Upcoming New WhatsApp Features Users Can See In 2024

New WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app on Android and iOS. WhatsApp is known for its frequent updates and lots of new features. These updates keep users engaged and excited about what’s coming next. Before these features are released to everyone, they go through a beta testing phase. 

This means a select group of users gets to try out the new features before they’re available to everyone. Right now, WhatsApp has some cool new features in beta testing, which means users are trying them out to make sure they work well.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of these upcoming New WhatsApp features that users can look forward to in 2024. If you’re eager to know about these upcoming features, read this blog till the end.

The Upcoming New WhatsApp Features Of 2024 

Feature 1: Favorite Contacts

WhatsApp is getting a fantastic update called “Favorite Contacts.” This feature is being tested on iPhones with a beta version

It’s designed to make it easier to call people you chat with a lot. You’ll be able to quickly find and call your favorite contacts without scrolling through your whole list.

To add someone to your favorites, you might just need to hold down their name for a bit. After that, all your favorite contacts will be right at the top of the calls tab so that you can call them in a snap. 

Feature 2: WhatsApp File Sharing 

WhatsApp is adding a cool new feature called “File Sharing.” This new WhatsApp feature is like Google’s Quick Share, and you can use it to share files directly through WhatsApp. You can send files up to 2GB, and even bigger later on. 

To use this feature, there’s a new section called “People Nearby.” Here, you’ll see folks close by who you can share files with. To start sharing, shake your phone to send a request or accept one from someone else.

It’s super secure; Your files are end-to-end encrypted, so only you and the person you’re sharing with can see them. Plus, your phone number stays private, which is handy if you share it with someone who is not in your contacts.

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Feature 3: “Pinned Events” New WhatsApp Feature For WhatsApp Communities.

WhatsApp Communities is getting a cool new feature called “Pinned Events.” Basically, this new WhatsApp feature helps you keep track of upcoming events easily. 

So, if you’re in a community, you won’t have to hunt through loads of messages to find out when and where an event is happening.

The best part? Admins won’t have to pin events anymore manually. WhatsApp will do it automatically. This means you can quickly find all the essential info about events, like dates and locations, right on the community description page. 

It’s like having a personal assistant for events in your WhatsApp group, So get ready for a smoother, hassle-free way to stay updated on all the fun stuff coming up in your community.

Feature 4: Verified Badge For Business Users And Business Channels. 

WhatsApp Business Channels can now get a special Blue verified badge to show they’re legit. This badge changes the channel’s name and picture to match the verified business info. It’s a way to prove they’re real and stand out from others. 

But here’s the catch: Business Channel owners have to pay for Meta Verified to get this badge. It’s a step to make sure people trust the channels they’re talking to. If you see that Blue badge, you can trust that channel more.

Feature 5: New WhatsApp Feature For Changing WhatsApp Theme Color

WhatsApp is great, but it lacks customization options compared to other apps. However, there’s good news! The WhatsApp team is developing a new feature that lets users change the app’s theme color. 

This new WhatsApp feature was found in the iOS beta version in a section called “Appearance.” Users will have five color choices: Green, Blue, White, Coral, and Purple. 

It’s possible that in the future, users might even be able to change the colors of their chat bubbles. This means you’ll be able to make your WhatsApp look unique and personalized to your liking.

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Feature 6: New WhatsApp Usernames Feature

WhatsApp is adding usernames as a new feature. Before, it only used phone numbers to connect users. Now, users can set a unique username instead of sharing their phone numbers. 

This change is happening because using phone numbers can be a privacy issue. The feature was first found on Android phones and is now also available on the web version.

Many other apps, like social media and messaging apps, already use usernames. It’s nice to see WhatsApp catching up with this trend and giving users more privacy options.

Feature 7: Listen To Video And Music Audio During Video Calls

WhatsApp plans to upgrade video calls, allowing users to share video and music audio with others on the call. This means you can play videos or music on your device, and everyone on the call will hear the audio.

However, this feature won’t work if you’re on a call without the camera on. It’s currently being tested on iOS beta version

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Feature 8: WhatsApp Photo And Video Status Sharing In HD Quality.

WhatsApp has addressed a significant concern for users by allowing them to share photos and videos in high-definition (HD) quality. This improvement is now extending to WhatsApp Status sharing. 

Currently, when users share media on their status, the app compresses it, reducing its quality. However, in the WhatsApp beta version for Android, there’s a new option spotted. 

This feature enables users to share media in HD quality by simply tapping on the option. It works similarly to how HD sharing is done in chats. 

This change will ensure that the quality of photos and videos shared on WhatsApp Status remains high, enhancing the overall user experience.


In this article, we have told you about some upcoming New WhatsApp features which you can see in future updates of WhatsApp. If you are also a daily WhatsApp user, you must have liked this article. If yes, then share it with your other friends and stay tuned for more such guides.

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