Explore The Top 12 Best Apple Vision Pro Apps In 2024

Explore The Top 10 Best Apple Vision Pro Apps In 2024

Discover the best Vision Pro apps for Apple’s Spatial Computer, which offers an enhanced mixed-reality experience to the users. Our list covers all the apps, from entertainment to essential tools. These native visionOS apps are designed specifically for the high-end headset, delivering immersive entertainment and productivity. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 12 Apple Vision Pro apps that will impress you on the Vision Pro platform and enhance your experience. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Vision Pro Apps Of 2024 

1. Jigspace

Apple Vision Pro Apps jigspace

Jigspace, an app Apple highlights for its high-end mixed reality headset, combines 3D elements, video, audio, and text for interactive presentations. This free Vision Pro app allows users to create engaging 3D product demos, enabling them to manipulate objects in a spatial context. 

Jigspace Vision Pro app is not just for entertainment; it emphasizes its value in education and business, providing a platform for creating and enhancing 3D models. This app is free to download and use without any in-app purchases.

2. Sky Guide

Apple Vision pro apps sky guide

Sky Guide is a top-rated app for exploring the night sky on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The Vision Pro edition takes stargazing to new heights by projecting stars, planets, and constellations on your room ceilings. 

The app offers an interactive celestial map with captivating illustrations, allowing you to choose different backdrops like the ocean, city, or mountains. It’s a use of Apple’s mixed-reality headset, which creates a great experience whether you’re a stargazer or just curious.

3. Super Fruit Ninja

Apple Vision pro apps Super Fruit Ninja

The extremely popular and loved Arcade title Fruit Ninja is one of the best games for Vision Pro that’s available right now. The classic Fruit Ninja gets a “Super” makeover so you can play it in your living room—experience slicing fruit on your Apple device with the magical eye and hand-tracking features.

You use your hands to slice the fruit and perform special moves like forming hands in a triangle or pushing bombs to a far wall. For a long time, users played Fruit Ninja on their mobile phones. Now, with Apple Vision Pro, slicing fruits becomes even more fun and immersive than ever before.

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4. Encounter Dinosaurs

Encounter Dinosaurs apple vision pro apps

Explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs with the Encounter Dinosaurs app by Apple Vision Pro. This free app allows users to interact with lifelike 3D dinosaurs that appear to emerge from their surroundings. 

Upon opening, a butterfly lands on your finger, followed by dinosaurs that react to your movements. Immerse yourself in a captivating experience as you encounter these prehistoric creatures in your own space, bringing the past to life uniquely and engagingly.

5. Bezel

Apple Vision pro apps Bezel

Introducing Bezel, a game-changing app for Apple Vision Pro. With Bezel, you can mirror your iPhone seamlessly in your surroundings, offering an immersive experience. It’s a must-have for Vision Pro users who frequently mirror their iPhone to other displays.

Place your iPhone virtually anywhere and explore apps and websites effortlessly on a life-sized canvas. Whether you’re on a conference call, previewing a site, or enjoying iOS-exclusive apps on a big screen, the Bezel app has a one-stop solution. 

6. What The Golf?

What the golf apple vision pro apps

What The Golf? It is a fantastic physics-based arcade game perfect for Vision Pro users. It’s tailored for visionOS, letting you set up golf courses in your surroundings. You aim to use a club, body, or other items to get the ball into the hole. 

To play this game, move around the course, find the right angle, and touch the virtual ball to pull it back like a pinball for your shot. While it may not be easy at first, you’ll enjoy this interesting Vision Pro game with practice.

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7. Juno

Juno apple vision pro apps

Juno is the best app for Vision Pro since Google didn’t make a YouTube app for it. Even though Google blocked the iPad app on Apple’s AR/VR headsets, Juno is here for you. It’s an unofficial YouTube app for Vision Pro, giving you a smooth experience with a powerful video player and easy controls.

It provides a great experience with a powerful video player, native controls, and cool features like resizing for a home theater feel. You can easily adjust speed, turn on captions, and share videos. Essentially, Juno is the go-to YouTube alternative for Vision Pro users.

10. Djay

 Apple vision pro apps djay

Explore the Apple Vision Pro app, Djay, for an immersive DJ experience. With hyper realistic 3D turntables in your space, you can effortlessly mix music by controlling buttons and knobs, even creating cool transitions with hand gestures.

This application is designed for beginners and pros; it lets you use its built-in library or import tracks from Apple Music. Impress your music-loving friends with this certified Vision Pro app that makes track creation and performance enjoyable for everyone.

11. Disney+

Apple Vision pro apps Disney +

The standout feature of Apple Vision Pro is its top-notch display with Spatial Audio support, promising an immersive entertainment experience akin to IMAX. The headset, tailored for your face and eyes, ensures unparalleled immersion. A major selling point is watching life-size shows and movies. 

Excitingly, Disney+ optimized its app for Vision Pro, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content in an immersive environment, making it a must-have for movie enthusiasts seeking awe-inspiring experiences.

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12. Complete HeartX

Apple Vision pro apps Complete HeartX

Complete HeartX stands out as an impressive Apple Vision Pro app, ideal for education and healthcare. It introduces interactive 3D models of the human heart, allowing users to explore its anatomy, physiology, and pathology in augmented reality. 

The app features realistic animations of blood-pumping accompanied by clear text descriptions. Users can even move around in 3D space for a more immersive learning experience. Complete HeartX is a valuable tool for health professionals and medical students, offering a practical alternative to traditional learning methods.


Here are 10 great Vision Pro apps to check out, covering entertainment, education, and many more. Whether you’ve embraced Vision Pro or not, these apps offer users a diverse range of experiences. Have you used Vision Pro? Share your app experiences in the comments below.

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