Apple’s Disappointing Decision Revealed New MacBook Air Leak

Apple's disappointing decision revealed in a new MacBook Air leak


How long have Apple fans been looking ahead to the 15-inch MacBook Air pop-out? I was hoping that the famous laptop might get larger and higher.

But a new Macbook Air Leak suggests that Apple’s most up-to-date product may not stay up to the hype. In truth, it can be one of the worst picks Apple has ever made.

Keep reading so you may additionally find the answers to all of your inquiries.

 There is a 2023 MacBook Air. On June 5, WWDC 2023, Apple introduced it. Its features include:

  • A larger 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display.
  • M2 CPU.
  • 18-hour battery life.
  • A six-speaker sound system.

It weighs 3.3 pounds and is 11.5mm thin. It’s nighttime, starlight, space gray, and silver. The initial price is $1,299 ($1,199 for education use), £1,399 (£1,289), or AU$ 2,1993.

News that disappoints fans of the MacBook Air

The announcement by Apple to stop producing the it. One of the first pieces of information to surface from the leaks.

This is a huge setback for lovers of the lightweight, elegant laptop, which has been popular since 2008. Users were hoping for a new MacBook Air with Apple’s M1 CPU but must search elsewhere.

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The M1 Chip Issues with Apple

The M1 processor in Apple’s most recent products, including the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini, has garnered overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

However, things are not going as well as expected when it comes to integrating the processor with this laptop.

According to several reports, the M1 chip does not work well with specific programs, which might result in system failures and other problems.

The Drawbacks of Termination

There are substantial drawbacks to the MacBook Air’s demise as well. One reason is that no other product can replace the void it creates in Apple’s product range.

People who sought a portable, lightweight notebook that wasn’t as pricey as the MacBook Pro frequently chose the MacBook Air.

Second, it puts many owners in the dark about their choices for making improvements or fixes to their current computers.

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Apple’s Reaction

Apple has not yet stated the breach, but observing how the business responds to the problem will be fascinating.

Many customers hope that Apple will either find a solution to the compatibility problems caused by the M1 processor or launch a new edition of the MacBook Air that addresses the flaws that led to the product’s termination.


Many Apple fans are disappointed that the new MacBook Air will have the M2 chip instead of the speculated M3 chip.

The new MacBook Air’s larger display, thinner design, and longer battery life may not be enough to justify its price and compete with rival computers.

By using the M2 chip, which was utilized in prior MacBook Air models, Apple may have wasted a chance to establish its laptop leadership. After reading this article

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the MacBook Air still on the market?

Ans: No, Apple no longer sells the MacBook Air.

Q. Which features distinguish the new MacBook Air? 

Ans: The new MacBook Air boasts an M2 CPU, a 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display, an 18-hour battery life, and six speakers. It weighs 3.3 pounds and is 11.5mm thin. It is nighttime, starlight, space gray, and silver.

Q. MacBook Air M1 chip compatibility issues?

Ans: The M1 chip may crash some apps, according to reports.

Q. What are current users of the MacBook Air supposed to do?

Ans: Owners of MacBook Airs have the option of purchasing another brand of laptop or waiting for Apple to release additional information regarding the situation.

Q. How easy is it to repair the new MacBook Air? 

Ans: According to iFixit, the new Macintosh Air is very difficult to repair, as it is packed with adhesive tape and tightly packed components that make battery removal and removing the logic board a tough challenge.

Q. How simple is it to fix a new MacBook Air? 

 Ans: The new MacBook Air is extremely difficult to repair since it is jam-packed with sticky tape and components packed so closely together that removing the battery and removing the logic board is a tremendous effort.

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