Exploring The 7 Best AI Code Generator Tools For Programmers

AI code generator tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized itself in various industries, such as education, software development, and much more. It has a big role in enhancing productivity.

Within this technology, AI code generation tools are making significant strides in helping developers and students who just started their journey to programming. It writes code with efficiency and accuracy. 

In this article, we will explore the top AI code generator tools that help you select the most suitable one for your requirements. So let’s get started…

What Is An AI Code Generator? 

An AI code generator is a software application infused with artificial intelligence capabilities. These tools are designed to assist software developers in coding more efficiently and accurately. 

Its primary functions involve generating code based on prompts or providing real-time suggestions for code completion as developers write. 

AI code generators are instrumental in various aspects of coding. They not only expedite the coding process but also facilitate code translation between different programming languages. 

Furthermore, these AI code generator tools aid in the automatic generation of documentation and quick discovery of code snippets.

Through AI algorithms, these tools determine the most suitable code segments for specific programming tasks, helping developers create programs more efficiently.

Here Is The List Of Best Ai Code Generator Tools 

1. GitHub Copilot 

GitHub Copilot stands out as a premier AI code generator tool. GitHub Copilot features OpenAI Codex’s language model expertise. 

It helps enhance developers’ coding processes by proposing code lines, crafting functions, aiding debugging, and highlighting security risks. 

This powerful tool taps into extensive public code resources, which enables coders to create efficient and best code creation.

The Primary Features

Here are the main features of GitHub Copilot:

  • Provides code suggestions and even entire functions as you write code.
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple auto-complete suggestions.
  • Assists in pinpointing and resolving code errors.
  • Detects potential security risks within your code.
  • Generates descriptive comments to enhance code comprehension.

Pricing Details:

There’s a free plan designed for individual developers, and for those seeking more features, paid plans begin at just $4 per month (Copilot is included with GitHub). 

Tool Link: Explore Now

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2. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is the best code generator that uses machine learning, offering developers instant code recommendations in their IDEs. 

It is trained on extensive open-source code and suggests code snippets or complete functions based on comments and existing code. 

Compatible with various IDEs, such as JetBrains and Visual Studio Code, it enhances productivity by automating repetitive tasks and ensures code precision and security.

The Primary Features

Here are the main features of Amazon CodeWhisperer:

  • Instant code suggestions across diverse programming languages in real time.
  • Seamlessly integrates with numerous Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
  • Keeps tabs on references and conducts security scans.
  • Enhances code precision and security through machine learning-backed recommendations.

Pricing Details:

Individuals can use the service for free, while there are paid plans available starting at $19 per month.

Tool Link: Explore Now

3. Replit 

Replit is an online coding platform that offers a collaborative and interactive environment for coding and learning. One of its main features is a web-based IDE. 

It has a ghostwriter, an AI code assistant with extensive training on millions of lines of code. Ghostwriter offers contextually relevant code suggestions, enhancing the coding experience. 

It helps with tasks like code auto-completion and debugging, effectively boosting coding speed and aiding in the acquisition of new programming languages. 

The Primary Features 

Here are the main features of Replit:

  • Accelerate your coding process with advanced real-time suggestions directly within your code.
  • Detects errors and provides guidance for seamless error correction.
  • Offers an opportunity to grasp coding concepts while working within the document.
  • Provide explanations and comments for a better understanding of the code.

Pricing Details: 

It offers a free plan to all users, and you can access paid plans starting at only $7 per month.

Tool Link: Explore Now

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4. Sourcegraph Cody 

It is an AI code generator that enhances your coding experience. It assists in searching for code locations and tracking updates across repositories.

Additionally, it offers context-aware answers using Sourcegraph’s code graph and LLM technology. Cody understands natural language instructions.

It benefits both seasoned developers and beginners. It makes coding more efficient and approachable, which is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

The Primary Features 

Here are the main features of Sourcegraph Cody:

  • Rapidly find code using function names, file names, or plain English descriptions.
  • Create code snippets or entire functions guided by your instructions.
  • Simplify intricate code structures or functions with clear explanations.
  • Detect and assist in resolving bugs within your codebase.

Pricing Details:

Cody offers free access for individual users, with customized Enterprise pricing options also accessible.

Tool Link: Explore Now

5. Tabnine 

Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that enhances developer productivity across multiple languages using neural networks trained on open-source code.

This AI code generator tool excels in complex coding situations, offering precise code completions and error detection. 

It proves the best and most effective tool for those developers who are seeking time savings, code quality enhancement, and cost reduction.

The Primary Features

Here are the main features of Tabnine:

  • Proficient code suggestions derived from an extensive repository of open-source code.
  • Detection of code issues with recommendations for potential fixes.
  • Assistance in optimizing code for improved clarity, performance, and maintainability.
  • Automatic creation of code documentation to facilitate comprehension and collaboration.

Pricing Details: 

Free plan accessible to individuals, and for those looking for more features, paid plans begin at $15 per month.

Tool Link: Explore Now

6. Codiga

Codiga is another of the best advanced static AI code generator tools, leveraging AI technology to enhance code quality, speed, and security. 

It thoroughly examines code, pinpointing potential errors, vulnerabilities, and other concerns. 

Codiga seamlessly integrates with various development environments, making it a versatile choice for developers seeking to improve their coding practices.

The Primary Features 

Here are the main features of Codiga:

  • Early error detection and correction through static code analysis.
  • Enhanced code quality and time savings with automated code reviews.
  • Improved efficiency with readily available code snippets for common tasks.

Pricing Details: 

There is a free plan offered, and for more advanced features, you can subscribe to paid plans starting at $14 per month.

Tool Link: Explore Now

7. CodeWP 

CodeWP is an artificial intelligence based, cloud-hosted WordPress code generator

It aims to streamline coding for WordPress developers of all proficiencies.

It swiftly produces valid code for tasks like crafting custom post types, building plugins, and enhancing core WordPress functions. 

You can simply describe their coding needs, and CodeWP delivers efficient, secure code to you that’s easily customizable. 

The Primary Features 

Here are the main features of CodeWP:

  • Employs AI to generate WordPress code automatically.
  • Accommodates various tasks, such as crafting custom post types and building plugins.
  • Offers a library of pre-tested code snippets for diverse scenarios.
  • Capable of producing code for WordPress core or popular plugins like WooCommerce, ACF, and page builders.

Pricing Details 

CodeWP offers a free plan to all users and has paid subscription options beginning at $12 per month.

Tool Link: Explore Now

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What Can AI Code Generator Tools Do? 

AI code generator tools are very helpful for individuals in programming which helps you to create your coding projects more efficiently. It offer a variety of capabilities, including:

1. Seamless integration with your preferred code editors, such as Visual Studio Code.

2. Generating full code snippets based on prompts or code comments.

3. Real-time auto-completion of code lines as you write.

4. Identifying and highlighting errors, bugs, and security vulnerabilities in your code.

5. Assist in adding explanatory comments to make your code more understandable and reference-friendly.


This post is written especially for those interested in coding and wanting to learn programming. Through this article, we have told you about seven such AI code generator tools that can help you learn coding. These tools are beneficial, especially for those who have just started coding. We hope that this article will be informative for you. Please share it with your friends also.

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