Samsung Secure Folder: How To Set Up And Use It?

Samsung secure folder

Nowadays, our phones store a lot of private stuff, like work files, photos, and bank details. But if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy phone, you have additional security for all your essential documents and other private things. 

The Samsung Secure Folder is like a secret vault on your phone where you can keep all your sensitive stuff safe. Only you can get into it using a PIN or your fingerprint. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the Samsung Secure Folder and how to set it up on your Samsung Galaxy device. So, if you want to keep your confidential stuff private and secure, this is the way to do it.

What Is A Secure Folder?

A Secure Folder is like a super safe place on Samsung phones and tablets where you can keep your private stuff protected. It’s kind of like a digital locker that hides your photos, videos, apps, and other important things from anyone snooping around. 

This particular folder uses something called Samsung Knox to keep everything locked up. You can even add a password or PIN or use your fingerprint to ensure only you can get in. It works on most Samsung devices running Android 7.0 or newer. 

You can also put apps and important documents inside this folder to keep them separate from the regular ones, adding an extra layer of security. Overall, it’s a great way to keep your personal stuff safe and secure from prying eyes.

What Are The Reasons For Using The Samsung Secure Folder?

1. Samsung Secure Folder is ideal for individuals seeking to keep personal and work-related data separate on their phones.

2. It offers a convenient way to store sensitive information within a designated, password-protected space.

3. Users can access their Secure Folder by unlocking it with a passcode or biometric authentication.

4. For parents, Secure Folder serves as a tool for implementing parental controls on their devices.

5. Parents can grant children access to specific apps while restricting access to others, safeguarding essential data from accidental deletion.

6. It provides a secure environment for storing confidential files, documents, and apps, ensuring privacy and security.

7. Secure Folder enhances device security by offering an encrypted space for sensitive information, protecting it from unauthorized access.

8. It allows users to maintain a clear separation between personal and professional data, promoting organization and efficiency.

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How Do You Set Up A Samsung Secure Folder?

To initiate the Samsung Secure Folder, there’s no need for separate downloads like vault apps; simply activate it to start securing your files.

Here’s the stepwise process to set up a Samsung Secure Folder:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.

Step 2: Look for options like “Lock screen and security” or “Biometrics and security” and tap on it.

Step 3: Then, find and tap on “Secure Folder.”

Step 4:  If you don’t have a Samsung account, you’ll need to create one. Otherwise, sign in with your existing account.

Step 5: Choose how you want to lock your Secure Folder. You can pick from options like drawing a pattern, setting a PIN, or using a password.

Step 6: Make sure this lock method is different from the one you use to unlock your phone for added security.

Step 7: Follow the prompts to set up your chosen lock method. For example, if you pick a pattern, draw it on the screen.

Step 8: If you want to use a biometric option like your fingerprint, you’ll still need to set up a pattern, PIN, or password as a backup.

Step 9: Once your lock method is set up, you’ll see a shortcut to the Secure Folder on your Home screen and Apps screen.

How Do You Use A Samsung Secure Folder?

Samsung Secure Folder is like a secret vault on your phone where you can keep things safe. Here’s how to use it:

1. Open Secure Folder: Tap its icon on your Home or Apps screen. You might need to unlock it with your chosen method, like a PIN or fingerprint.

2. Add Apps: Inside Secure Folder, tap the plus button at the top, then choose the apps you want to hide. You can even download new apps just for Secure Folder.

3. Add Files: You can also hide files, like photos or documents, in Secure Folder. Open the app, tap the three dots, choose “Add files,” then pick what you want to hide.

4. From Samsung Apps: If you’re using a Samsung app, like Gallery for photos, you can hide things directly from there. Just open the app, select the item you want to hide, tap the three dots, and choose “Move to Secure Folder.”

That’s it! Now your stuff is tucked away safely where only you can access it.

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How To Enhance The Privacy Of Samsung Secure Folder? 

To enhance the privacy of your Samsung Secure Folder, you have several options at your disposal. 

Option 1: 

Firstly, you can remove the Secure Folder icon from your app drawer, making it less conspicuous. 

To do this, open the Secure Folder app, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, select “Settings,” and then toggle off the “Add Secure Folder to Apps screen” option. 

This action removes the Secure Folder icon from the app drawer, necessitating access through Settings instead.

Option 2: 

You can also disguise the Secure Folder to make it less recognizable. Within the Secure Folder app, tap the menu button (the three dots in the upper-right corner) and select “Customize.” 

Here, you can rename the Secure Folder, change the icon’s color, and alter its image. 

That’s all. By doing these, you can make the Secure Folder appear as a different app, reducing the suspicion risk from others. 

These techniques can help to enhance the secrecy of your Secure Folder, safeguarding your sensitive data from unwanted access or scrutiny. These simple adjustments provide an added layer of security and privacy, ensuring your personal information remains protected on your Samsung device.

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Samsung Secure Folder keeps your private data safe. You can hide it by removing the app icon. To access it, swipe down and tap the Secure Folder symbol in the notification panel. 

I hope you liked this article. Now that you understand the basics, stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make the most of Samsung Secure Folder. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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