The Top 20 Best Discord Bots To Elevate Your Server Experience

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Discord is a leading chat platform in the gaming community, known for its user-friendly interface. If you have created your server, you know its extensive customization options. The ability to include the best Discord bots makes it even more exciting, which can significantly enhance your server’s capabilities. 

In this article, we’ve listed the 20 best Discord bots that will help elevate your server. These best bots for Discord not only help in efficient server management but also provide entertaining and valuable features.

Discover These 20 Best Bots For Discord Server

1. Tatsu

Tatsumaki is a highly proficient Discord bot favored by online game streamers. It offers a variety of commands for tasks such as moderation, setting up welcome messages, managing notifications, and a host of other features.

It provides a dedicated dashboard for adjusting bot settings. Furthermore, it enables users to conduct web searches, stay informed through RSS feeds, and perform various functions within the Discord platform.

2. ChatGPT

AI text generation has become popular in recent years and continuously improves. Discord bot creators have integrated ChatGPT, GPT4, Open Assistant, and GPT3 modules. Users can use these modules for text generation. 

By using /chat followed by a message and module selection, this Bot responds to various prompts. It’s a valuable tool for writers seeking creative ideas for their next project, making it a great addition to any Discord channel.

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3. Dank Memer

Dank Memer ranks among the top Discord Bots on, and it’s a well-deserved accolade. Offer a range of specialized meme commands with the help of which users can create memes swiftly and edit images. 

Dank Memer is one of the best Discord bots, which helps you to effortlessly generate over 100 meme variations using prefix commands, enhancing your Discord Server management experience.

4. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is one of the best Discord bots, offering versatile functionality for chat moderation and user engagement. It excels in kicking, banning, awarding ranks, conducting polls, and generating memes. 

Notably, it boasts a robust extension system, which allows you to access Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Reddit and create custom in-chat RSS feeds. This Bot is the best choice for enhancing your Discord server’s experience.

5. AI Image Generator

AI Image Generator, inspired by Midjourney, offers a cost-effective solution for turning text prompts into images. Users can create unique visuals, like a Capybara atop a Dragon, without a hefty price tag. 

However, due to free access, GPU processing delays may result in queue times. If you’re patient, this Bot provides an excellent image-generation experience without spending money.

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6. FreeStuff

FreeStuff is one of the valuable and best discord bots, which specializes in providing updates and notifications on free games. Once you add it to your server, the Bot will notify you whenever a paid game becomes free. 

The best part of this Bot is that it doesn’t inundate you with messages for games that are initially free to play. It’s the ultimate Discord bot for snagging great deals on games.

7. Mudae

Mudae is a prominent Discord Bot that anime enthusiasts and gamers should consider adding to their servers. With a vast collection of over 35,000 characters, including beloved waifus and husbandos from Manga.

Users can engage in multiplayer games like the waifu arena, catch Pok√©mon, and enjoy various word-based games. Mudae even offers an Anime quote auto-generation feature. 


YAGPDB is a robust Discord bot created by the same developer behind MEE6. It lets you set up feeds from various sources, including Reddit, and customize roles for tasks like moderation and reactions. 

Its Automatic Moderator can enforce rules with mutes, kicks, and bans. If you’re seeking a feature-rich and reliable Discord bot, try the YAGPDB; it won’t disappoint.

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9. Sesh

Discord lacks native scheduling and calendar management features, but you can enhance your server with Sesh, a dedicated calendar bot. Sesh allows flexible event creation in natural language. 

You can even integrate Google Calendar for added convenience. With support for polls, countdowns, recurring events, and customizable time zones, Sesh is the ideal calendar bot for Discord.

10. Jockie Music

Jockie Music is a top Discord music bot that offers music playback from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Soundcloud, and more. You can start playback using the “m!play” prefix followed by a keyword or a song link. 

It’s unique for allowing up to four instances in a server, ideal for group listening. Patreon members enjoy perks like 24/7 voice channel access and premium options. For lively Discord servers, adding Jockie Music ensures a continuous party vibe!


