Best Apps To Hide Applications On Android Phones

Hide Applications on Android

We can do almost anything on our phones, from taking amazing images to watching full-length movies. We need privacy, away from prying eyes like those of nosy neighbors or inquisitive young children.

Today, apps are the most downloaded material on smartphones, often including sensitive data that should not be shared openly. Here are the eight Best apps to hide applications, on Android. Users who wish to keep their private content from prying eyes.

How to hide Applications on Android Phones?

You can hide apps on your Android smartphone without downloading extra software if you have a Samsung, LG, or Xiaomi handset.

Users may accomplish this by adjusting the permissions for each app in their device’s settings. This feature is available on Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi Android smartphones.

Samsung and Huawei phones already have built-in utilities called Secure Folder and PrivateSpace, respectively, that allow users to conceal applications without installing third-party software.

You will need to invest in specialized software to conceal applications in a method different from what is provided by Android.

These components are essential to the functioning of the whole. You may modify the presently displayed applications by renaming or hiding their icons and names using these features.

You have two options here. To evade detection, some hidden apps may take on the appearance of more common tools like calculators or calendars.

Hide It Pro App

The Hide it Pro is best apps to hide applications in your Android. Existing apps may be easily concealed using this function.

Only the necessary safeguards for future usage need to be configured during installation. Afterward, you may use a password or PIN to keep unauthorized users from your account.

It’s now much simpler to conceal information and files, even if you have administrative privileges. You should fully understand how root access works before attempting to utilize it.

You may confidently use it to conceal sensitive information like images and videos.

The App Hider

It’s a fantastic tool for keeping other programs hidden and compatible with popular services like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

It’s convenient since it simplifies account management by allowing you to access many services from the same device.

The App Hider might be concealed by disguising it as a calculator or obfuscating media files.

Putting an app in the software Hider and then uninstalling it from the Home system is one way to keep it out of sight. The App Hider allows you to disable notifications in the settings menu.

DU Privacy Vault App

This utility was made for Android users to let them conceal their applications. Anything from a letter to an entire hard disk may be encrypted using its many capabilities.

Using this utility, you may prevent others from accessing your private applications by locking or hiding them.

Data such as text, audio, and video might be concealed. Add an extra layer of protection by giving everything a password.

Altering the password is an option as well. Passcode and Pattern Lock are viable options for creating a password.

If you’d like, your phone calls may be concealed. The Break-in Alert function will notify you immediately if your account is breached. The individual is also photographed at this

App Icon Hider Application

This app allows you to conceal applications from the application drawer of your mobile device.

You may get this application from Google Play for free. You may keep any app secret from the whole world with this utility

The minimum required version of Android 4. The size of your phone will not increase if you use App Icon Hider to conceal your applications.

It has a straightforward GUI that makes it simple to use. You must know the password, To access the secret software.

You may also alter the password. Simply selecting or deselecting the checkbox will reveal or conceal the corresponding program.

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Parallel Space

Parallel App is another best option; choose the app you want to hide, and hit the “Add to Parallel Space” button.

Select the app once again when you reach the Start Page, provide it with the rights it needs to function autonomously, and create an account inside the app.

All that is required to access your account is a login. You won’t be able to access the app straight from the home screen. Furthermore, it will function flawlessly and be ready for immediate usage.

Calculator Hide App

If you input your PIN, it will be more difficult for anybody who doesn’t know it to use the system. They are now forbidden to enter the establishment.

The app’s login page will require you to input a personal identification number(PIN).

The icon will now include “Dual” to indicate that you have duplicated the app on your device.

C launcher: DIY Themes, Hide App

It’s a great launcher since it allows you to hide your applications. It has 4.3 stars on Google Play, which says all you need to know.

You can get this software from the Google Play Store for nothing and get it up quickly.

When you’re done, you may hide the window by using the action (Zoom In). The number of applications you choose to hide from this screen is unlimited.

This application’s ability to avoid app duplication is a major selling point. You can keep using the original application without worrying about losing data.

It has other features too. Which provides themes customization, Automatic unread notifications and widget launcher.


Users like small children may need Android applications hidden from them. Several methods exist for hiding apps on an Android device.

You should use a security app to protect your phone from viruses, spyware, and other security risks. Protecting company data from prying eyes is a top priority for the same reason.

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