Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Which Is The Best Flagship Smartphone Of 2024?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

Explore the battle of 2024’s top flagship smartphones in this comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, with its impressive AI features showcased at the Galaxy AI event, has garnered significant attention. 

In this post, we’ll delve into a detailed analysis of both the smartphones, such as design, camera and performance, to determine which stands out as the superior choice.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Specifications Comparison 

Comparison 1: Display And Design.

Comparing the display and design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max: 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a larger 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a 3120 x 1440 pixels resolution and a fast 120Hz refresh rate. It has a flat display, protected by Corning Gorilla Armor, offering a peak brightness of 2,500 nits. 

On the other hand, The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a slightly smaller 6.7-inch LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED display with a lower resolution of 1290 x 2796 pixels. Its peak brightness is 2,000 nits, and it has a 120Hz refresh rate and Ceramic Shield protection. 

Both phones have an IP68 water resistance rating, but their designs differ. Both phones retain the look of their predecessors, and both are relatively heavy, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra weighing 232 grams and the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighing 221 grams. 

In terms of display specifications, the Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out with a larger, higher-resolution screen and better outdoor visibility.

Comparison 2: Cameras.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a powerful quad-camera setup, leading with a massive 200MP primary camera supported by OIS and F 1.7 aperture. Its dual telephoto system includes a 50MP quad-pixel autofocus sensor with 5x optical zoom and a 10MP sensor with 3x optical zoom. 

Adding a 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor and a 12MP front camera, the S24 Ultra is camera-packed. 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a triple rear camera and a 12 MP single selfie camera. The triple rear camera setup features a 48MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom. 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out in the camera because of its advanced features like Nightography zoom, AI multi-frame processing, and super-resolution. 

For videos, Galaxy S24 Ultra supports 100x Space Zoom and 8K recording at 60 FPS, surpassing the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 4K recording at 60 FPS and 10-bit HDR, providing a clear edge for both photos and videos.

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Comparison 3: Performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip featuring a 4nm ARM-based design with high-performance cores reaching up to 3.3GHz.

As compared to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, The iPhone 15 Pro Max runs on Apple’s A17 Pro chip, based on a 3nm architecture and using custom ARM-based cores. 

ChipsetsSnapdragon 8 Gen 3 Apple A17 Pro 
Geekbench 6 (Single-core)23292926
Geekbench 6 (Multi-core)75267237

Despite Apple’s history of leading in performance, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 comes remarkably close, being just 3% slower in single-core speed. 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra even surpasses the iPhone in multi-core performance, as reflected in Geekbench 6 scores. While the A17 Pro remains slightly more efficient and faster in single-core tasks, both smartphones deliver impressive overall performance. 

The competition highlights the advancements in both Snapdragon and Apple chip technologies, which makes them top contenders in the smartphone performance arena.

Comparison 4: Battery And Charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has the same 5,000mAh battery as the previous model, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a slightly smaller 4,441mAh battery. 

Charging speeds are similar for both smartphones, As the  Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers up to 45W fast charging, and the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max has a maximum of 30W. 

It’s a bit of a draw, considering the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a larger battery, but it also has a more power-hungry processor that affects battery life. 

The new processor has fewer power-efficient cores, meaning it uses more power. In everyday use, both phones are expected to provide similar screen-on time, as the larger battery of the Galaxy is balanced by its more demanding processor.

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Comparison 5: Connectivity.

In terms of connectivity, both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max provide essential features for daily use. The S24 Ultra includes a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 1 port, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 7. 

On the other hand, The iPhone 15 Pro Max also features a USB Type-C port with a more advanced 3.2 Gen 2 and Bluetooth 5.3. 

Notably, the S24 Ultra’s Gen 1 port is considered slightly outdated, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max opts for WiFi 6E, which gives a slower speed than the S24 Ultra’s WiFi 7.

It’s a balanced comparison, with each device having its advantages and drawbacks. 

Apple’s move to adopt a Type-C port, abandoning the lightning port, provides iPhones with a newfound advantage, particularly in addressing a significant hurdle for Android users contemplating a shift to iOS.

Comparison 6: Software Updates.

Google’s Pixel 8 series made headlines last year with an impressive commitment: 7 years of software updates. Now, Samsung is stepping up with a similar update for its Galaxy S24 series. 

In particular, the Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a long 7-year support period that includes both significant OS updates and crucial security improvements. While iPhones have long been revered for their sustained software support. 

This extended commitment from premium Android flagships, like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, adds significant value to investing in such top-tier devices. 

This shift underscores the growing importance of enduring software updates in the decision-making process for consumers eyeing ultra-flagship smartphones.

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is making waves by nearly matching the latest iPhone in raw performance, a rare feat in recent years. Beyond impressive specs, the phone stands out with a slew of user-friendly AI features, like live call translation, AI note assist, and Nightography Zoom. 

It offers a true next-gen premium Android experience, enhanced by the excellent OneUI. The camera prowess surpasses even the highly regarded iPhone, and Samsung’s commitment to 7 years of software updates gives it an edge. 

Yet, the looming iPhone 16 series hints at a competitive future. Ultimately, your choice between these top-tier smartphones depends on your preferences, but both promise to exceed expectations.

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