding gameplay to its players.

It allows you to compete against friends and strangers in various multiplayer modes. Additionally, you can hone your shooting skills in a single-player mode. 

For those searching for GM Mode, customization options like court, avatar, and ball skins become available, adding a personal touch to your gaming experience.


  • Authentic physics simulation.
  • Comprehensive statistical data and informative charts.
  • In-app purchases for personalized enhancements.


  • Lacks solo player excitement.
  • Simplistic and unremarkable graphics.

Moon Rider

Moon Rider, a rhythm game reminiscent of Saber Beat, offers a cost-free experience without the need for downloads.

To dive into the game, simply access it through the Oculus web browser using the URL 

Explore various gameplay modes, each with its unique leaderboards, as you work on refining your skills and making your mark on the scoreboards.


  • Offers a more extensive music library compared to Beat Saber.
  • Doesn’t consume storage space on your device.
  • Features open-source code for customization.


  • Presents basic and minimalistic graphics.
  • Tends to become monotonous over time.

Rec Room

The Rec Room is a global meeting hub that connects individuals worldwide. Users engage in a myriad of in-built mini-games, fostering social interaction. 

Compatibility extends to computers, phones, and various gaming consoles, although the VR iteration boasts exclusive features. 

The platform also empowers collaboration for crafting unique games. Explore diverse experiences, bond with people, and let your creativity flourish in Rec Room’s dynamic social space.


  • Abundant avenues for unleashing your creative side.
  • Seamless cross-play compatibility across PC, Xbox, Steam, and mobile platforms.
  • A supportive community wiki for assistance.


  • User-generated games exhibit varying levels of quality.
  • Chat predominantly comprises a younger player demographic.

Gun Raiders

Gun Raiders offers more than just traditional shooting gameplay. This immersive experience on Meta Quest includes thrilling elements like wall climbing and jetpacking. 

You can team up with friends or challenge them in modes such as Free For All and Team Deathmatch. You can also take advantage of upcoming tournaments and events. 

Explore a dynamic world where action and competition converge for an unforgettable gaming experience. Stay connected through the Gun Raiders Discord channel for updates. 


  • Global leaderboards for competitive play.
  • Engaged and thriving Discord community.
  • Option to acquire personalized skins through purchases.


  • Basic, straightforward graphics.
  • The initial difficulty may pose a challenge for newcomers.


We have told you about some free Occult Quest 2 games in this post. Virtual reality (VR) games are becoming very popular these days, and people are often looking for such games.

You can try the games Meta Oculus Quest and Quest 2 for similar games. We hope you liked this article; stay with us for more such Oculus games, and share this post with others.

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