How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer? 3 Easy Methods

How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer

Unlocking an iPhone passcode without a computer is straightforward and doesn’t require technical expertise. If your iPhone’s fingerprint or Face ID fails and you forget the passcode, there’s no need to connect to a computer and use iTunes. There are several uncomplicated methods available which you can use.

In this guide, we’ll outline a few effortless methods on how to unlock iPhone passcodes without computer assistance. Just follow the simple process given below. So, Let’s begin…

Here Are The Methods On How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer 

Method 1: Using Siri To Bypass iPhone Passcode When Forgotten

The voice assistant on Apple devices, known as Siri, provides an exclusive method to possibly access your iPhone in case you have forgotten your passcode. 

Similar to Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri allows you to interact with your iPhone without using your hands by using voice commands.

This method takes advantage of certain bugs in Siri’s functionality and is applicable to specific iOS versions. Here are the steps given below:

Step 1. Activate the Siri: Press and hold the home button on your locked iPhone and say ‘Hey Siri’ to wake her up.

Step 2. Ask a Trick Question: Pose a question like “Siri, what time is it?” or “Siri, what’s the time in Canada?” to trigger Siri to open the World Clock widget on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step 3. Utilize the Widget: Tap on the world clock icon and then tap the + icon in the top right corner to add the clock feature to the display.

Step 4. Share the New Clock: When you add a new clock, you’ll have the option to share it. Click on the share button and select the Message option. You don’t need to write a message; simply add something random in the ‘To’ field.

Step 5. Add Siri as a Contact: Tap on the new or + icon to create a new contact. Now, Siri will open the New Contact interface, where you can add details like a first name and photo.

Step 6. Access The Photo Library: Use this opportunity to add a photo from the photo library. Tap ‘Add Photo,’ and Siri will open the photo library. Select a photo.

Step 7. Return to Unlock Screen: Once the photo library is open, tap the home button or return button to return to the unlock screen and access the Settings icon.

Step 8. Update Credentials: With access to your settings, you can now update your credentials. This might involve setting up Face ID as an alternative to your passcode for unlocking your device.

Important Note: This method of unlocking your iPhone through Siri is a workaround rather than a universally reliable method. It may work for some users but only for others. Using this technique on devices that are not yours is considered unethical. 

Additionally, this method primarily applies to iPhones running iOS 8.0 to 10.1; later iPhone versions have reportedly fixed these vulnerabilities, rendering this trick ineffective.

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Method 2: Unlocking Your iPhone Passcode Using the “Erase iPhone” Option

If you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode, the easiest way to regain access is through the “Erase iPhone” feature introduced by Apple in iOS 15.2. This option becomes available after the seventh unsuccessful attempt to unlock your device. 

With this feature, you can reset your locked iPhone without needing a computer, provided you know your Apple ID and password. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Incorrectly enter your passcode at least seven times. 

Step 2: After this, you’ll encounter the “iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout” screen, along with the “Erase iPhone” option at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Tap on the “Erase iPhone” option.

Step 4: A screen displaying “Erase All Content & Settings” will appear. Tap “Erase iPhone” once more.

Step 5: You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password to sign out and initiate the erasure process.

Step 6: The factory reset begins, indicated by a white progress bar and the Apple icon.

Step 7: Your iPhone will automatically restart once the erasure process is complete.

It’s worth noting that this iPhone feature can behave somewhat inconsistently. 

When you’ve exhausted all your passcode attempts, the screen might display “Unavailable” with an Emergency and Erase option, or it might show “Security Lockout” with these options.

In some cases, it may just show “Unavailable” with no options at all. If this method doesn’t work for you, consider trying the next one.

Method 3: Unlock Your Disabled iPhone Without A Computer By Using Find My

Find My is a valuable Apple feature designed to help you locate your lost device using GPS. Over time, it has evolved to include the capability of remotely erasing your iPhone, thereby safeguarding your data even if you’ve forgotten your passcode.

Here’s how to use Find My to unlock your disabled iPhone:

Step 1: Open in a mobile or web browser.

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.

Step 3: After successfully logging in, click on Find My and re-enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In.

Step 4: Select your locked device from the “All Devices” section.

Step 5: Click on ‘Erase iPhone,’ and confirm by clicking ‘Erase’ again. You’ll need to enter your password to proceed.

Step 6: A verification code will be sent to your trusted device; input this code.

Step 7: Enter your mobile number and click Next > Done.

Step 8: iCloud will initiate the erasure process, and you’ll see the Apple logo with a white progress bar on your locked iPhone. After successful erasure, your iPhone will restart.

Step 9: Swipe up on the iPhone screen to begin the setup process.

Step 10: Your iPhone will display ‘iPhone locked to owner.’ Re-enter your Apple ID and password, and click Next. You can now create a new passcode.

While setting a new passcode, you’ll be prompted to choose a backup source for data restoration under the ‘App and data’ interface. 

If you have a backup made before your iPhone was locked, you can opt to restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup as needed.

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This comprehensive guide offers three distinct approaches to on how To Unlock iPhone Passcodes Without Computers. Simply select the method that suits your specific circumstances and follow the provided steps.

We hope you found this article informative and encourage you to share it with your friends. Stay connected for the latest tech updates and solutions to tech-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you unlock an iPhone without a laptop?

Ans: Yes, you can unlock your iPhone without a laptop by using the Erase iPhone option, Find My feature, or Siri.

Q. What should I do if my iPhone is locked?

Ans: To unlock your iPhone, press and hold the appropriate button for your iPhone model while connecting it to a computer.

Q. Is it possible to bypass the lock screen on an iPhone?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to bypass the iPhone lock screen without a passcode by using tools like iTunes or professional iPhone unlocking software.

Q. Is there a default passcode for iPhones?

Ans: No, there is no default passcode for iPhones. Users set their passwords. Two-factor authentication may require a six-digit code.

Q. Why does Apple ask for my iPhone passcode?

Ans: Apple requests your passcode when your iPhone restarts or undergoes a software update as an additional security measure.

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