What Is Showtime Anytime? Get It On Various Devices

What is Showtime anytime

Showtime is a streaming service in the United States that provides two streaming options. The first is Showtime Streaming Service, and the second is Showtime Anytime. Both platforms allow access to movies, live TV, exclusive series, and more.

Understand about both of these services and their features. Learn how to activate and use the showtime streaming services. So, let’s move to our guideā€¦

What Is Showtime Anytime?

Showtime Anytime is an American premium TV channel’s streaming service. It’s accessible through their website or supported apps.

If you subscribe to Showtime via cable or satellite TV providers like U-verse, DirecTV, Spectrum, and more. 

It is included with your cable/satellite subscription. Showtime Anytime allows offline downloads, creating favorites lists, seamless device switching, and is compatible with various streaming and mobile platforms. Notably, it’s not offered as a standalone streaming option.

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How Do I Activate Showtime Anytime?

To activate Showtime Anytime for streaming, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: If you’re subscribed to Showtime through a participating provider, you can start using Showtime Anytime. Add the Showtime Anytime app to your streaming device (like Roku or Fire TV) or mobile device.

Step 2: You can find links to download the Showtime Anytime apps on the official Showtime website.

Step 3: Open the Showtime Anytime app and use your TV provider’s username and password to log in. This will generate an activation code.

Step 4: Visit the Showtime Anytime activation page using a web browser and enter the activation code you received from the app. This will grant you access to watch Showtime on your streaming device or mobile app.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can watch Showtime Anytime by logging in to the Showtime Anytime webpage using your TV provider credentials.

That’s it! Now, you’ll be able to activate and enjoy Showtime Anytime on your preferred devices.

What Is the Showtime Streaming Service?

The Showtime streaming service, known simply as Showtime, allows you to access a range of content without needing a cable or satellite TV package.

For a monthly fee (typically $10.99 with a 7-day trial), you can enjoy a variety of movies and original shows. 

This service is accessible to anyone with a reliable internet connection and a compatible device such as Amazon, Android, Apple TV, and Roku.

Additionally, streaming and offline viewing are possible, offering flexibility in how you enjoy Showtime’s offerings.

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Sign Up For Showtime Streaming Service

Do you also want to begin watching Showtime immediately? Then, quickly sign up for the Showtime streaming service.

The most efficient method is to complete the process directly on your preferred streaming device.

Regardless of the device or approach you choose to establish your Showtime streaming service account, you can access it on any device using your designated username and password.

For a seamless experience, add the Showtime Anytime app or channel to your streaming devices, such as Roku or Fire Stick, as well as your mobile device. 

Search for “Showtime” on your respective app store or channel store, and incorporate it into your device.

Afterwards, launch the app and adhere to the onscreen instructions to initiate a free trial and create your Showtime account.

To avoid any issues, ensure that you download the primary Showtime app rather than the Showtime Anytime app, as the latter necessitates a television provider subscription and won’t function independently.

How Do I Install Showtime Anytime On Various Devices?

Here, we’ve given the instructions for installing Showtime Anytime on various devices:


1. Open your Firestick Home screen.

2. Go to Find, then Search.

3. Search “Showtime Anytime” and select the app.

4. Click Get to install the app.

Apple TV

1. Access the App Store on your Apple TV.

2. Use the search icon to find “Showtime Anytime.”

3. Install the app from the search results.


1. On Roku’s Home Screen, choose Streaming Channels.

2. Look for Showtime Anytime or use Search Channels.

3. Add the channel, then launch it.

Android Smart TV

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your TV.

2. Search for Showtime Anytime and install it.

3. Open the app after installation.

LG Smart TV

1. Connect your LG TV to WiFi.

2. Open the LG Content Store from the home screen.

3. Search “Showtime Anytime” using the virtual keyboard.

4. Install the app from the search results.

Samsung Smart TV

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.

2. Click Apps on the home screen.

3. Search “Showtime Anytime” and install the app.

That’s all! These steps should help you get Showtime Anytime on any of your devices.


The website Showtimeanytime.com/activate enables users to activate Showtime Anytime on their Smart TVs or streaming devices using a unique activation code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Showtime Anytime included with Amazon Prime for free?

Ans: If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you may already know that Showtime is not part of its standard channel lineup.

Q. Is the Showtime trial free?

Ans: Absolutely; Showtime provides a 30-day complimentary trial to new subscribers.

Q. Can Showtime be accessed internationally?

Ans: Unfortunately, the Showtime streaming service is limited to the United States and its territories.

Q. What is the cost of Showtime Anytime?

Ans: Showtime offers two subscription options: a monthly plan priced at $10.99 after the trial period and an annual plan.

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