Epic RPG is a top Discord bot for engaging in text-based RPG adventures. It offers exciting battles, equipment trading, and over 15 dungeons to conquer to unlock new features.

If you’re new, type “rpg start” for a guide. Explore your profile inventory and embark on interactive quests. It also caters to hunting and adventures, making it a must-try game on Discord.

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12. Karuta

Karuta is an anime bot similar to Mudae, offering over 70,000 anime character cards for collection and trading, which helps you to create a thriving in-server economy. 

Unlike Mudae, Karuta excels with its active servers even during peak activity. You can collect, trade, and earn money with your cards, making it a must-try for anime character enthusiasts on Discord.

13. Dyno Bot

Setting up a new Discord server? Consider starting with Dyno as your first Bot for enhanced functionality. This feature-packed Bot offers a user-friendly dashboard for complete control, including auto-moderation, Mod logs, and anti-spam features. 

Dyno integrates Cleverbot, which provides Overwatch stats and Google search results and can stream music from YouTube. Upgrade your server’s capabilities with Dyno’s versatile features.

14. PokeMeow

PokeMeow has come to the top of the Discord bot, which offers a highly addictive Pokemon-catching experience. Play with friends, flaunt your Shinies, and discover unique Pokemon rarities. 

Earn PokeCoins by catching Pokemon to buy Pokeballs, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls. Users can engage in time-based quests, which uncover Pokemon within two hours for loot boxes and valuable items. 

15. TacoShack

TacoShack is a business-adventure game where you sell Tacos to grow your income. Improve your shack with upgrades to attract more customers. 

Use earnings for advertising, decorating, and enhancing the shack’s appeal. Engage inside hustles to boost income. If you enjoy economy Discord bots, TacoShack is a must-try.

16. Arcane

Arcane is a versatile Discord leveling Bot that assigns roles as members level up. It offers features like reaction roles, YouTube video notifications, and moderation tools. Arcane also provides server logging for member joins and leaves.

If you need a bot for server management, consider using Arcane. Arcane Premium offers extra benefits like customizable XP, extensive logging, unlimited reactions, and booster roles.

17. GameStats

GameStats is a Discord bot which simplifies sharing gaming stats and profiles with friends. To get started, use commands like “.gs profile” to create a profile and “.gs add uplay” to add a game account. 

You can discover supported game accounts with “.gs accounts.” It’s an easy way to track and share your gaming achievements.

18. Typical Bot

Typical Bot is a versatile and user-friendly bot. It equips you with moderation tools, allowing actions like soft bans, kicks, bans, and announcements on your server. 

Additionally, it offers entertaining features, mini-games, and music streaming from YouTube, granting you precise control over music permissions. This Bot can also provide cute pet pictures, jokes, and essential server information like Server ID and Channel ID.

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19. TriviaBot

Discord, known for voice chats and gaming discussions, offers the TriviaBot for endless community fun. This multiplayer trivia game features 3,000+ questions in 24 categories, spanning film, TV, sports, and more. 

You can use it with three commands: ‘trivia help’ to view commands, ‘trivia start’ to play, and ‘trivia categories’ to choose topics. It is a simple but engaging way to test your knowledge. 

20. Uzox

Uzox is a Discord music bot that allows you to play music with friends, offering premium features like music filters and lyrics at no subscription cost. It supports music sources like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch streams.

Uzox is known for its reliability and minimal downtimes. For added flexibility, you can join Uzox’s Patreon to access custom commands and up to 8 private bot instances, which is especially useful for large server owners with many active participants.


Discord bots have become a valuable addition to your chat environment, enhancing server functionality in numerous ways. If you manage a community, you no longer need to monitor your servers to maintain order constantly. 

While the mentioned bots are among the most widely used, there’s a bot available for virtually any function you can think of. If you think we still need to include any Discord bots, share your suggestions in the comments below.

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