Here Are 10 Best Discord Server Templates You Must Try

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Whenever you create a new channel on the discord server, the template plays a very important role, and it isn’t easy to find a good template.

Discord server templates enable you to replicate your server’s elements, such as categories, channels, and roles, making it easy to create or share server setups.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to use Discord server templates and present the top 10 recommended templates for your new Discord channel. So let’s get startedā€¦

Steps On How To Use A Discord Server Template

If you want to use a Discord server template on your Discord channels, you need proper guidance if you don’t know how to do this. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Begin by visiting the Discord Templates website.

Step 2: Once there, locate the template of your choice and select “Use Template.”

Step 3: The Discord Templates website boasts a collection of user-generated server templates neatly organized with tags.

Step 4: For instance, if you seek a gaming server template, simply search for “gaming” in the search bar to reveal a selection of relevant Discord templates.

Step 5: You can also explore templates by clicking on the tags listed below the search bar.

Step 6: Upon clicking “Use Template,” the Discord app will open, and you’ll receive a prompt to replace your server’s current template.

Step 7: Click on the “+” icon to upload a server image.

Step 8: Then, provide a server name in the “Server Name” field.

Step 9: Finally, hit “Create” to replace your server’s template with the one you’ve selected.

What Are The Types Of Discord Server Templates

Here, we have listed the different types of Discord server templates that you should know:

1. Streamer: Ideal for content creators like YouTubers and streamers, perfect for establishing a server for your online community.

2. Aesthetic: This template features charming kaomoji in channel names and offers fantastic roles to enhance your server’s visual appeal.

3. Starter: Designed with simplicity in mind, this template provides the essentials to kickstart your server without overwhelming features.

Here Are The 10 Best Discord Server Templates

Looking for Discord server templates? You’re in the right place! Here, we have mentioned a range of templates to help you set up your own Discord server. These templates come with pre-configured permissions, channels, and more.

Server templates essentially serve as the foundation for Discord servers and can be used repeatedly by others to establish their unique servers.

1. Streamer or Community Server Template

This template enables you to establish a custom community server featuring a welcome channel, dedicated sections for announcements and news, voice channels for both users and bots and more. 

It’s designed with streamers in mind, making it ideal for those with Twitch channels looking to build a Discord community around their content. 

Creating a server for fans and followers fosters brand growth and encourages audience interaction, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Template Link: Try Now

2. Bot Support

As a bot developer, setting up a server for user support, answering queries, and addressing feature requests is crucial for your bot’s growth. 

A dedicated support server fosters user satisfaction and encourages recommendations. Providing excellent customer support is important. 

Consider using a helpful template that includes channels like a welcome area to start your server. This template streamlines the process and ensures a well-rounded user experience.

Template Link: Try Now

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3. Aesthetic Server

For an aesthetically pleasing Discord server, check out this cool server template. It offers a range of aesthetic fonts for channel names, some adorned with cute text icons. 

You’ll find numerous roles, some with charming kaomoji, essential for any budding aesthetic server. The section names in the template also sport delightful emojis and kaomoji. 

There are templates for different aesthetics, like purple and soft themes, perfect for creating a captivating server atmosphere. 

Template Link: Try Now

4. Starter Server Template 

For a simple server template without unnecessary complexity, consider this option. Some templates can be overwhelmed with excessive channels, intricate permissions, and extra features.

If your goal is a server for gaming with friends or a streamlined, or you want a purpose-driven server, this template fits best. 

In our experience with this template, we employed it multiple times to effortlessly create servers with essential and valuable channels.

Template Link: Try Now

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5. Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe Discord server template offers a charming cafe-inspired theme characterized by adorable emojis like sunflowers, cakes, and coffee cups. 

This theme maintains remarkable consistency throughout its channels, ensuring a highly organized server. With its soft, indie aesthetic, it appeals to a broad audience. 

The template encompasses four channel categories: Cafe info, Chatting, Calls, and Staff. Despite its remarkable qualities, Garden Cafe remains somewhat underrated, having garnered over 200 deployments.

Template Link: Try Now

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6. Study Group Template

Discord offers a convenient Study Groups template for creating study-focused servers, accessible on their Inspiration page. 

This template is ideal for organizing study sessions and can also facilitate Go Live events for teaching and learning. 

Explore their range of templates, from local communities to study groups, to find the perfect fit. Each template has user testimonials, providing insights into their effectiveness and advantages.

Template Link: Try Now

7. Pirate Theme

If you are passionate about pirates or treasure hunting, then the Pirate Theme server template is for you. This template offers four distinct categories: Server Status, Information, and Bot Command.

Moreover, it boasts 15 swashbuckling roles like Crew, Navigator, and Captain. This theme is perfect for an immersive pirate role-playing and gaming experience.

It has garnered over 1,000 users and maintains its status as one of the most popular choices in the community. Set sail on your gaming adventure with this exciting Pirate Theme server template!

Template Link: Try Now

8. Discord Templates

Explore Discord Templates for a plethora of creative server ideas. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to discover various gaming, coding, and art templates. 

If none of the options mentioned suit your needs, this platform offers an extensive array of choices. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to find the perfect template for your server by browsing their selection.

Template Link: Try Now

9. Aesthetic Gaming Server

This template is perfect for gaming servers seeking an aesthetic vibe. It boasts versatile roles with charming kaomoji additions, enhancing role names. 

The server neatly organizes channels into logical groups like welcome and support centers. A standout feature is the diverse interests-related channels.

It spans channels like music, K-pop, and fashion. If you are eager to craft your own aesthetic Discord server, my article on the topic offers valuable tips.

Template Link: Try Now

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10. City-Themed Community Server

Experience the essence of city life with the City-Themed Community Server template, designed to captivate urban enthusiasts. This template boasts a wide range of city-themed emojis. 

Its organization has six distinct categories: Information Crescent, Chatroom Lane, Bot Parks, Social Street, and many more, all cleverly named after urban elements. 

Despite its charm, the City-Themed Community Server remains an undiscovered gem, with a modest yet growing user base of over 100 enthusiasts.

Template Link: Try Now


Thank you for reading. We hope you have discovered valuable Discord server templates for your Discord server setup. Templates make server creation a breeze, helping you understand server structures and essential channels. It’s also a fantastic learning opportunity for the future.

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