What Is Midjourney AI? Comprehensive Guide To Using It

What Is Midjourney AI? Comprehensive Guide To Using It
Credit: Midjourney

Midjourney AI serves as your ultimate destination for effortlessly generating visual artwork. Discover the technical capabilities of this powerful generative AI tool. Here, we guide you in understanding its various applications, from introduction to becoming proficient with prompts. 

In this article, we’ll explore the creativity of this Artificial Intelligence tool and learn how to use midjourney to bring your imaginative images to life. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

Understanding What Is A Midjourney Ai?

Midjourney is a prime example of generative AI specializing in crafting images based on textual input. It has gained substantial popularity in the realm of AI art alongside peers like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion. 

Midjourney operates on a self-funded and closed-source basis, shrouding its inner workings in mystery. However, it heavily leverages machine learning technologies, particularly extensive language and diffusion models.

Its results are frequently astonishing, consistently impressive, and often exhibit a high degree of realism. Diverging from other AI art generators, Midjourney does not offer a free trial; instead, a subscription is a prerequisite for access. 

Users can get the benefits their standard plan is reasonably priced at $10 per month, making it a worthwhile investment considering its level of detail, realism, and creative potential.

Simple Steps On How To Use Midjourney? 

Follow the steps given below to get started with Midjourney: 

Step 1: If you don’t have a Discord account, sign up for a free one. You can use Discord on the web, mobile, or desktop.

Step 2: After setting up Discord, visit the Midjourney website and click “Join the Beta” or use the Discord invite link. This will grant you access to the Midjourney Discord server.

Step 3: Choose Your Midjourney Plan

Midjourney offers three subscription tiers with various benefits. Check the pricing details in the Midjourney documentation. To subscribe, use the /subscribe command in newcomer rooms.

Step 4: If you’re not ready to subscribe, you can create prompts in the newbie channels. 

Important Note: Keep in mind that these channels can get busy. Paid users can send prompts directly to the Midjourney Discord bot, while private image generation requires the Pro Plan subscription.

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How Do I Generate A Midjourney Image? 

To Initiate the image generation process on Midjourney, begin by visiting one of the newcomer channels within the Midjourney Discord server. 

These channels are typically labeled as “#newbies-” followed by a number, and there’s little difference between them, so don’t worry too much about which one to choose.

To create your prompt, you’ll use Discord commands. Start by typing “/” followed by “imagine” and then your desired prompt for Midjourney.

Typically, it takes approximately one minute for Midjourney to provide a response. When it does, you can expect the Midjourney bot to generate four images based on your prompt as the default output.

Please be aware that Midjourney no longer offers free usage except during specific promotional periods. To submit prompts, you’ll need to subscribe to their service.

How Do I Edit My Midjourney Images?

After Midjourney completes the image generation process, it provides you with various editing options to refine your images:

1. Upscaling with U buttons:

Utilize U buttons (U1-U4) to increase the image size and enhance its details. This results in a larger and more detailed version of the chosen image.

2. Creating variations with V buttons:

The V buttons (V1-V4) allow you to generate slight variations of the selected grid image. These variations maintain the overall style and composition of the original image.

3. Re-roll option 🔄:

You also have the choice to rerun the job, which essentially re-executes the initial prompt and generates a new grid of images.

That’s it; These options empower you to fine-tune and customize your Midjourney-generated images to your liking.

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How Do I Improve My Midjourney Prompts?

Options are added to a prompt as parameters alter how an image is generated. The Aspect Ratios of an image, the Midjourney Model Versions, the Upscaler being utilized, and many other things can all be changed via parameters.

Parameters are always added to the end of a prompt. You can add multiple parameters to each prompt.

What Are The Advanced Features Of Midjourney? 

Midjourney offers advanced features that allow users to enhance their prompts by incorporating images. These images can be used to modify a task’s composition, design, and color scheme. 

Users have the flexibility to use text prompts, image prompts, or a combination of both. To initiate an image prompt, simply input or paste the web address of the desired image after the “/imagine” Discord command. 

It’s important to note that the image URL must end with a .png, .gif, or .jpg extension to work effectively. If additional text and parameters are needed to complete the prompt, they should be added after specifying the image address.

Here are the guidelines for using image prompts:

  • Image prompts must start with the image web address.
  • For prompts to function, there must be either two images or one image along with text.
  • You must provide a direct link to an image hosted on the internet.
  • The image file should have one of the following extensions: .png, .gif, .webp, .jpg, or .jpeg.
  • To obtain an image URL in most browsers, right-click on an image and select ‘Copy Image Address.’

For a more streamlined image prompting process specially tailored for mobile users, Midjourney offers the “/blend” command.

How Do You Upload Your Generated Images? 

To upload generated images, it’s essential to have a direct image link with extensions like .png, .gif, .webp, .jpg, or .jpeg. 

But what if the image resides on your device? You must first share the image with the Midjourney bot to create a link in such instances. 

This link can then be used to include the image in your prompts or messages. 

It’s only a two step process let’s get started:

Step 1: Upload the image to the bot.

Step 2: Once you have the link, you can easily incorporate the image into your communication. 

That’s it; This ensures seamless integration of local images into your interactions with the bot.

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Midjourney simplifies the accessibility of creative artworks by using descriptive keywords and images. Starting with it is easier than one might imagine. This post provides you with simple resources on how to use midjourney and its prompt to start your exciting projects. Hope you liked this post; share it with your friends, also.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can I utilize Midjourney without Discord?

Ans: No, Midjourney’s functionality is tightly integrated with Discord, so Discord is necessary for using Midjourney effectively.

Q. Can Midjourney generate videos?

Ans: Midjourney needs to be more capable of producing complete videos. However, if you desire a video illustrating Midjourney’s image generation process, you can append the “–video” parameter to your prompts.

Q. Is Midjourney an open-source tool?

Ans: No, Midjourney is a closed-source and proprietary tool developed by a research startup based in San Francisco. Its primary goal is profitability.

Q. Does Midjourney employ Stable Diffusion technology?

Ans: While Midjourney utilizes a machine learning technique called diffusion, whether it incorporates elements from the open-source Stable Diffusion model needs to be clarified.

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