The Best AI Song Lyrics Generators For Songwriters In 2023

AI Song Lyrics Generators

Nowadays, many songwriters often need more creativity when trying to compose lyrics. Most of them turn to Artificial Intelligence song lyrics generators to escape from this issue, which automatically creates lyrics.

However, not all generators produce meaningful results, but many tools are available online which help you generate lyrics. 

In this article, we’ll highlight the best song lyrics generators, both AI-based and traditional options. We also consider their advantages and disadvantages to help you find the perfect lyrical muse.

Here Are The Best Song Lyrics Generators Of 2023 

Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator is an outstanding free online song lyrics generator perfect for those lacking inspiration.

It can create lyrics across various music genres like rap, metal, country, ballads, and love songs. 

You can emulate the style of famous artists such as Adele, One Direction, Drake, or Taylor Swift. Users can create lyrics in under a minute, offering a wider range of genres than other generators.

This software also allows users to generate lyrics in the style of their favorite musicians. Once you complete the generation of your desired lyrics, you can freely edit your lyrics to your liking or opt for random lyrics. 


  • Offers a variety of lyric genres to select from.
  • Provides a wide range of artists to choose from.
  • Completely free for usage.


  • The user interface needs to be more simple.
  • Some of the lyrics are parodic adaptations of existing works.

Website Link

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

This user-friendly song lyric generation tool uses an AI-based neural network. Input a song title and click ‘Generate My Lyrics’ to receive original lyrics at no cost. 

This AI songwriter provides a range of lyric themes, including love, party, dance, happiness, and human names. Additionally, it’s unique in allowing users to create songs using emojis.

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Notably, it permits the incorporation of emojis into songwriting across genres like country, pop, and rap. Users can also specify a desired lyric mood before generating lyrics, enhancing the creative experience.


  • It allows users to customize the song’s theme as per you.
  • Choose from a variety of lyric genres.
  • Easily download the generated lyrics.
  • Completely free of charge.


  • It displays annoying ads which are really irritating.

Website Link is a web-based lyric generator that facilitates rapid lyric creation across diverse music genres like romance, country, pop, and rap. 

Unlike AI-powered tools, it does not accept user-inputted lyrics; instead, it offers a selection of pre-existing lyrics from the web. You can easily switch between lyric options by shuffling them. 

What sets this generator apart is its unique feature. It allows users to incorporate images to amplify the emotional impact of their songs. 


  • This software gives Impressive speed.
  • It has a diverse selection of music genres for the users.
  • Gives you the ability to generate random lyrics.


  • The user interface needs to be more simple.

Website Link Song Lyric Generator, an online platform tailored for rappers and lyricists, offers a user-friendly lyric generator. Crafting song lyrics becomes effortless with this tool. 

Brainstorm a keyword linked to your lyrical theme, or choose from the provided topics. The website boasts a minimalist and intuitive interface, free from unnecessary buttons. 

This rap lyric generator creates lyrics tailored to your specified subject with no restrictions on length. It’s a valuable resource for artists seeking lyrical inspiration and creativity in their musical endeavors.


  • It facilitates users to create rap lyrics.
  • Gives a User-friendly interface for beginners also.
  • No cost involved.


  • You have to face the Displaying advertisements.

Website Link

Wash Your Lyrics

“Wash Your Lyrics” stands out as a unique tool, enabling users to craft informative handwashing infographics inspired by their favorite songs. 

Unlike typical lyric generators, it offers a practical twist. Input a song’s name and artist, and it seamlessly integrates a handwashing infographic, aligning it with the song’s lyrics line by line. 

This way, it simplifies the process of generating lyrics. The result is a downloadable poster that combines vital handwashing guidance with the lyrical essence of the chosen song. 


  • The tool is User-friendly and enjoyable to operate.
  • It Offers full access without any cost.
  • Enables the creation of song lyric posters.


  • Lacks the capability to generate lyrics at random.

Website Link

Soly Lyrics Generator

Soly is the music lyrics generator, which helps you create lyrics by converting text files into LRC files. Unlike random lyric generators, it lets you create lyrics for your favorite songs. 

It is very simple to use. You need to select your song and the corresponding text file, then click when you hear each line to add automatic timing.

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Soly is perfect for singing along and learning lyrics while offline. It’s a valuable tool for music enthusiasts, aiding in lyric creation, practice, and offline usage.


  • The process of converting text to LRC is straightforward.
  • Users can utilize it without an internet connection.


  • Generating random lyrics is not an available feature.

App: Link (This App Best Support in older version)


BoredHumans offers an array of 50 entertaining pages infused with artificial intelligence wonders, and among them, stands out their remarkable lyric generator. 

This tool creates fresh song lyrics, which become effortless. It takes less than 10 seconds with a simple click on the “Generate lyrics”. 

The resulting lyrics are wonderfully unpredictable, devoid of any mimicry or replication. It offers a wellspring of creativity for those seeking a quick and unique lyrical muse.


  • User-friendly interface for effortless operation.
  • Generates distinctive and original lyrics.


  • Limited ability to tailor or customize generated lyrics.
  • Lyrics are produced in a random manner without customization options.

Website Link


Using song lyrics generators can be a valuable resource during songwriting because it offers inspiration and ideas. Don’t wait any longer; start composing your potential chart-topper today.

We’re curious to hear about your preferred AI lyrics generator. Share your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading our post.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What’s the top rap lyrics generator available?

Ans: You can craft your rap lyrics or lines using Deep Beat’s free AI-powered tool, which combines rhymes and meaningful lyrics for your songs.

Q. Will Artificial Intelligence take over the role of musicians?

Ans: No, Artificial Intelligence won’t replace musicians. Instead, it can aid in songwriting and music production, offering inspiration and innovative ideas.

Q. Can a computer actually compose a song?

Ans: Yes, computers can compose songs, but they typically collaborate with human songwriters and producers for now.

Q. Is Artificial Intelligence the future of music?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence in music represents a promising trend, empowering musicians to create fresh and captivating music while enhancing the music production process with new sounds and remixes.

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