Join The 9 Best Discord Servers For Fun

Best Discord Servers

Discord has millions of servers spanning various categories like gaming, socializing, and music. Joining servers involves invitations or accessing public ones—platforms like and list public Discord servers categorized by interest.

Utilize Discord’s “Explore Public Servers” tool to discover new communities. This article has compiled a list of the top 09 best Discord servers, ideal for making friends and having fun.


Here Are 10 Of The Best Discord Servers To Join

1. Genshin Impact Official

This is the Discord server for Genshin Impact, among the most considerable servers on Discord. The server has reached its maximum audience of 800,000 members.

If the server is at maximum capacity, you should attempt to join it after some time has passed. By joining this server, you will gain access to game announcements, updates, events, and other related content if you are a Genshin Impact player.

Discord Server Link: Join now

2. PlayRoom

This is a dating Discord server, among the largest servers in Discord. The server is highly bustling, with more than 6,000 people using it for communication on a daily basis and the total daily duration of voice calls reaching 60,000 minutes.

The feature includes infinite scrolling that displays profiles of both males and females, along with selfies and other content. In contrast to other dating servers, there is no requirement for verification to engage in chat.

Discord Server Link: Join now

3. /r/wallstreetbets

This is the official Discord server for the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. The subreddit defines itself as “Similar to what would happen if 4chan had access to a Bloomberg terminal”.

If you engage in trading or investing frequently, this server is ideal for you. There are various sections available, such as the primary conversation, trading, and cryptocurrency for the individual.

Discord Server Link: Join now

4. Study Together!

Nowadays, students often need clarification about their studies; they need help to show them the right way or motivate them. Study Together offers a constant virtual study environment, promoting productivity, motivation, and social connections.

Users can set goals, participate in study sessions, track stats, and celebrate accomplishments. Join this server today for collaborative and successful studying.

Discord Server Link:  Join now

5. Lofi Girl

Lofi Girl operates a music label and 24/7 radio-style live-streaming Discord server known for “beats to study/relax to.” They are prominent on various platforms, with over  8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Their Discord server serves as a hub for the lo-fi hip-hop community; it also offers discussions, friendship with global friends, relaxing music, and a great atmosphere.

Discord servers Link:  Join now

6. Instagram Engagement

Growing on Instagram is tough for newcomers, and for those joining the Instagram Engagement Discord server is the best solution. It features critical channels like “follow-4-follow,” “like-4-like,” and “comment-4-comment.”

Share your profile link in the “follow-4-follow” channel to boost followers and interaction. Connect with others by following their links and sending direct messages to mutual followers.

Discord Server Link: Join now

7. Crispy Discords

Crispy Discord serves as the endorsed server for YouTuber Crispy Concords, boasting 2 million subscribers.

Participation offers chances to appear in his videos, like the “If I Laugh, The Video Ends” series, where he resists laughing at memes from the server. Members can share memes, art, and self-promote under the “Media” section.

Discord Server Link: Join now

8. PewDiePie Floor Gang

PewDiePie’s official Discord server, Floor Gang, requires verification for chat access. It has over 110 million YouTube subscribers by late 2021; PewDiePie is a renowned channel.

To join the conversation, visit and follow instructions using Twitter, Steam, Google, or Reddit accounts. This system combats bots and spam effectively.

Discord Server Link: Join now

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9. SuppyColleen

SuppyColleen serves as the official Discord server for Twitch streamers like and

One streamer,, engages in interactive “Just Chatting” streams, involving activities like rating selfies, therapy sessions, and reading confessions. Participation requires joining their Discord community.

Discord Server Link: Join now


That’s it! We are done with our guide; hope you liked this post of ours. If you’ve found a server you like from the list, join to start chatting.

Specific servers might need verification to prevent bots and spam, like PewDiePie’s server, where you’ll verify via Twitter, Steam, or Reddit. Also, remember that the Discord servers aren’t ranked.

If your desired server is full, try joining later. You can check out this article if you want to create your own Discord Server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What was Discord’s original name?

Ans: Originally known as Hammer & Chisel, Discord was founded in 2011 by Jason Citron and Stan Vishevskiy.

Q. Who is considered the creator of Discord?

Ans: Peter Relan is often referred to as the Father of Discord.

Q. What functions does Discord serve?

Ans: Discord enables friends to communicate through one-on-one or group chats using servers. It supports direct messaging, video calls, voice chats, and screen sharing.

Q. What makes Discord so widely used?

Ans: Many people prefer Discord for its user-friendly nature, making initiating conversations and engaging with others easy.

Q. How large is Discord’s user base?

Ans: Discord, an online community platform offering video, voice, and text communication, has over 150 million monthly users aged 13 and above.

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