PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Disclosed May 2023 : Chivalry 2, Descenders and Grid Legends

PlayStation plus monthly games

Introduction PlayStation

Users & Subscribers can key in to Grid Legends, Chivalry 2 and Descenders, this games keeps getting upgraded with real – world classic customs , tournaments with immersive experience and vibrant community to play with. All three games will have originals PS4 and PS5 versions available for subscribers to claim.

PlayStation Plus eases the overall gaming experience with pretty good graphics and has graced the thrilling gaming action , inspired by medieval movie battles, extreme fast – paced biking.

Required plans offered by Sony ‘s monthly service subscription through PlayStation plus free games each month, as well as great discounts on games bought through the PlayStation Store. Some even offer gameplay enchantment feature with 60 fps and 4 K resolution.

Even though PlayStation plus monthly games are always on high demands but this month for some users it can be powerless month, may or may not be not worthy enough to redeem these titles because of popularity that potential audience holds.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games List

All three games in list have acquired mostly positive reviews, but there’s no denying there could be backlash in free PlayStation Plus Monthly Games May 2023 collection.

Grid Legends

PlayStation Plus disclosed monthly games

People are big time Froza fan, game is developed by Code master which contains 130 tracks with different layout to race on from actual world from numerous cities like Paris , London , Moscow , San Francisco.

The game features spotlight more than 100 vehicles to select and race. The game highlights the story-engrossed career mode for the first time.

It is combination of storytelling , racing action with customization option and great sense of humor .

Elevated by Netflix ‘s documentary Formula 1: Drive to Survive , strong narrative focused gameplay.

The actors were hired to depict story mode for various characters in the game by using VFX technique , used in American Space Western television series.

“The Mandalorian” and the cast embraced by actor Ncuti Gatwa , who portrayed as Valentin Manzi driver for Voltz Racing.

Grid Legends holds the first physical appearance of Nathan McKane, leading character in every part the GRID series, portrayed by Callum McGowan and rebroadcasted his role of number one driver for Ravenwest Motorsport.

Content that can be Downloaded with Updates are classic Car- Nage story mode, featured in Demolition Derby cars and tracks besides the new Demolition Derby mode and the Valentin Manzi’s cutscene presentation.

Thousands of events and upgrade with spectacular production story and race scenes.

Developer: Codemasters

Modes: Multiplayer video game, Single-player video game

Composer: Ian Livingstone

Genres: Racing Video Game, Sports Video Game, Simulation Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

Apple Arcade has 20 new exclusive games in addition to Chess Universe and Splintered Fate

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Chivalry 2

PlayStation Plus disclosed monthly games chivalry 2

A warfare game with an enthralling storyline and plenty of action developed by Torn Banner studios.

It can be played either by first-person or third-person perspective either by foot or back of horse for the first ever time in series.

Inside the game , contenders are armed with war hammers, maces, long swords, and battle axes they can even use bows and arrows. Newly added weaponry can be found in weapon caches in a map.

Contenders can have three basic melee attack standard patterns that is horizontal slash, vertical slash, and a stab, which can be hitched together.

They can even through their melee weapons at their rivals. Players can also pick up the disrupted limbs and guillotine forefront heads of any player on the battleground use them as weaponry.

Remarkable cinematic presentation of Epic Medieval Action Battlefields. This shatters the boundaries of PC and Console gamers , allows users to Cross-play across all platforms.

Encounter the heroic medieval battlefield as the 64 players clash with fire arrows , clashing swords, sieges and more. It also allows cross play on all the systems.

Gamers have various strengths alike archers can snipe enemies from afar, veterans offers them stamina, whilst knights have powerful health and can tan adequate amount of damage. However, players can surely play in any strategy they want.

Platform : Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S

Genre : Hack and Slash , Shooting Video Game and Fighting Games.

Subtitles: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.


PlayStation Plus disclosed monthly games

Succeeding legendary Descender??? Mountain biking , down hill game developed by Dutch studio Rage Squid with puts player into contrasting environment with good physics system.

Game is more about expressing a personal style, which makes it more of a genuine gameplay within a set time. The trials allows the player gains opportunities to perform physics tricks with their bicycle.

Games presents the set of different and unplanned objectives to complete each level such as performing certain number of physics tricks with bicycle or complete level in provided time.

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Great game for bike enthusiasts, curious explorers , each and every zone is different , you can play with mods ,learn to practice wheelies and use manuals to the point of perfection.

Playing about a week you would get perfect and stable with wheelie , pull off 360 Backflip. The tutorials always great at teaching the basics but there are advanced features to master as well by grinding game.

In the main lobby there is shed to customize ton of clothing parts, helmets, accessories, bike etc. that you are able to unlock. Goal is to find exit level in all biomes. The exit level has insane jump and get active perks during the duration of race.

Career plus has more challenging biomes with insane maps , there small BMX park where you can find people messing around. Looks familiar like other games when you get unlock some rare stuff depending on your last performance in the ride.

Always pray not to die when your speedometer is at 192 mph. In-game Soundtrack is amazing with stunning graphics.

Perform fun gameplay mechanics and go wild on various locations like green mountains or canyons. Descenders is a hidden gem , it encourages you to play your own style , racking up at serious points.

Platforms : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox Series X , Series S and more.

Developed by : Rage Squid

Genres: Sports Video Game, Action game, Simulation Game, Racing game

Published by : No More Robots, Noodlecake Studios ,Game Source Entertainment

Supported language: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese etc.

Supporting play modes :TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode Check this editions. Play to retrieve your power!!!

Information may update by time.

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