The 8 Best Midjourney Alternatives In 2024

midjourney alternatives

Are you searching for the best alternative to Midjourney? Which helps you use features like Midjourney. Whether you seek cost-effective solutions or explore the realm of powerful AI art generators, this list provides valuable insights. Read this post till the end to navigate through the offerings that promise creativity without the premium price tag.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the 8 best MidJourney alternatives, which include both free and paid versions. These tools are equipped with robust text-to-image models.

Here’s The List Of Best Midjourney Alternatives For You.


DALL-E 3, a formidable Midjourney alternative, excels at generating lifelike images. This tool is developed by OpenAI, offering unparalleled realism and 4x improved resolution.

Launched in 2023, this powerful text-to-image AI requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.

Noteworthy is its ability to comprehend nuanced prompts, seamlessly blending concepts and styles to craft unique, surprising images. 

For those seeking a top-tier image generation experience, DALL-E 3 stands out as a compelling choice over Midjourney.


  • Achieves precise and lifelike visual translation, which helps to enhance image content.
  • Utilizes a foundation of 3.5 billion parameters for robust performance.


  • Requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for access.

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Adobe Firefly

Adobe, developed by Firefly, is a leader in digital graphics, and it’s AI model competes with Midjourney. It offers tools like text-to-image, image expansion, vector recolouring, and more. 

Currently, this tool is free, and it allows natural language prompts. It generates four varied images with options for content type and style. 

Impressively fast for landscapes, it needs more photorealism with human subjects compared to Midjourney. 

As Adobe is one of the best Midjourney alternatives, its creative strategy represents a significant advancement for the digital graphics sector in AI-driven creativity.


  • Adobe’s proprietary text-to-image model is developed in-house.
  • Boasts enticing capabilities such as image expansion and sketch-to-image.
  • Currently available at no cost.


  • Work on the platform is ongoing, indicating it is not yet finalized.


Leonardo.Ai, a newly prominent text-to-image model, is gaining attention alongside Midjourney. It is excellent at generating flawless human faces. 

Now accessible to all, it offers in-house and proprietary models, along with a beta Alchemy feature for customizable image creation. 

This tool is primarily designed for game assets, and it swiftly produces production-ready visuals, including environments, items, and more. 

Leonardo.Ai stands out as a potent alternative for those seeking a powerful text-to-image solution comparable to Midjourney.


  • It is excellently suited for creating game assets.
  • Character portraits exhibit impressive quality.
  • Supports custom dimensions for versatile use.


  • A subscription is required after generating 150 images.

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Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has integrated OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and 2 models into Bing AI Chat, allowing users to generate images with natural prompts in the “Creative” mode. 

This free service on Bing Search permits unlimited image creation, but after the first 25 daily generations, results may take longer. 

This tool could be better for human faces and slightly lower in quality compared to Midjourney.

Bing Image Creator quickly generates AI images, which makes it a viable free midjourney alternative for abstract concepts.


  • It uses DALL-E 3 and 2, making it an excellent AI image generator.
  • It offers integration with Bing Chat, which enhances its functionality.
  • Available as a free service.


  • Customization options are constrained, limiting user control over outputs.

Blue Willow

Blue Willow, acquired by LimeWire, is a compelling Midjourney alternative, rapidly gaining over 300 million users on its Discord server in a few months.

It no longer requires Discord for AI image generation. Free for up to 20 images, it excels in creating logos, digital art, and graphics. 

While Medjourney surpasses in realistic scenes, Blue Willow impresses with quick image generation, taking only a minute despite its vast user base. 

Blue  is a promising and speedy-free alternative; it’s worth exploring for various creative projects.


  • Demonstrates impressive capability in crafting realistic human faces.
  • Unrestricted usage without any associated costs.
  • Rapid generation speed.


  • It is limited to 20 image generations for users opting for the free version.

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Fotor AI Image Generator

Fotor, known for its online photo editor, now features an AI image generator. Users input text prompts with specific details, and the tool recreates images accordingly. 

It includes an image-to-image AI photo generator, and it also allows style customization such as photography, conceptual art, anime, cartoons, and oil painting. 

Factor AI image generator has standard options like aspect ratio, and you also get the image quantity, along with post-generation editing.

Free users receive five credits, but the Pro plan, priced at $2.66 monthly, is required after exhausting them. The generated images rival Midjoruney in conceptual arts quality.


  • The AI image generator exhibits impressive capabilities.
  • Ideal for generating conceptual art.
  • Enables advanced image editing.


  • It is mandatory for the users to create an account.
  • Limited to just five free credits.


Lexica, an AI image generator, enhances its Aperture v3.5 model using Stable diffusion for creating portraits. Opting for a $10 subscription provides an extended quota of 1000 monthly generations. 

This versatile tool also functions as an image search engine, which grants users 100 complimentary image generations each month. 

Lexica supports image dimensions up to 768 x 1152, consistently delivering impressive image quality in my experience.

If you are searching for free Midjourney alternatives, Lexica’s best tool for you, which has stable diffusion-powered models, presents a compelling starting point.


  • User-friendly with minimal effort required.
  • Access to three available models.
  • Free monthly allowance of generating up to 100 images.


  • Generates images at a somewhat slow pace.

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Playground AI

Playground AI offers a remarkable AI image creation platform featuring its Playground v2, Stable Diffusion XL, and Stable Diffusion 1.5 models. 

Users can generate up to 500 images daily for free, though the DALL-E model is restricted to the free version. 

Image dimensions are limited to 515 x 512 or 768 x 768, with potential quality limits after 50 images.

Despite these constraints, Playground AI is an excellent choice for beginners, providing swift image generation without queuing. 


  • Free daily quota of 500 image generations.
  • Access to Stable Diffusion XL and 1.5 models.
  • It gives users a swift image generation process.


  • Free users are limited to generating one image at a time.
  • Numerous restrictions are imposed on free user capabilities.


That’s all. Not only this but there are many other Midjourney alternatives available that you can use. The tools given here are the best which you can use to do other tasks like image generation instead of Midjourney. We hope you liked this article; share it with your friends who can use features like Midjourney.

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