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Download Audio Books For Free you can listen books for free

Are you searching for sources to download audio books for free? Then, you’re in the right place. Explore a selection of the best websites that provide legal and completely free downloads of full-length audiobooks. We’ve extensively tested various platforms to identify the best options for downloading audio books at no cost. 

The sites listed in this post offer content either from the public domain or with explicit author permission, which ensures a legitimate and enjoyable experience for audiobook lovers. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

The Best Places To Download Audio Books For Free

Loyal Books

Loyal Books, formerly known as Books Should Be Free, offers a user-friendly platform for free audiobook downloads. 

Users can navigate through audiobooks by language and explore the top 100 or filter by genres like Children, Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery. 

You can listen on the website, download chapters as MP3s in a ZIP file, grab the entire audiobook as an M4B file for Apple devices or select specific chapters. 

Accessible via RSS reader and boasting a mobile app for iOS and Android, Loyal Books features public domain books, aligning with similar audiobook platforms.


  • Diverse language selections are available.
  • Simplifies the discovery of the top 100 audiobooks.
  • Organizes audiobooks into various genres.
  • Offers a vast selection with thousands of choices.


  • Limited sorting options.
  • Presence of numerous website advertisements., formerly Librophile, is one of the best platforms to download audiobooks for free; it streamlines access to public domain audiobooks. 

It offers the flexibility to download entire audiobooks, play excerpts, or engage with books as podcasts. 

A user-friendly interface facilitates exploration through trending and popular audiobooks, diverse genres, authors, and languages.

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Boasting a vast collection exceeding 100,000 items, the platform encompasses audiobooks and traditional eBooks. 

Its clean design ensures easy navigation, making the discovery of captivating content a seamless experience.


  • Audiobooks seamlessly integrate with iTunes, accessible as podcasts.
  • Diverse methods are available to discover complimentary audiobooks.
  • Rich selection encompassing both popular and obscure titles.
  • The wide array of languages and categories for varied preferences.


  • The collection size is relatively limited.


Discover a wealth of over 500,000 free audiobook downloads, from recent fiction to nonfiction bestsellers, through OverDrive.

These Audiobooks are accessible via your local library’s subscription. Simply use the Libby mobile app for convenient checkouts and returns. 

The user-friendly interface allows easy sorting by popularity and release date, with filters to refine results by language, publisher, or creator. 

Users can get the experience of the joy of audiobooks hassle-free, which ensures a delightful exploration of captivating narratives.


  • Access to free audiobooks from your nearby library.
  • Compatible with a wide array of libraries.
  • Enjoy audiobooks through the website or the app.
  • Provides complimentary samples of audiobooks.


  • Requires a library card from a supported library for access.


For Individuals who want to get the benefits of free audiobooks catering to children, Storynory stands as a prime destination for them. 

Its diverse collection encompasses original narratives, fairy tales, classics, educational content, and brief stories tailored for the youngest listeners.

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Accessible through downloads, direct streaming on the website, or Apple Podcasts, Storynory offers flexibility in consumption. 

While an iOS app is available, it comes at a cost. Immerse young minds in a world of engaging audio content through this expansive platform.


  • Ideal for children.
  • Text is included alongside the audiobook.
  • Regular release of new audiobooks.


  • Limited in comparison to the majority of other audiobook platforms.


LibriVox offers an extensive collection of volunteer-recorded audiobooks, which are freely accessible by title, author, genre, or language.

Users can listen to chapters individually on the website or download complete audiobooks in MP3, WMA, or AAC formats. 

It also has an advanced search tool that aids in finding books across genres and languages, which ensures completed works. 

Conveniently, LibriVox provides users with a mobile app for iOS and Android, which facilitates on-the-go streaming or downloading. 

The platform’s commitment to public domain literature is complemented by its user-friendly interface and diverse file format options.


  • Selective chapter listening without the need to download entire content.
  • Diverse methods for locating a particular title.
  • Access new audiobooks through podcast delivery.
  • Multilingual support for a global audience.
  • Compatibility with various mobile devices.


  • Lack of option to sort titles by popularity.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive offers an extensive collection of free audiobooks categorized by subject, keywords, or through the search function. 

Sorting by view count reveals popular titles like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, and Dracula.

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You can download audio books for free on this website and in various formats, such as MP3 or OGG, which are available for download. 

Notably, the MindWebs section within the Internet Archive features numerous classic sci-fi audiobooks, providing enthusiasts with diverse options.


  • Boasts an extensive collection of audiobooks.
  • Offers various sorting features to help you discover the ideal audiobook.
  • Provides convenient filters for downloading audiobooks based on specific criteria.
  • Presents multiple audio format choices during the download process.
  • Allows both bulk and individual chapter downloads.


  • Some audiobooks have unclear or misleading names, making them challenging to identify initially.
  • Limited availability of non-English audiobook downloads.

Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is the best platform for well-narrated stories for free, accompanied by convenient transcriptions on the same page for those who enjoy reading along. 

Immerse children in a world of mental stimulation with complimentary brain-challenging games designed to keep young minds active. 

Explore the fusion of entertainment and education, providing a delightful avenue for kids to enhance their cognitive skills. 

Light Up Your Brain offers a diverse range of content, fostering both auditory and cognitive development in an accessible and enjoyable manner.


  • The audiobooks cater to a younger audience.
  • A corresponding text version accompanies each audiobook.
  • The majority of audiobooks have a duration of less than 10 minutes.


  • It is not suitable for those seeking adult literature.
  • The website is inundated with advertisements.

Google Play

Explore Google Play Books for free audiobooks that seamlessly integrate with your account. Navigate to the provided link and discover complimentary options in both fiction and nonfiction. 

While the selection may be limited, these legal audiobooks are swiftly added to your account.

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Enjoy them conveniently through the Google Play Books website or the Android/iOS app.

For added flexibility, use the website to export audiobooks to M4A format for playback on other platforms. Enhance your collection effortlessly with these cost-free literary additions.


  • Simplistic approach with just two genres.
  • Ideal for users already familiar with Google Play Books.
  • Option to export in M4A format.


  • Limited collection is available.


In this article, we’ve told you about some of the best sources, with the help of which you can download audio books for free. All the platforms given by us are completely legal and allow you to download excellent audio books. Hope you liked this post, and share it with others also.

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