The 8 Best New Upcoming Android 15 Features

The 8 Best New Upcoming Android 15 Features

The initial Developer Preview of Android 15 has arrived, introducing several noteworthy features in this early build. While many changes cater to developers, 

There are also user-focused improvements that enhance the overall experience. 

Are you anticipating further developments in 2024? Let’s explore some standout features we hope to see in Android 15. Some of these features were present in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1, while others are brand new.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the 8 best Android 15 features, which highlight the exciting additions and changes in the latest Android version.

What Is The Android 15 Name And Release Date?

Android 15 is the latest version of Android, and it’s called that without a special dessert name. Internally, it’s known as Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Google is currently testing it with Developer Previews, and the final release is expected around October 2024. The date is likely alongside the launch of the Pixel 9 series. 

If you have purchased a recent Google Pixel phone, you’ll likely get the Android 15 update first. Other phone brands will take a bit longer to release their customized versions. 

The release process involves testing through developer previews, beta releases, and eventually stable versions. Keep an eye out for updates on your phone, especially if you’re using a Pixel device.

Here Are The 8 Best Android 15 Features 

Notification Cooldown

Notification Cooldown is a fantastic addition to recent Android updates. When an app bombards you with notifications, it can be really annoying. 

Now, you can control this by gradually reducing the volume of consecutive notifications from the same app. To turn this on or off, go to Settings, then Notifications, and find Notification Cooldown. 

You can choose to apply it to all notifications, just conversations, or not use it at all. If you want more details, there’s also a guide available on how to use notification cooldown.

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Continue Using Apps On Fold

The Pixel Fold lacks a cool feature where apps seamlessly shift to the outer display when you fold the phone. Android expert Mishaal Rahman spotted this in Android 14 Beta 1, but it’s only officially mentioned in Android 15 DP1. 

A neat “Swipe up to continue” feature is also in the works, allowing users to fold the device and resume by swiping up on the front screen. 

Unfortunately, Pixel Fold users might have to wait a bit to get these features, as it’s unclear when they’ll be available, possibly in the next update or Android 15 stable release.

Bluetooth Quick Setting Tile

The Bluetooth Quick Settings button on Pixel devices lacked a pop-out menu found in Wi-Fi settings. The good news is that this feature is now available in the Android 14 QPR 3 Beta 1. 

While it’s not brand new, it might come in the next feature drop or in the stable Android 15 release. It’s great that Google addressed this missing feature, making Bluetooth settings more convenient for users.

New Keyboard and Brightness Haptics Options

Android 15 brings convenient changes to your phone experience. Now, you can easily turn off keyboard vibrations without diving into third-party keyboard settings. This small but useful feature is a relief, considering many keyboards have vibrations on by default. 

Additionally, adjusting brightness in Quick Settings now gives you haptic feedback, a feature that was tested earlier and is now fully functional in Android 15. These enhancements may seem minor, but they make using your Android device more user-friendly.

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Screen Record a Single App

A cool feature has been added in Android 15 that lets you record just one app on your screen. Before, you could only record the whole screen, showing everything on your phone. 

Now, with the “A single app” option in the screen recording menu, you can focus on recording just the app you want. If you’re wondering what happens if you switch to other apps, don’t worry.

The recording continues as long as your recording app is still open in recent apps. If you close the app from the multitasking view, the recording stops. It’s a handy way to showcase a specific app without showing unnecessary stuff.

Private Space

Google’s upcoming Private Space feature is like Samsung’s Safe Folder. It lets you hide apps with sensitive information by creating a separate Android profile linked to your main one. 

This way, you can add or remove apps in a protected space. Many Android users eagerly anticipate this feature, alongside “dual apps,” as mentioned in our Android 15 wishlist. 

It’s expected to debut in an upcoming Android 15 beta, offering users a secure way to keep their sensitive apps away from prying eyes.

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New Easter Egg

Geeks might know that Android 15 is internally called Vanilla Ice Cream. Each Android release has a hidden surprise, and Android 15’s easter egg is a fun twist. It’s not entirely new; they flipped the one from Android 14 vertically, which looks like a V. 

Imagine an Upside Down Cake turned upside down again. It’s a playful nod to the tradition of these easter eggs in each Android version. It adds a touch of humor for those in the know.

New Health Connect Features

Health Connect, a handy tool for fitness enthusiasts, now simplifies data syncing across different fitness apps on Android 15. The revamped Android Health Module introduces enhanced features, expanding support for various data types such as Fitness and Nutrition.

This means users no longer need to manually input data when transitioning between fitness apps.

The update streamlines the experience, making it more convenient for individuals to track and manage their health-related information seamlessly across different platforms.


The inaugural launch is brimming with numerous novel features and enhancements, undoubtedly warranting its classification as a significant Android iteration. 

With many forthcoming updates, Android 15 is poised to emerge as a pivotal milestone in this decade’s Android evolution. As the journey unfolds, it promises to stand out among the notable updates of the era.

Share your insights on potential additions to further enrich the platform by commenting below. Your ideas could contribute to shaping the ongoing narrative of Android innovation.

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