Empowering Presentations: Creating Impactful Slides with Lucidcharts

Slides created by Lucidcharts

Lucidcharts is a versatile tool that enables users to create visually compelling diagrams for data visualization, planning, and informed decision-making.

By leveraging the power of visuals, users can effectively assess their business performance, projects, processes, and teams.

Lucidchart offers a user-friendly interface, robust features, and strong security measures, making it an ideal choice for creating impactful diagrams. 

In this article, we will explore the process of creating impactful slides using Lucidcharts, emphasizing the significance of visual communication over plain text.

How To Create A Presentation With Lucidcharts

Lucidcharts offers a convenient presentation mode feature, enabling you to convert your documents into slide deck presentations easily.

Here, we will learn how to use presentation mode in Lucidcharts and provide you with step-by-step instructions to create visually appealing and professional slide presentations.

It is important to note that presentation mode is a premium feature available on Individual, Team, and Enterprise accounts.

If you want to access this feature, you can upgrade your account through pricing page or contact sales team for further assistance.

How To Access Presentation Mode 

To access the presentation mode panel of a document, Follow the instructions given below:

  • Click on the Presentation Builder icon, represented by the image “presentation-builder.png.”
  • Click on the “+ Add New Slide” option to add a new slide to your presentation. This will create a container around the slide’s contents within your canvas.
  • If you want to relocate the slide container within the canvas, hover over the slide until a four-pronged arrow appears, then click and drag the slide to the desired position.
  • For a convenient slide creation, you can utilize the Presentation Frame shape in the Standard shape library. Drag and drop this shape onto the canvas, and it will automatically generate a slide for you.

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How To Customize Presentation

To customize your presentation, Follow the instructions: 

  • You can change the aspect ratio of all slides by selecting the box in the top left corner of the Presentation Builder panel.
  • Adjust the transition duration by clicking the timer icon. 
  • Keep the slides visible on the canvas outside presentation mode by enabling “Always Show Slides.” 
  • Resize a slide by selecting its border and dragging it from any corner. 
  • Rearrange the order of your slides in the Presentation Builder panel by simply clicking and dragging them. 

These allow you to personalize your presentation according to your preferences.

How To Adjust Layer Visibility

To Adjust the visibility of a specific layer in a slide:

  • Choose a slide from the Presentation Builder panel.
  • Access the three-dot menu.
  • Opt for the option labeled “Visible Layers.”
  • Tick the checkbox next to the Layers you wish to make visible.
  • Save your changes by clicking the appropriate button.

Additional Tips For Customizing Your Presentation

Adjust Slide Transitions: In the Presentation Builder panel, you can hover over a slide and click on the three-dot menu.

From there, you can set a Transition Duration, which allows you to control the time interval between slides, giving you more control over the pacing of your presentation.

Add or Remove Slides: You can easily insert a new slide before or after the selected slide by accessing the three-dot menu while hovering over a slide.

This feature enables you to insert additional content or reorganize your presentation effortlessly.

Likewise, if you wish to remove a slide, you can do so through the same menu.

Highlight Shapes: To draw attention to specific shapes on your slide, you can select and highlight them.

This action will cause the highlighted shapes to stand out while blurring or de-emphasizing the shapes that are not highlighted.

This highlighting effect can be useful for focusing your audience’s attention on key elements or visual cues.

Remove Shape Highlights: If you remove the highlighting effect from the shapes, you can select and remove the highlights.

This action will revert the shapes to their original appearance without the emphasis or blur applied by the highlighting feature.

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How To Preview, Share, Or Export Your Slideshow

Once you have finished creating your slideshow, you can preview it by selecting the “Present slides” option at the bottom of the Presentation Builder panel or in the top right corner of your editor.

You can navigate through the slides using your arrow keys or clicking on the arrows at the top of the viewer.

If you want to share your presentation with other Lucidcharts users, click the “Share” button in the top right corner of your editor.

Then, add your intended audience as collaborators to the document, granting them “Can View” capabilities (unless you want them to have editing, commenting, or sharing permissions).

For sharing the presentation with individuals who don’t use Lucidcharts, you can publish it to a unique URL.

To export your slideshow to Google Slides, locate the “Send to Google Slides” option at the bottom of the presentation panel and click on it.


The lucidchart is a perfect platform for creating a professional presentation; you can make an excellent presentation by creating many attractive slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I modify the dimensions of my slides?

Ans: To adjust the dimensions of a slide, click on the slide number in the top left corner and then select the shape options (square) icon in the properties bar. You will find a lock icon highlighted in blue. Click on it to unlock the slide’s aspect ratio.

Q. Why do some shapes appear blurry on my slide?

Ans: If specific shapes on your slide are blurred while others are not, it indicates that the highlight selected shapes feature is active. This feature emphasizes selected shapes by highlighting them and blurring the unselected ones.

To remove the blurring effect, access the Presentation Builder panel, select the three-dot icon for the slide, and choose the option to remove selected shapes.

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