Google Rolls Out New Notes Feature For Search Results

new notes features for search results
Image Credit: Google Search Labs

Google has rolled out a “Notes” feature on its Search app, which enables users to annotate web search results. This addition accompanies various other announcements from Google, providing users with enhanced functionality and interaction with search outcomes.

Users Can Add Annotations To Search Results Through “Notes”

Google now introduces a feature called “Notes” that allows users to add annotations to search results, creating a personal space for capturing thoughts and insights on specific topics. 

These notes are publicly visible, contributing a human perspective to search results. Google envisions this as a valuable layer of insights for users.

Unlike traditional private notes, these annotations are indexable on the open web, allowing users to share them directly via email links. To access this feature, users need to opt into it through Search Labs. 

Once enabled, buttons for adding and viewing notes will appear beneath search results and articles. Customization options include colorful fonts and images, enhancing the visual appeal of the notes. 

Additionally, users can explore notes added by others on any Google search page, fostering a sense of community insights.

The initial rollout is limited to users in the United States and India. Google is also considering ways to provide publishers with valuable insights derived from user notes on their content.

This feature represents a step toward a more interactive and community-driven approach to information sharing within the Google search experience.

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How Google’s “Notes” Feature Works? 

The Notes feature on Google facilitates a constructive exchange of ideas by implementing a moderation system. 

This system ensures that comments violating community guidelines, such as spam, offensive content, or illegal material, are promptly removed to maintain the feature’s integrity. 

Here’s how the Notes feature works: 

  • After performing a Google search, you may encounter a “Notes” button beneath certain results.
  • Click on the “Notes” button to access a panel where you can both read and leave comments regarding the web page.
  • You have the option to sign in with your Google account for personalized comments or leave anonymous comments.
  • Comments undergo moderation, and Google actively removes any content that falls under the categories of spam, offensive language, or illegal material.

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Google has introduced a new “Follow” feature alongside Notes, allowing users to keep tabs on specific search queries. This feature provides batched updates and notifications on relevant developments related to chosen topics.

Initially available in US English, the Follow feature can be accessed through the Google app, mobile Chrome, and Safari browsers.

Furthermore, Google has enhanced its “Perspectives” feature, integrating content from social media and forums into search results to offer a broader range of viewpoints. 

This will be accessible on desktop search in the US and will include additional information about individual creators, such as profile pictures and follower counts.

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