No YouTube, Spotify, Or Netflix Apps For Apple Vision Pro: Report

No YouTube, Spotify, Or Netflix Apps For Apple Vision Pro: Report

Google’s YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix have decided not to create dedicated apps for Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro. Instead, they recommend users access their content through a web browser on the device. 

This decision is expected to impact the availability of these popular streaming apps when the Vision Pro launches on February 2, priced at $3,499.

What’s The Reason Behind This? 

YouTube confirmed that it has no plans to develop a new app for the Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, YouTube’s longstanding iPad application won’t initially work on the device. The company suggests users turn to Safari on the Vision Pro to access YouTube. 

Similarly, Spotify is not planning a new app for the Vision Pro’s operating system, visionOS, and won’t enable its iPad app to run on the device. Despite this, Spotify is likely to remain accessible through a web browser.

Impact Of This On the Entertainment Ecosystem

While the Vision Pro will include access to Apple’s apps for music and podcasts, competitors like Spotify are choosing not to participate. 

Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube are some of the most popular streaming services, and their absence may affect the Vision Pro’s appeal as a platform for video, games, and entertainment. 

Although the companies haven’t ruled out supporting the device in the future, they currently have “no further plans to share.”

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Developer’s Dilemma 

Developers with iPad software in the regular App Store will automatically have their apps appear in the Vision Pro store unless they opt-out. Despite this seamless transition for other developers, YouTube and Spotify have decided not to take this route for now.

On the other hand, other entertainment apps such as Disney+, Max, Peacock, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video are still on board. Apple claims that the device will support over 1 million titles for the Vision Pro in the App Store.

Preorders And Potential Changes

Apple is set to begin preorders for the Vision Pro on Friday. However, it remains to be seen whether other critical apps like Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will be compatible at the device’s launch. 

While these apps aren’t currently set to work on the Vision Pro, developers might make changes or release dedicated versions for visionOS in the future.

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Apple’s Vision Pro In Other Sectors

Apple’s executive in charge of the Vision Pro shared that health care, technician training, and education are expected to become key areas for the product. The company is also exploring corporate applications for the device. 

Despite the setbacks with major entertainment apps, Apple aims to position the Vision Pro as a versatile tool with applications beyond consumer entertainment.

Wrapping Up

YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix’s decision not to develop dedicated apps for the Apple Vision Pro might impact the device’s initial entertainment offerings.

However, Apple is optimistic about the Vision Pro’s potential in various sectors beyond consumer entertainment. The preorders for the device, priced at $3,499, begin this Friday.

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