The Top 10 Best Messages Apps For Android You Must Try

The Top 10 Best Messages Apps For Android SMS App for Android

Text messaging is a widely used means of rapid communication all around the world. It offers swift and convenient interactions without interrupting your tasks, unlike phone calls. The best messages app for Android has become the preferred mode of communication for many.

In this post, we’ll delve into the best SMS app for Android, which makes it easy for you to choose the best option for your texting needs. Without any further delay, let’s get started…

Here Is The List Of Best Messages App For Android

1. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a messaging app that’s been around for a while. It started as one of the first and best apps for texting on your phone. It has updated its look to be more modern and added many useful features. 

These include emojis, the ability to block unwanted text messages, quick replies from notifications, sending multimedia messages (like pictures and videos), and group messaging. 

Chomp SMS also works with devices like Wear OS and Pushbullet, and it should be compatible with Link to Windows and Android Auto. It’s a good app for texting, but some people find the ads a bit bothersome.

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2. Google Messages

Google Message, formerly known as Android Messages, is a free texting app developed by Google. It offers a minimalist approach with light personalization organizational tools.

It has a capable search function for the users. The app follows the Material Design and Material You aesthetics, combining a sleek appearance with user-friendliness. 

It supports RCS messaging, a positive step for RCS enthusiasts. It is also available on a web version for texting on computers.

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3. SMS Organizer

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer, a “Garage project,” is the best and most well-maintained Android messaging app despite its unofficial status. 

It continuously adds new features, such as auto-generated reminders from SMS messages containing flight, bill, or movie details.

The app offers text backup, voice-based texting, and efficient filtering to prioritize unread messages. It’s a valuable choice for managing your SMS conversations on your Android device.

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4. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is an older and the best SMS app for Android. It’s a feature-rich app with things like different styles, private chat storage, emojis, and more. 

It has one interesting feature, which is Handcent Anywhere. This feature lets you send any of your texts from your computer or tablet. 

Sometimes, it might have issues, but it usually works fine. They offer a subscription, but you only need it if you want to save your messages using Handcent.

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5. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a special texting app that works like a regular text messaging app on your phone. But it also has a cool feature that lets you send texts from your computer, tablet, and other devices.

Pulse SMS can even work with phones that have two SIM cards. You can block unwanted phone numbers and save your messages. 

The basic texting part is free, but if you want to use it on your computer or save your messages online, you’ll need to pay for those extra features.

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6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a resource-heavy app with ads, but due to its widespread use, it’s often kept for connecting with friends and family. 

To make it more efficient, consider enabling SMS support, as it’ll help you to integrate well and doesn’t pose major issues.

This way, you can streamline your messaging needs and reduce the need for multiple apps despite Messenger’s shortcomings.

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QKSMS stands out for its simplicity and feature-rich design. It offers privacy tools like a deny list, Android Wear compatibility, and accessibility enhancements. 

QKSMS is an open-source messaging app. While its performance is decent, it prioritizes a streamlined user experience in contrast to resource-intensive alternatives. 

Notably, it’s entirely ad-free and provides optional in-app purchases, as well as the opportunity to support the developer through donations.

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8. Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS is known for its features, such as group chat support, scheduled message sending, and robust MMS functionality; it caters to various communication needs. 

The premium version offers SMS blacklisting, auto-responses, forwarding, and convenient settings backup for device transitions. 

You find some minor bugs in the app, but it doesn’t pose any major issues. If we’ve overlooked any noteworthy texting apps, please share your recommendations in the comments.

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9. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is an end-to-end encryption app prioritizing user security. It operates on a phone number basis and seamlessly sends texts if your contact lacks the app.

Sporting a user-friendly interface with Material Design aesthetics, it’s entirely free without in-app purchases. Notably, it’s open-source, accommodates group chats, and offers voice calling. 

Functioning as a versatile messaging tool, Signal combines data messaging and SMS support in one application, akin to Facebook Messenger.

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10. Textra

Textra SMS stands out as a dependable texting application, boasting both popularity and a sleek design. 

It offers a wide range of features, including customizable themes, a dark mode, floating notifications, delayed message sending, and convenient options like slide to delete. 

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Android Wear, Pushbullet, and MightyText. Most of its robust features can be accessed without cost, making it the best choice for SMS enthusiasts.

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Through this post, we’ve told you about some of the best top 10 SMS apps for Android. We hope that you will find the ideal choice from these given apps as per your needs. If you found this post useful, then share it with your friends. If you want more such guides, please leave your request in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What SMS app is recommended for Android users?

Ans: Google’s Messages app is a great choice for those seeking a simple experience. If you prefer customizations, Mood SMS is a good option, while Pulse SMS and Handcent Next SMS are suitable for users looking for more advanced features.

Q. Why is SMS a popular communication method?

Ans: SMS maintains its popularity due to its global accessibility and the universal understanding of its simple and direct communication style.

Q. Is SMS or WhatsApp a better and more secure option for messaging?

Ans: When it comes to sending notifications like one-time passwords (OTPs), WhatsApp is generally considered superior. WhatsApp offers enhanced security features, including end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, and automatic backups, making it the safer choice compared to traditional SMS.

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