Apple Gives Siri An Update With Generative AI in iOS 18: According To Report

Apple Gives Siri An Update With Generative AI in iOS 18

Rumors have been circulating regarding Apple potentially revealing iOS 18 at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which makes Apple fans excited. The spotlight of this update is expected to shine on generative AI, which signifies a notable shift in Apple’s approach to artificial intelligence.

Transforming Siri With Apple’s Exclusive Large Language Models

One of the most exciting prospects of iOS 18 is a significant facelift for Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Speculations suggest that Siri might be powered by Apple’s proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), potentially named AppleGPT. 

This move places Apple in competition with rivals like Google and Samsung, who have already embraced AI in their smartphones. Apple’s journey into AI has been marked by a meticulous approach, with the company perfecting its technology behind the scenes. 

Morgan Stanley analysts predict that the upcoming Siri update will harness the power of generative AI. According to Igor Jablokov, CEO of AI Pryon, Apple waits for the right technological confluence before moving, aiming to offer top-tier representations of cutting-edge technology.

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Strategic Moves: Cloud-Based AI and On-Device Technology

The Financial Times report highlights Apple’s strategic steps towards integrating AI more deeply into its ecosystem. Analyst Jeff Pu hints at the introduction of generative AI to iPhones and iPads by late 2024. 

To support this initiative, Apple is reportedly in the process of constructing around 100 AI servers in 2024, signalling a shift towards cloud-based AI. Simultaneously, the company is working on ‘edge AI,’ an on-device AI technology.

The investment in cloud-based AI servers indicates Apple’s commitment to leveraging the power of remote servers for advanced AI capabilities. This move aligns with the industry trend, where cloud-based solutions provide the computational resources necessary for complex AI tasks.

Potential Applications Across The Apple Ecosystem

Beyond Siri, Apple envisions integrating AI enhancements across various applications within its ecosystem. For music lovers, there’s anticipation for auto-generated playlists on Apple Music, offering a personalized and dynamic listening experience. Productivity apps like Keynote and Pages might see the introduction of features such as automatic slide deck generation and streamlining content creation.

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Not stopping there, Apple is reportedly exploring ways to incorporate generative AI into AppleCare, aiming to enhance customer support services. This could revolutionize how users interact with Apple’s support systems, potentially leading to more efficient issue resolution and a better overall customer experience.

Wrapping Up

Apple’s rumored iOS 18 update is not just about a new operating system; it’s a strategic move into AI. With a focus on generative AI, cloud-based solutions, and on-device technology, Apple aims to redefine the capabilities of its products, offering users a more intelligent and seamless experience across the board. 

As the tech world eagerly awaits WWDC, all eyes are on Apple’s potential unveiling of iOS 18 and the transformative impact it could have on the future of AI in their ecosystem.

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