7 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators for Android

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators


The Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators is widely regarded as one of the most beloved handheld gaming consoles ever created.

With the prevalence of Android smartphones in the market today, it is natural for Android users to have a keen interest in reliving their cherished GBA classics on their mobile devices.

Fortunately, thanks to the maturity of the Android platform, there exist several commendable Game Boy Advance Emulators for Android.

We have curated a list of the finest options available for you to enjoy your favorite GBA games on your Android phone.


Among the many accessible emulators, Nostalgia’s Gameboy Advance version stands out as a top pick.

There’s nothing particularly impressive about the UI, but it does its job. Because the Nostalgia family of emulators share a uniform user interface, you can dive right in without any learning curve.

Despite its uninspiring visuals, this GBA emulator is rather capable.

Nostalgia.GBA is built on mGBA, which is widely considered to be the best open-source Gameboy Advance emulator.

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John GBA

This is one of the most authentic GBA simulations when it comes to assuming complete control of the game.

The John GBA emulator includes a multitude of additional features, such as built-in secrets, acceleration buttons, SD card support, Dropbox support, and methods to enhance the rendering.

Using Dropbox’s support, you can synchronise and configure your saved game data in the cloud and access them from any Android device.

Particularly beneficial is the option to rapid forward the game by 16 times and to slow it down by 0.25 times.

The greatest feature of this GBA is its gratis variant, known as john GBA lite. Even though it is no longer actively developed, the John GBA lite distribution is still available.

John GBA can assume John GBA Lite data, enabling you to pick up where you left off.

Retro Arc

If you want to run many emulators without any issues, Retro Arch is the one tool you need.

This Android Game Boy Advance emulator boasts a smooth and complete gameplay experience, but it does so at the expense of certain fundamental components.

It supports installing many emulators for each platform using the liberto developer interface. The result is a unified platform on which you may access the vast majority of GDA titles.

What sets it apart and makes it popular with its users is the fact that it is an open-source platform. Note, nevertheless, that’s it lacks the advanced features of paid emulators.

Retro Arch is your best friend if you choose ease of use above having all the bells and whistles.

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GBA Pizza Boy

Want to play Game Boy Advance games without any compatibility concerns on your Android device? Pizza Boy GBA has a lot of cool stuff you’ll love. It brags about its superior speed, accurate emulation, and crisp video and audio.

Moreover, it comes with a wide variety of interchangeable skins, so you can change things up every time you play your favourite GBA games.

This fantastic GBA emulator ensures that you will never be without anything to do while using your Android device.

But keep in mind that Pizza Boy GBA may only be played with GBA ROMs. The full set of functions is only available in the premium edition.


mGBA for Android is yet another very effective GBA emulator, enjoying huge success as of late.

Many players choose it because of the wide variety of games it can run and the ease with which it can be used. mGBA Android doesn’t bog down your phone and is quick to load, lightweight, and simple to install.

Using this emulator, you may take use of fantastic tools like in-game hacks and instant game saves. However, professional gamers will find the absence of additional features to be a deal breaker.

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For Android users, VGBAnext is not only a top-tier GBA emulator, but also a Game Boy Colour, Game Boy, NES, Famicon, DiskSystem, and VS System simulator. This venue is perfect for performing obscure music.

But the actual reason to install VGBAnext is all the extra GBA hardware it provides.

The application may simulate rumble packs, light weapons, and tilt sensors.

In addition, you may alter the appearance of the game’s skin in a variety of ways to make it more in line with your preferences.


Lemuroid is a comprehensive emulation solution that allows you to play games from a wide variety of consoles (including the Gameboy Advance) on your Android device, from the venerable Atari 2600 to cutting-edge systems like the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition, Lemuroid allows you to sync your saved games to the cloud, use controllers, and adjust the size and placement of the touch controls to your liking.

Additionally, it is compatible with zipped ROMs and supports local multiplayer via the use of several controllers on a single device.

Finally, Lemuroid doesn’t even have any ads, and it’s completely free.

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